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  1. Hi All!

    I’ve done some searching but haven’t really been able to turn up too much information on the room that we booked for our October Oasis cruise. We are in an interior room with a promenade view. At first I thought promenade view would mean a view of the Royal Promenade but when I looked on the deck plan it’s actually a boardwalk balcony view which is fine. It’s all the way in the back. We booked it as we definitely liked the price and it was the last one in that category. Some rooms seem to have just a round window while others have a little seating area in this type of room. Also trying to figure out what the view might be. Anyone been in this room lately? Will be happy with anything but just a little curious. Thanks all!

  2. The one I'm looking at on Explorer (one of our favorite ships and being "amplified" in May) is nine nights.  Our son will be 13 and actually aged out of Adventure Ocean last year and was in the "teen" club this year.  It was spotty at best - not because of Royal but because lack of participation on the few teens who were there.  Our son still had fun with a few kids who would meet in the "Living Room" and play games for short periods.  My niece who will be five would be with us as well so she'd be interested in the kids' club.  I think my husband would like saving a few vacation days by combining with a holiday.  Not sure how everyone will feel about it yet.  I'm not convinced myself yet lol.  We are fine with kids on board though.  Thanks!

  3. Hi All!

    I never considered going on a cruise for Thanksgiving but we usually cruise sometime in October and haven't been overly thrilled with the choices for next year.  We just got back from Symphony and it was fantastic but the seven days can feel really rushed.  Even one extra day can help.  We LOVED Coco Cay.  Didn't have time to do everything even though we didn't pay for any extras like the waterpark.  It was a little hectic with getting back on the ship Friday evening and having to have our bags outside our door by 10:00 PM that night.  Our dinners in the MDR weren't over until after 10:00 because we had late seating so that meant at 5:00 PM when we got back onboard, we had about three hours to shower and totally pack up the room.  Anything that went to dinner with us that night had to go into our carryon as well.  Really enjoy the last day being a sea day much more.  All that being said, I'd repeat the cruise that we just came back on in a heartbeat and would be totally happy.  As I look for next year, I expanded the search into November and an 11/20/20 on Explorer looks kind of nice.  Haven't approached the family about it yet to see what they think, but just trying to gather info first.  I did a search and saw a few things on here like they serve turkey (I'd hope so!) and Christmas decorations go up the next day which I hadn't thought about but would be awesome.  Doing a Google search about Thanksgiving cruises took me to a list on Carnival's page that said they put the big Thanksgiving Day parade on their big screen.  That's been a tradition in our house since my sister and I were kids and we still do it now.  Has anyone seen that option on Royal?  Any extra info that you know or if you've been on one, please give a few details.  Thank you!!

  4. Love reading your review!  We will be sailing on Symphony as well on Oct. 12th!  IF you have time and it's not to much of an imposition, if you could take a shot of Table #300 in the MDR, I'd really appreciate it.  I've been in contact with RCL Dining with a request and they just emailed me with that as our assigned table number.  I'm just curious about where it is.  No problem if you can't find the time.  Have a great trip and I look forward to reading more! Thanks!

  5. Hi All!

    I've been reading some posts from people who like us, have a third person in the room.  We have a Boardwalk Balcony on Symphony.  It seems like everyone says that they turn the couch into a bed the first night and leave it that way.  Is it in the way that way?  Do you miss having the couch (I'm more worried about space than not having the couch)?  Do they do this for the comfort of the third person thinking that they might want to take a nap during the day or is it to save time for the stateroom attendant.  I know that my son won't be napping during the day so we wouldn't need it made up but is it a big pain for them to remake it into a bed every night?  I don't want to cause a lot more work for anyone.  I just want to make sure that we will have room.  Thanks for any feedback from those who have experienced this.

  6. 16 hours ago, zdad59 said:


    Red up your room, bring gum bands, and don't let the jagoffs make you mad.    And before you leave the cabin for dinner, check to see if "Kennywood's open".


    Haha!!  Love it.  Do they have Isaly's chipped/chopped ham in the Windjammer?  I'm putting a folding chair in my favorite spot so no one takes it!


    Seriously though, I'm enjoying your review! 

  7. On 7/21/2019 at 1:59 PM, zdad59 said:
    • Got a great private behind the scenes tour of Hairspray.   My niece knows a guy who knows a guy.   We got the tour by the lead rigger for the show, who by chance grew up in Pittsburgh, my home town.  


    Hello fellow Pittsburgher!  Loving your review and photos!  80 days to go for us!  Any special tips from one yinzer to another haha?!  We live less than 10 minutes from Kennywood.  Can't wait to read the rest!

  8. On 6/6/2019 at 8:47 PM, cruisebot21 said:

    Do it right away - it was fully booked for the entire week by the time we boarded when we sailed back in Feb.

    They do have a 'stand-by line' for each session where you can show up and hope registered people are no shows. We were still able to play more than enough rounds


    If it was booked before you boarded, were you able to sign up for this ahead of time online?  I know my son would love to do this.  Thanks!

  9. Have a wonderful trip!  I'll be interested in your review as we are doing this same itinerary of Symphony in October.  I'd never been to Ithaca until my sister got married to a Syracuse boy and now every year for about the last for our five years, we accompany my sister's family for a Labor Day weekend of fun and we attend a picnic at Harry Treman State Park (which is gorgeous and we love to do the hike!) and then stop for ice cream at Purity on the way home!  Bon Voyage!

  10. No worries!  I think we've all had that happen!  That's always been the case in the fine print for us though.  Had to pay for the kiddos up front.  I try to look at it as buying on board credit because once I'm on board I should get back $150 lol!  It might take some work and it might be easy.  No one will know lol!

  11. 8 minutes ago, cot427 said:

    I must've found a steal on Ovation...I booked the 3-night a few months ago at $69 for the Vancouver to Honolulu cruise in September. Now the 3-night is at $99 and Chops+1 is at $75...absolute insanity! 





    The cheapest our 3 night has been is $89 and now it's $99.  I'll keep watching!  You did get an excellent deal!  The BOGO for the first two nights on ours (which isn't even available now) was almost $60

  12. Thanks so much for all of your input.  It's nice to hear that even when the price has gone up, it's gone back down again.  I'll keep watching as it's months away.  I'm a little nervous myself about showing up with six people (we'd be dining with my sister's family) but only having a reservation for four.  We've asked at the restaurant before about processing the refund and they told me that I had to go to Guest Services.  Once I had to produce the copy website saying that it was free and reduced for certain ages.  Have great cruises everyone!

  13. 9 hours ago, katiel53 said:

    The payment in advance of the 3 night packages or even the UDP package isn't required for anyone under 13.  So, if you decided to do that,  you won't be paying in full for your children and looking for a credit.  The info is in the "fine print" on the cruise planner under the dining package;  therefore, you are not paying $200 in advance and looking for a refund.  By the way the cost isn't half price for your older child, it's $10  IF food is ordered from the child's menu.  That also is on the website and unless the info on there is wrong,  I feel you are worrying needlessly.


    I do think Royal Caribbean uses some creative math when they show the prices of drink packages or dining packages/reservations.  If I see a price I feel is fair, I book at that and if the price goes down, I know I can cancel and rebook.  


    Can you show me where you’re seeing that because I can’t find it. I can only find this saying that I will be charged and I was the last two times we did a package like this and then had to chase the refund. Please know that I’m not trying to prove you wrong. I’d like to have the info you’re referring to so maybe I can call and book it a different way. The website is adding it automatically with no way for me to remove it and you can see in the picture below that that is what it says it will do...

    Thank you!!


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