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  1. I have sailed in March the last 8 years out of Bayonne. I've see two different extremes - from very warm to freezing cold and everything in between, These are two different sailings on the last day coming back.
  2. I read in my casino group on FB that some have tried, but casino comp/certificate cruises were not eligible.
  3. I just got off the phone, as I received 20CCS102 this afternoon. My first offer. I was also told it was for any cruise to Coco Cay, but apparently Cape Liberty isn't included as any port.
  4. I don't blame them for not sending out flyers. They cost a lot of money to print and mail. The offers can easily be emailed for nothing.
  5. I lost 4 cruises that had instant certificates on. I spent thousands on each of the cruises to earn the certificates. All have been lost. I haven't received any of the new offers either. All my offers are currently expired.
  6. My daughter had the summer offer (20RFO104) with $50 OBC, but the fall offer(20ROB104) didn't have OBC.
  7. If there is Free Play with the offer, it is listed on the offers page with your offer. My daughter got the same offer and there is no free play included. Not all the 20RBO offers had freeplay.
  8. I was told by a few different reps that those that had cruises booked for the last two weeks of March, will have their account looked at for their tier for next year. I'm guessing they will see an average play and add those points to see if you will reach the next tier. I'm Signature and had a cruise booked the last week of March. I am short about 2,000 points to get to SIgnature again for next year. I would have easily reached the 2,000 points on the cruise that was canceled. I hope they will take that into consideration.
  9. There is a good chance that the person could have even been infected after they got off the ship. The incubation period is 2 -14 days, so it could have been anywhere.
  10. Any 4D cabin I stayed in didn't have a sofa bed. The cabins with sofa beds, are the odd numbers 1D, 3D, 5D. The description I see is up to 4 people. It depends on the category. If you do a mock booking and put in 3 or 4 guests. The cabins that come up are all odd numbers.
  11. I saw that too. I used my SIgnature tier cruise back in August. What I have is 2 cruises that were canceled that I used an instant balcony certificate for that I earned on 2 sailings. Probably 2 more that I have booked for May will also be canceled. I felt what he kept referring to was people that booked through UR Comped. I'm going to wait until they decide what is happening with my 2 May cruises before I call, and hopefully have a better idea when they might be sailing again. If they let me book replacement cruises, I don't want to book one that has a good chance of being canceled again.
  12. Go to F B and do a search for what I posted above. Can't post F B Links on CC. What is a scuttle butt???😕
  13. There is a lot of talk on the Royal Caribbean Club Royale F B page.
  14. I also read that they were going to add it back along with the new Prime cruise in April for those that were canceled by Royal. (Not if you canceled) It's supposed to show up on your list in April, along with the new cruise for next year. I'm annoyed because 2 of my comped instant cruises are not being reissued, and it looks like my 2 in May I'll also lose. I spent thousands on each of the 4 cruises to earn the instant certificates for those cruises. At least double, if not more, what the free cruise was worth. I would be happy to get a FCC to use on another cruise.
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