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  1. When I heard there was a charge, I just walked away. I forgot to put it in the post-cruise survey.
  2. Royal Princess had one earlier this month; there was a charge per person. I forgot to put that in the post-cruise evaluation.
  3. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!! And being next to the bar! If you don't like the pre-made tuna sandwiches, ask for crackers and get a cheese plate to have your own tune on crackers with cheese!! And, a glass of red wine!! An,d hubby thinks the radish salad is smiling at us!
  4. And, once you find out who was in the piano bar; can you find out who will be there in October? In January, on the Royal, I had so much fun with the piano player and can't wait for October!
  5. I am not sure what the original poster meant by "deal" with the buffet, but I assume it is the same as every buffet. Look for an open table; which I don't understand, we just sit where there are two empty seats, meet new people. Then hope your food is the correct temperature. Wait online and someone always has to slip in front of you because they only wanted that one thing; the same thing you were waiting for. Then if there are tons of kids; they are running in between people while you try to juggle your plate, drink and camera bag. Oh, well, that's why on the Royal Princess we LOVE International Cafe and Alfredo's.
  6. LBUMB - Do you know the best way to get into town? Especially to see the bars and restaurants?
  7. Are there any other suggestions to do on our own when at Mazatlan??
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