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  1. I agree. It was very cramped. If someone was sitting at a slot, you could barely pass behind them. I also hated the stools instead of chairs with backs at the slots. Very uncomfortable if playing for a long time.
  2. You have 25 upcoming cruises and 3 canceled cruises
  3. I just did it for a September Oasis cruise. I had a balcony with another offer and changed it to a JS with the new offer. You will lose the original offer if it has already expired.
  4. That's probably the same offer that I see putting in my canceled reservation number.
  5. You can't L & S a comped cruise, even if you paid to upgrade. I wish you could, I would shift my Comped JS NYE cruise to next year.
  6. Me too, lots of cruises I already have booked with other offers. I had a comped JS for NYE on Anthem that I used an instant certificate I got on the 3/8/20 sailing on Anthem. The best I can do with this offer is upgrade a cruise I already have with a balcony offer to a JS. Not quite equal to a comped NYE cruise in a JS.
  7. It depends on your status, when you last sailed and what offer you had on your canceled cruise. I had JS and Balcony sailings on 7 day cruises on a few different ships including Oasis, Symphony, Liberty, Explorer There may have been a few others. Lots of 4-6 night sailings and a couple of 8 and 9 nights. I had a NYE cruise comped on Anthem in a JS that was canceled. They didn't do this for the canceled November cruises.
  8. I think there is a good chance that Oasis will be sailing out of Bayonne in May, but I don't expect to see Anthem this winter/spring at all.
  9. I'm not sure if you are aware, but if you go to your offers page and put in your canceled December reservation number, instead of your C & A number, there are offers to take it's place.
  10. I'm passing up on this one too. Some good offers out of Cape Liberty, but I already have cruises booked for June, July and August. If I could have combined one of the cruises for a B2B i would have used it, but none of the dates work.
  11. How long is the train and how long is the bus ride?
  12. I found direct flights from EWR to Vancouver for the Serenade sailing 5/23 on Air Canada. 5 3/4 hours going - 5 hour flight for return.
  13. I actually canceled an Oasis B2B that I had good deals and certificates on through the casino. I always wanted to go to Alaska and with a JS offer that I was able to upgrade for a reasonable cost to a GS was a no brainer, over going on a B2B for the 10th time to Coco Cay. I've used a FCC for an upgrade on a different cruise, but it has to be used when you actually book. I have points on my CC to use for my business class flight and hotel also. I'm just hoping the price of the flight will go down. A slot win would be nice!!!! My friend was also able to get the 10% Signature discount for her cabin.
  14. The flight I'm looking at for the return is at 12:30. I could either come home the same day as the cruise gets back, but was thinking about staying for a night, if there is anything great to see close to the airport or cruise terminal. Any suggestions?
  15. Just wanted to let you know, I ended up booking the Serenade for 5/23, after I did some more researching. I was able to upgrade to a GS for a reasonable price, and found a direct flight going and a one stop flight coming back with only a one hour layover. My friend was also able to get a balcony for only a few hundred more than Ovation, and no direct flights, but she said OK. Now, I'll probably have lots of questions for when I get there. The first being where is a nice place to stay the night before and the night after the cruise?
  16. See you in the casino!!! It will be nice to finally meet you.
  17. I booked the same cruise, but upgraded to a GS. I'm not crazy about flying, but I couldn't pass this up.
  18. There is a great flight going to Canada, but the only flight coming home was at 8:30 am. I was also looking at one flight coming back that only had a 1 hour layover, but there were no good cabins anyway. My friend is also flying from another airport also, which didn't have great flights. We are already planning on flying in the day before and will stay an extra day in Seattle to see a little bit of the city. If we decide that we want to see more of Alaska, we will book a longer cruise.
  19. My JS is only port taxes and fees of about $279. My friend can get a Studio balcony for around $1500. If you are sailing solo see if there are any Studio cabins. My friends was about $700 cheaper than an OV.
  20. Thanks again for your help. I just realized the Icy Strait times I posted are for the 5/24 cruise. The 5/17 times are longer in Icy Strait.
  21. Thanks for all your info. From what we can see we like the idea of spending more time sailing through the inside passage. Icy Strait is only in port from 5pm-10pm. I'm not sure how much we would do at 5 pm. Juneau on Ovation is 12 pm -9pm - 1/2 hour longer than Quantum. Endicott is 5 hours as opposed to 4 1/2 on Quantum and an hour later. We will have Skagway all day for 7 am - 8:30 pm. We will miss out on Sitka, but if we really enjoy what we see maybe we will go back for another cruise.
  22. My decision is based on the time I can travel and the fact that this is a 100% comped JS cruise. If I was paying thousands of dollars I would probably go Princess.
  23. The is a comped JS cruise I want to take advantage of.
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