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  1. We're staying in 6600 in April. Please come back with positive reviews if you chose that cabin.
  2. Interesting direction this thread has taken. Sadly, a small demonstration in how polarized our country has become. We now accuse, disparage and demean others based on their views (social, political, etc). Conservatives don't have much of a platform. Kicked off Twitter, censored by Facebook, Parlor eliminated, etc. Doesn't leave many platforms to cling to. Meanwhile the Liberals enjoy a array of media platforms to feel good about themselves. Take the "moral" high ground and denounce others. Mainstream media and Big Tech have been steering the narra
  3. Testing-Testing-Testing. Tell me again why they want us to get vaccinated? Wasn't there supposed to be a positive outcome? Seems even with vaccinations, they are moving the goal post. Nothing changes. Nothing for the better anyway. Very disappointing to say the least.
  4. Sad thread for sure. Got engaged on Empress (Nordic) back in 1990. First ever cruise and left an impression on us. Sailed on Majesty in 1996 after first child was born...same marriage :-). On a side note, the ship pictured above appears to be another ship I sailed on "before children", circa 1992-1995. It's either the Regal or Dawn Princess. Long gone from the Princess fleet. Similar profile, only with water!
  5. Not picking on this poster, but this entire thread is a microcosm for the argument of lockdowns. The USG has implemented a unified and national lockdown on cruises -- what many of you on this thread have endorsed as an acceptable action for the entire country. But many of the same people object to it for cruising. The above post going so far as claiming it to be "unconstitutional". While some of us argue to keep the country open for economic reasons, others will argue to open cruises for FCC and Status reasons. Selective outrage :-).
  6. Concise leadership and unified plan.....what would that look like? WH declares state of emergency and mandates unified national lock down. What's the reaction.....Unconstitutional, dictatorship, martial law, they can't do that to us. It should be left to the people, the states, blah, blah, blah.
  7. Hmmmm....would mass gatherings = protests and rioting? Let's be fair and objective.
  8. Nice review, thank you. We were there nearly one year earlier to the day! I would agree with your assessment. Nothing flashy or exciting, just a nice relaxing day on the beach. Clean facilities, great service, drinks were good and the "snacks" were just that. I would recommend it to others and probably do it again. But i like to explore and try different things. I have my eye on Little French Key and will be searching for feedback on these boards.
  9. Looks like I’m traveling back in time to 2009. Taking the positive POV, we tend to spend little time in the room, but will hope for a decent mattress 😉. I’ll focus on and appreciate the updated pool area with Lime & Coconut, Portside BBQ, Music Hall, and Spotlight Karaoke. Then enjoy the common things with Symphony that didn’t exist when I was on Oasis the first time. Its a cruise. How bad can it be? 😜
  10. Just booked Big O for April 2021. Between the new updates and pricing, we went this route rather than Symphony. For those who have sailed post “Amplification”, what are your thoughts? It appears much effort and money were invested in public areas, but I’m curious if/what was done to the staterooms. Thanks for your inputs.
  11. We did this with a large group last February. Was worth the money and we were all very satisfied. I don’t recall the price, but I do recall it being very reasonable for unlimited drinks and snacks, plus transportation. Service was great. At one point they were standing at waters edge holding a new drink as we walked out of the water. Nice, clean facilities. Beach was nice. Not overwhelming, but perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. Go for it.
  12. I spoke to a very helpful NCL rep today as well. We’re planning a Med cruise from Rome. My concern was flight schedule and arriving the same day. When I inquired about arriving 1-2 days early, he informed of a flight deviation option, costing $25 p/p. And no requirement to use a NCL assigned hotel. Also deleted the arrival transfer costs. Very satisfied with the outcome.
  13. In these situations where you are traveling overnight, any idea if NCL arrangements account for or force the need for hotel? I can't imagine the stress of a flight schedule that arrives the same morning/day as cruise departure. Some sort of buffer would be nice. Not to mention if you wanted to fly in a couple days earlier to see the city.
  14. Would earlier in the season be advisable? Perhaps late May / early June to beat the summer rush and school kids?
  15. Ouch!!! Best of luck to you. I'm sure they will make good. Happy sailing where ever and whenever that may be.
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