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  1. I am here, will answer more next week, getting ready to evacuate in advance of hurricane IRMA, as per my daughter who is my transport. Lynn aka jimsgirl
  2. Since you are emigrating I do not think you will just "walk of" in the same manner as normal cruiser passengers It is some years since I was an "emigrant" however I think you may be given a large sealed envelope by the Embassy in London which will have to be given to a "special" immigration official as you leave the ship- not just stand in line and show your passport as other passengers do. You will be given your "green card" by the special officer, He should already have it waiting for you. I hope there are others who have "emigrated " via Cunard who can assist you. There are a number of regulations you will need to attend to as you start your new lives. Do you have a job for instance (no I am not being nosy, ) just reminding you that you will need to comply with the :red tape" concerning buying a car, getting a driving license in the state you are going to live in. INSURING the car etc Paying US taxes ( called "withholding" ) It is important to set up a bank account ASAP, once you are in your new home town. You may be tempted to "wait a while" but getting organized ASAP, is very important if you do not wish to be on the wrong end of some petty official. Locating your luggage at Red Hook will not be easy (it is always a mad house - not Cunards fault , it just is), and you will have your dog to deal with as well - better have a big bottle of asprin handy!!!!!! My very best wishes for your new life, in spite of all the years I have been here, I still drink TEA. Yesterday I had a very stressful morning , went into a café I often use here in town, sat down thankfully, and said to the young waitress, " Please bring me a pot of tea, before I make my lunch order" off she went came back with a glass of ICED TEA. my daughter who has been here over 25 years , LAUGHED and LAUGHED Heartless creature. Lynn
  3. From "jimsgirl" $76 seems very low, given your medical history. From experience it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that the ins. will pay for :- Emergency medical care on board ship, transport to on shore hospital , all costs at that hospital (could be for over a week), cost of a nurse if need be to escort you back home to USA, cost of air fare (business class at least back to USA, cost of transport to your home town hospital (where hopefully Medicare/or similar will take over) Refund of the air you may have had at your normal debarkation. and refund of the days of the cruise you did not take. (in my case 12 days out of 29 days) My Ins paid for all this , it cost the company $$$$$.They paid it without complaint. The premium when I took out the policy was $100 per $1000 of the cruise cost.(just for that trip), but it was worth it. .
  4. Alas it is too long since I was able to cruise (health concerns) but I could not resist joining Cabinet in this thread. I always BOUGHT a glass of the wine of my choice in the Chart Room to take into the DR. for just Cabinet's reasons. it was not possible to get the wine of my choice BY THE GLASS in the DR., and getting any wine by the glass in there takes for ever. Once , when I tried that , the glass of wine arrived AFTER I had received my desert. It is NOT "bad form" and it is not because the passenger carrying it is "Cheap". Best wishes to all passengers, wish I could join you.
  5. It has been a long time since I wrote on Cruise Critic, Was on QM2 when a stroke ended my cruising days for good. Fortunately I had many cruises in my memories. I lurk on here every day, my heart aches to "get under way"., but no company will accept me for travel ins, and limited mobility means I need a travel companion, which I do not have. So I say DO THE MATHS. You must keep enough in savings for essentials, unexpected costs of health problems (pills can be expensive but sometimes we are misers only to leave a many dollars to or offspring who squander it in the blink of an eye, without even a thought. Only this week I spent hours thinking about buying something selfish for myself, which was stupid (only a couple of hundred dollars), only to hear from offspring how they were spending far more , going into debt without a thought , they are most certainly of the ME,ME,ME generation. Think carefully what places do you feel you MUST see, perhaps you could part of a world cruise out overspending, you can enjoy XXX just as well in an inside cabin as in QG or PG. You can enjoy all the ship has to offer without buying that $60 bottle of wine at dinner. Without being morbid also remember one day you may be a single instead of a couple , when memories mater more than dollars. Best wishes. Lynn
  6. Have a wonderful trip Nicky, you know how I wish we were meeting 3rd May as we had planned before October last. I will be lurking on CC as always. Lynn
  7. I will read all messages on this sailing, I should have been on board, had my name down for meet tomorrow, but on QM2 in October I had a stroke, off loaded in Belgium, flown home to USA by insurance, and now my handicaps mean my cruising days are over, If you go to meet tomorrow, please give my regards to everyone , I truly WISH I WAS THERE. Best wishes to you all, LYNN, aka Jimsgirl
