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  1. Thoroughly enjoying your report and a big THANK YOU for taking time to keep us informed, will be sailing the same itinerary 4/6 and looking forward to returning to Celebrity! Having never dined in Murano before, I appreciate your review of the Dover Sole, was a toss-up between that and the Turbot, and while lobster is one of my favorite foods, I prefer mine unadulterated, steamed, with just a touch of lemon & butter on the side (like you!). So Sole it is...unless you prefer the Turbot (I trust you, since I agree that the Pork Ramen in Sushi on 5 is to die for!)? Looking forward to your next installment...meantime, have a blast!!
  2. Thank you very much for the reply, we look forward to eating there...enjoy your remaining days aboard!
  3. Looks like you and Will are having a fab time, now that he's feeling better! BF & I will be onboard in less than 2 weeks, wondering how you got the 20% and/or $25.00 all you can eat offers in Sushi on 5...was there an offer in your cabin? Program? Announcement? I LOVE Sushi & would love to try, thanks for any info!
  4. 3 star HAL Mariner, but have not yet sailed on any Vista or Pinnacle class ship, hoping to do so shortly. Looking for major differences - pro & con - between the 2 classes, besides the obvious ones, i.e. capacity. We love the refined (although not stuffy) atmosphere on HAL, their friendly crews & top notch service. Which do you prefer & why? Any info appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the info, ImANewfie - think I could live with the noise from the White Party, it's people dragging loungers overhead at 7:30am that would really annoy me LOL...probably best to change, if possible.
  6. Can anyone comment from first-hand experience of noise issues in aft Seaside cabins on Deck 15, specifically from the pools/sun decks above? We usually select cabins on decks with no public areas below or above, so a bit leery about changing that habit. Currently booked in 15212. Thanks for your input!
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