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  1. Old to cruising, new to Port Canaveral so I’m curious how smooth the embarkation process at Port Canaveral is? I’m guessing most people are coming from the Orlando airport area that day so I’m curious what time the busses begin to pull in? Do those Carnival transfer passengers get dropped off in the same lines as everyone else? We are staying in a nearby hotel with shuttle service picking us up at 9:30. Estimating to be at the port shortly after 10AM, the first regular Boarding time available when booking as 12noon. I’m not familiar with how strict Carnval is to adhere in to your pre-determined check in and how they monitor it nor am I familiar with Pt Canaveral in general, is there seating? I rather not play the impaired card but if it get’s me a seat I may if expected to stand for nearly 2 hours. On the same note I’m wondering if FTTF would be worth it. If I new the ship would begin boarding by 10-10:30 I would consider it but this just doesn’t seem reasonable to me considering the thousands of people just getting off and the tremendous turnaround the ship has to do. Thoughts?
  2. How early does FTTF begin?
  3. I wonder what ship this is at the Grand Bahama Shipyard, looks like Celebrity colors: http://www.worldportsource.com/ports/map.177.1968.php
  4. I broke my ankle pretty badly in December, I may still be in a brace at that point so standing for an hour + isn't really an option. Is there a handicap entrance?
  5. Doing the snooze park cruise deal in Titusville with an 9:30 shuttle to Port Canaveral, even with other stops I can’t imagine we won’t be at the pier any later than 10:30 so I’m curious to know when the Liberty generally begins boarding? I had no plans to buy FTTF but the earliest check in time available to me was 12-1 and I rather not sit around for an hour +
  6. Hello All, I'm joyfully kicking off this roll call in the G&L section for the 6th Annual group cruise. This will be my first Bearracuda group cruise though I have been on the Summit previously and to some of the islands we will visit. I am excited to hear what everyone is planning to do on this sailing? I'm guessing there will be group excursions available and from what I've read about the 2019 group plenty of planned activities! So far there are 4 of us booked in 2 cabins, we're hoping to get another 2 cabins booked into this group minimally. I hope to hear that you're also on this sailing!
  7. My friend and I just booked the Bearracuda Heretic Cruise on the Summit for Feb 2020, the group is currently on this year's annual group. I joined their FB group, looks fun and has good reviews/feedback.
  8. I haven't been on a Carnival cruise since they did away with Lobster on less than 5 nighters but I'm curious if there even is still a formal night on the 4 night bahamas sailings on the Liberty?
  9. Last summer those premium beverage package upgrades were a big deal, usually it was just 10% but something is better than nothing.
  10. When we were on Summit this summer the full size basketball court was just wasted space. Are there any plans to utilize that better? The Rendezvous lounge was also a rarely utilized space on the Summit with the exception of being a waiting area for anytime diners waiting on a table.
  11. Okay thanks for the feedback, sounds like we're keeping port.
  12. Just wondering if anyone knows which side of the ship is docked facing land in the ABC islands? I've always been under the impression you want to go for starboard side but unsure with the way ports generally jut out into the sea instead of being placed alongside land. Thoughts?
  13. Thanks and I'll let people think what they want because as an east coast'r I really don't GAF what anyone thinks. Still I can recognize rude, unfriendly behaviors particular to the certain areas of the east though I find it humorous numerous other east coast raised people agree while a Canadian, a Carolinian and a Texan disagree. For the Canadian and Carolinian I was talking about the New York/New Jersey, vicinity so you can calm down I didn't mean you.
  14. In the case of the fighting granny I was too far away at that point to interject, I was not about to leave my chair on a different deck nor am I paid by the cruise line to take any responsibility in the altercation. Regarding the medical issue. I was at the bar when the family came back over and asked if the medical facility had been notified and heard them say that no one called. If there had been any ship staff/security beside the bartenders around perhaps there wouldn't have been such a delay but none were visable. Are there a million possibilities sure but I'm just reporting on what I observed (not actively participated in)....nice try to play devils advocate and somehow put the responsibility on me but your argument and insinuation is weak and I'm not sure what you personally have to gain by defending Celebrity. Receiving criticism is how we all improve in life.
  15. Just wanted to give fair warning to any soon to be Summit cruisers from Bayonne about the very poor poolside attendance by security/staff. Chair hogs were above and beyond on our 7/29 sailing leaving chairs empty for hours upon hours with no staff in the vicinity to contact and question policy. The clientele didn't help, east coast mentality reigned supreme where grandma would get in a near physical altercation with anyone who requested to actually use a chair that someone in her family of 10 might have reserved at 7AM which was still not being used at 12:20PM. It was sad that there was literally no staff to intervene. These ships need to add locker areas giving passengers absolutely no reason or ability to reserving lounge chairs. Also, a kid who was horsing around fell and hurt himself and the family had a difficult time having medical assist. Bar staff were slow to follow up and was telling the family to take him to medical, when they requested a wheelchair the doctor showed up before the wheelchair did to take the kid down for further evaluation. Thankfully I doubt it was serious but I seriously question the response time if there had been a real emergency.
  16. Not the same price so not the same thing. I had the Classic package last week and if you didn't specify with every drink that you wanted a brand name, you got well/call brand so if that suits you chances are you may be just fine with the Standard package. Luckily the Classic package does cover specialty coffees and water so I was happy with it.
  17. Your TA should have asked you your table seating request. No guarantees of course but at least it’s notes. I believe table size requests are only applicable for traditional seating times as well. I would always follow up for confirmation that a reservation is correct. Don’t be afraid to call Celebrity directly if you find your TA lacking in customer service. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  18. Perhaps it's best that whatever time you decide to release your loved one to the sea that a part of them will wash up on the beautiful pink shores.
  19. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  20. On the summit to Bermuda next sunday , jul 29, we should have coordinated better as I’ve had no replies about other glbt aboard. :( Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. Last year on the Equinox we were able to do All You Can Eat in Sushi on 5 for a reasonable flat fee for dinner. It was awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. Premium package is now $69/day plus 18% so it is normally about $115 to upgrade from classic to premium but with the 20% discount its roughly $92 to upgrade. Plus the original $454 classic package. Comes to roughly $78.60/ day which I have a hard time justifying for 7 days straight. I'm sticking with classic package unless an upfront discount offer comes along (not an upgrade).
  23. US Law is only inacted on US passengers because of the liability involved, the OP is about obtaining a drinking waiver from cruise line policy which is in place because of US law....perhaps True that the US law has something to do with Reagan but it also truthfully has nothing to do with true maritime law.
  24. Wrong, you can thank a sue happy culture. What cruise line full of American passengers are willing to face liability laws if something happens to a 18-20 year old after drinking on their ships? Maritime law has no drinking age and 25+ years ago neither did cruise ships. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  25. When I do what? Sorry I’m Not following. Are you suggesting that somehow the Captains Club will allow me to upgrade from Standard to Classic with a 20% discount????? I’m sorry but the purpose of my OP was to point out that Celebrities sale banner is untrue. I’ve already resolved the fact I’m not being discounted at all for a Classic package. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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