  8. Earlier threads will show I posted often on Insurance, I suffered a stroke "out of the blue" ( I travelled solo)while on a cruise last October. I had medical Insurance and medevac Insurance. The kick in the rear came claiming for medical costs on board $3,000, and Hospital cost in Belgium. Medicare will not pay for any treatments outside the USA, but the Insurance required a letter of rejection , Medicare will not issue this until AFTER you have filled out about 12 pages of paper work. just getting the paper work takes weeks. The questions are ridiculous, i.e time ships doctor inserted the drip line, time they tested my brain responses. Even worse they asked the ZIP CODE for the ships position !!! How do you give a ZIP CODE for a ship sailing in the ENGLISH channel!!!! Then Medicare wanted the Medicare BILLING CODE for the charges!!! How I was supposed to answer these questions, after a stroke did not concern Medicare, leave a question unanswered and back come the forms. It took months to get a refusal from Medicare, before my Insurance would even begin to process my claim. So my advice is a/ Get Medevac insurance if you want to get home from "wherever" b/ Get PRIMARY insurance for medical costs if you do not want to spend months dealing with the Government Red tape. c/ Unless you have a spare $30,000 hidden in your socks you need insurance In my case because it was a stroke, I lost my ability to speak, I could not use my left leg, arm and hand, I could not get out of bed even to go to the toilet, and none of the nurses at the hospital spoke English believe me it was a nightmare, seeing an American nurse when she arrived from Care International , and told me she would take care of EVERYTHING was a miracle. Care International paid up front for the nurse to take care get me out of the hospital, and Business class flight from Belgium to my home town hospital in Florida BTW, you do have pay at time of service on board, (the cruise line bills your credit card ) and at the hospital in the foreign country (in their currency/ and with a credit card they will accept - yes the hospital only accepted certain credit cards, they refused the first but I did have another they agreed to accept).
  9. As someone who did have to test travel ins. may I offer some advice based on experience. I had done almost 50 trips, never had to use ins, was healthy, senior travelled solo. I bought Ins even though I felt it would never be needed. Oct 2024. on QM2, walking down hallway dressed up for semi formal evening, feeling fine, when wham I was hit by stroke. Short story, was rushed to medical centre, received treatment, then off loaded to hospital in Belgium. Ship sailed off without me of course. Ins needed to pay for unused cruise days , total 12 , hospital in Belgium , no one spoke English , I had trouble speaking, no use of left hand, arm, leg, all alone , 7,000 + miles from home. My ins did cover, medical, costs, almost $4000, lost days another $4000, but the REALLY BIG ADDITIONAL COVER WAS getting back to USA. Ins sent nurse to Belgium , with medical needs, she took care of everything for trip home. Car to airport , Business class trip 13 hours from Brussels to Fort Myers, car to hospital in Port Charlotte Florida. Very BIG $$$$ cost, not to mention personal care. Buying Ins was the smartest thing I have ever done. My days for cruising are over, big regret, but I still scan these sites. Have wonderful trips everyone but believe me Ins is never a waste of money, just be sure, it covers, ALL possible costs, but ABOVE ALL GETTING YOU HOME. Very essential You may have to wait for claim, to be paid, that is a real pain in the rear, but worth the wait in the end. My guess is that the total cost of my stroke was close to $20,000 .
  10. I have written this in another thread, but after reading "Sailboat Man " I do feel it might help repeating my remarks. I did many cruises, bought insurance that was never used . Then in October, 7 days into a cruise (ship in middle of English channel 7,000 miles from embarkation) I had a stroke and was sent to hospital in Belgium. Claimed for 12 days unused cruise costs,($4,000+ ),$3,000 costs for emergency care in Ships medical centre, Hospital costs for 6 days stay there, but the real bonus of the insurance was being medi-vacced back to Florida. The insurance paid for a nurse to come to the Hospital in Belgium, take care of arranging release, obtained medications, then a car wa provided to take us to Brussels for flight home. Business class for both of us back to Fort Myers Florida,I needed oxygen and medication during journey of 13 hours flying time (also neded help with personal needs as I could not walk, having lost use of left side of my body. A car to hospital in my home town, ( hospital arranged by insurance ), the nurse stayed with me until I was in bed in my room there. I could never have reached my home town without all that care. I travelled solo. Since I never received a bill I cannot say how much it cost but anyone who has flown for 13 hours business class, plus 2-cars each with driver , can imagine the $$$$ for two people , plus paying the nurses fees for the 3 days needed. My advice is that Insurance that includes return to home from wherever you are stricken is an absolute must.
