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  1. Isn’t that the point of these boards?
  2. This was found on Instagram
  3. Without a document saying I was FTTF what good would finding the line have been if I couldn't prove I had purchased it to get in it??? Having said that I did not see any messages telling me to Re-Print my cruise documents, a very kind 1st Respond'r provided that information.....your snarky comment provided nothing.
  4. I believe the cost of the Classic beverage package with no discounts, including gratuity amounted to approximately $487 per person on 7 night cruise.
  5. Guess you didn't read past the subject line so please enlighten me, what's the trick question?
  6. Kind of not important to me since the entire reason I purchased it was to skip the wait at Check-in.
  7. Being that I had already printed my documents I would have never noticed the logos if I hadn’t been told. Thank you.
  8. So I purchased FTTF in the shore excursion section of My Cruise Manager, I also received an email receipt. What I have not seen or received is any document to print to bring with that identifies I’ve purchased it soooooooo, how will anyone know? How will I get past the proverbial guards at the gates?
  9. I just booked it 10 days ago and the earliest check in time was 12-12:30 which I took. We are staying at the Days Inn Titusville doing the Snooze, Park, Cruise Package and they pick us up at 9:30AM and was told we would arrive at the pier shortly after 10.
  10. So where do they send people? Is there a waiting area for the check in area?
  11. So you cannot enter the terminal until your check in time unless you've used Carnival's shuttle? Who is monitoring that? We're coming in on a shuttle from a local hotel using a service.
  12. Because I'm a relatively young man and I guess I don't want to be corraled with the geriatric guests.
  13. I think the fact you’ve noticed “horrible behavior on ships” makes you think that was the OP’s only intent when making the original post. I think it’s interesting you equate secrets with lewd behavior as if a gay crew dedicated lounge or something of that nature wouldn’t qualify. I think it’s also interesting how you label gay men (is “us all”) as the worst of offenders. I too have witnessed some pretty provocative steam room behaviors and it was generally by men I’d notice with their wives and families on the ships. Perhaps its best not to second guess an OPs intent.
  14. I’m recovering from a broken ankle so standing around with no seat is not possible for me right now. At the same time I’m hesitant to buy FTTF,. Our shuttle will arrive to the pier by 10AM and our check in time is 12-12:30. Since we arrive so early will there be any place to sit and wait for noon to roll around?? What does anyone think our chances of checking in and boarding earlier might be?
  15. Good to note thanks. Any idea when ship boarding actually began??
  16. Hi there, I was wondering if the OP could report back how embarkation went? What time did you arrive to the pier? What time slot was your boarding? I’m going back and forth whether or not I want to spend the extra money on FTTF. We are not in charge of our arrival at the pier (getting picked up via shuttle) nearby so we may at pier around 10AM with a embarkation slot of noon.
  17. Everyone loves an “open concept” right??
  18. It’s brand new how is that even possible?
  19. Victory doesn’t have a steakhouse so that was a big drawback for me. It looked in general the Victory had a few less dining options.
  20. Keep on favoring your trivia with your nose looking down on those who might share his interest. It’s not your job to be the PC social propriety police is it?
  21. So the subjective benefit you're describing is early boarding.....which was my original statement.
  22. True but we don't tender at either port we're going to and we must do express check-out to meet our shuttle bus anyway.
  23. So if I buy FTTF I might get on an hour earlier if my check in time is 12-1pm? $35pp for an hour....hmmmm.
  24. Just curious what time to expect the passengers transferring from Orlando airports to begin arriving at PT Canaveral for our cruise on the Carnival Liberty?? Any past guests have any experience or remember?
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