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  1. I agree. It was very cramped. If someone was sitting at a slot, you could barely pass behind them. I also hated the stools instead of chairs with backs at the slots. Very uncomfortable if playing for a long time.
  2. You have 25 upcoming cruises and 3 canceled cruises
  3. I just did it for a September Oasis cruise. I had a balcony with another offer and changed it to a JS with the new offer. You will lose the original offer if it has already expired.
  4. That's probably the same offer that I see putting in my canceled reservation number.
  5. You can't L & S a comped cruise, even if you paid to upgrade. I wish you could, I would shift my Comped JS NYE cruise to next year.
  6. Me too, lots of cruises I already have booked with other offers. I had a comped JS for NYE on Anthem that I used an instant certificate I got on the 3/8/20 sailing on Anthem. The best I can do with this offer is upgrade a cruise I already have with a balcony offer to a JS. Not quite equal to a comped NYE cruise in a JS.
  7. It depends on your status, when you last sailed and what offer you had on your canceled cruise. I had JS and Balcony sailings on 7 day cruises on a few different ships including Oasis, Symphony, Liberty, Explorer There may have been a few others. Lots of 4-6 night sailings and a couple of 8 and 9 nights. I had a NYE cruise comped on Anthem in a JS that was canceled. They didn't do this for the canceled November cruises.
  8. I think there is a good chance that Oasis will be sailing out of Bayonne in May, but I don't expect to see Anthem this winter/spring at all.
  9. I'm not sure if you are aware, but if you go to your offers page and put in your canceled December reservation number, instead of your C & A number, there are offers to take it's place.
  10. I'm passing up on this one too. Some good offers out of Cape Liberty, but I already have cruises booked for June, July and August. If I could have combined one of the cruises for a B2B i would have used it, but none of the dates work.
  11. How long is the train and how long is the bus ride?
  12. I found direct flights from EWR to Vancouver for the Serenade sailing 5/23 on Air Canada. 5 3/4 hours going - 5 hour flight for return.
  13. I actually canceled an Oasis B2B that I had good deals and certificates on through the casino. I always wanted to go to Alaska and with a JS offer that I was able to upgrade for a reasonable cost to a GS was a no brainer, over going on a B2B for the 10th time to Coco Cay. I've used a FCC for an upgrade on a different cruise, but it has to be used when you actually book. I have points on my CC to use for my business class flight and hotel also. I'm just hoping the price of the flight will go down. A slot win would be nice!!!! My friend was also able to get the 10% Signature discount for h
  14. The flight I'm looking at for the return is at 12:30. I could either come home the same day as the cruise gets back, but was thinking about staying for a night, if there is anything great to see close to the airport or cruise terminal. Any suggestions?
  15. Just wanted to let you know, I ended up booking the Serenade for 5/23, after I did some more researching. I was able to upgrade to a GS for a reasonable price, and found a direct flight going and a one stop flight coming back with only a one hour layover. My friend was also able to get a balcony for only a few hundred more than Ovation, and no direct flights, but she said OK. Now, I'll probably have lots of questions for when I get there. The first being where is a nice place to stay the night before and the night after the cruise?
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