  11. In answer to Dickinson:- Although I do not have an exact figure, I submit following facts. Call International sent a Nurse to the Hospital in Belgium, she arrived late afternoon to arrange for paperwork and medication for 6 A.M next day release ( I had to pay the bill for the treatments at that time before Hospital would agree to release me next day. (she stayed in hotel overnight ) 6.AM release Call International provided a car to take nurse and myself to Brussels Airport. about 35-40 miles At Airport since we were booked into two business class seats for flight we were able to go into Lounge to wait for boarding. In flight (seat reclined to flat so I could rest) Nurse provided needed Oxygen, and medication, also assisted me to toilet since I could not walk (no use of left hand arm, leg or foot.) At Atlanta we had to change planes, Nurse attended to all details, passports etc. At Fort Myers FL (USA) Call International provided a car to take Nurse and myself to my home town Port Charlotte 30 miles away. Car took us to local home town Hospital, where they were expecting me as Call International had informed them I would need admittance. Nurse saw me through admitting , until I was in bed in my Hospital room. I am sure you can do the figures for cost of Nurse, 2 cars, 2 business class seats for flight of 13 hours about 8,000 miles , not to mention all the details needed.
  12. I too was "healthy" , but on a cruise in October, was on my way to a musical hour before dinner, when WHAM I suffered a stroke, no warning at all. Fortunately I had purchased Ins. I was treated as emergency in ships Medical centre, bill almost $3000.00 immediately billed to my credit card. Then off loaded to hospital ashore in Belgium, there 7 days, had to pay bill BEFORE they allowed me to leave, (Chase Visa refused as Chase not known by Hospital., accepted Bank of America Visa ). Very glad I had two different credit cards. I am still waiting for Berkely Care to refund me for the two treatment bills. I was Medically evacuated home by air through Call International part of my Travel Ins. they booked me with a nurse in attendance with Delta Business class ,flight was 13 hours, delivered me to home town Hospital in FL. Fantastic. It was then that medicare /suppl. picked up bill Berkely has paid me for the 12 days I did not use of my cruise, but as said still waiting for approx. $3000.00 paid by me for emergency treatment aboard ship. I will get this but expect it to take until about April 2015.(6 months total) . $20,000. would NOT have covered my Medical Evacuation. Believe me you DO NEED to think about that cost, no matter how healthy you may be today.
  13. I began sailing in l954, First Class did have to go down the hall for toilets and showers, but First Class did mean FIRST CLASS , it was SERVICE all the way even on deck. the menu even at breakfast was at least 4-5 pages of choices, every meal was "silver service". with a correctly laid table to match, (sugar was cubes with silver tongs and every passenger drinking tea had a choice of 4-5 different teas your tea was always served really hot in pot for one , your toast was served in a rack. Of course every night was Formal dress, and if you were invited to sit at the Captains table you did so for EVERY MEAL ,EVERY day, not just one night for dinner --MAYBE-- IF THE CAPTAIN chooses to eat in MDR as is the case now - the female Captain chooses not mix with the Britannia passengers, not even by attending a Cocktail party in the Queens Room. IMO Cunard have forgotten, that it is the PASSENGERS that are IMPORTANT, that it is the passengers whose fares pay the wages and the dividends - you cannot have these without passengers. Today passengers are after thoughts, -they are thought of in the same way as cases of "widgets " on a container ship.
  14. Thank you for your reply Kitty 9, I do not get on line as often as I used to do. Difficult to type with only my right hand usable, I "hunt and peck" but working on making my whole left side workable -maybe in next few months. Your reply listed a problem I had thought might exist. I had never had to use the Medical Ins before. I know I could not risk a Transatlantic cruise (or B2B on Cunard), though I do hope that by end of 2015 I could risk a cruise up the East coast of USA within reach of excellent medical aid should I be so unfortunate as to need it. Have a very good future. Sorry to read you now need a scooter, we have met in the past , as I am ex Crystal cruiser
  15. I have recently had to use Travel Ins. I had a stroke whilst on QM2, Medical costs on board, were nearly $3,000 , charged to my credit card without any- by -my leave, (yes I know that is normal so please do not flame me, I am merely replying to the question of the thread. Off loaded from ship to hospital in Belgium, had to pay hospital , bill before I could leave to be medically flown home by Call International Points you should consider (IMO) having credit card available money to cover medical bills . Enough money in Insurance to cover cost of being flown home, business class (my flight was 13 hours Belgium to Florida plus the cost of a nurse attendant for the l3 hours.) If you have to leave the ship because of your illness you might wish to consider adding Ins for Trip interruption. I lost 12 days out of the original 19 days. Since coming home Medicare and normal Suppl. ins have been paying my USA hospital bills suffice to say, they amount to the cost of a World Cruise on Cunard.
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