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  1. Andrea will be on Brilliance until Oct 15 then Rob McNally returns
  2. I will try to find out how long he will be on Brilliance
  3. I’m on Brilliance now and a guy named Andrea Olivieri is the cruise director
  4. Sorry, I won’t be able to help. I just got “Royal upped” to a balcony! 😃
  5. I am in 3635 on Brilliance next week. I’ll Let you know!
  6. 954-628-9325 Option 3. Be prepared for a runaround. Good luck!
  7. I never had a problem until my cruise next month. On 2 previous cruises I got the full amount even though I had senior and resident discounts as well as Wander and wow sales. I was always under the belief that as long as your discount didn’t involve OBC it was not a problem. This time they started pulling the non-combinable crap on me. Gave me 25 instead of 100. I called and spent over an hour going in circles with them, never getting a straight answer. Eventually they upped it to 50. I booked another cruise last April for next year, 10 days. With new rules Im only entitled to 100 instead of 200. After this nonsense and that I can now combine with balcony discount I completely rebooked it recently. the phone number to call is 954-628-9325, option 3. Good luck!
  8. I don’t know if it is fleet wide but for my next 2 cruises they raised the price from $30 to $35 in the last couple of days
  9. Here is the response from RCL. We fall under the old rules. If you have a cruise far down the road the road that you may benefit from with the new rules then cancel it and rebook it. I have one cruise for later in 2020 I will have to keep my eye on
  10. I wrote to them this morning, will probably hear from them next week. I would think I should get what was in effect when I booked it
  11. Went to it on Allure. I liked it.
  12. Another thing they quietly slipped in is you can't use the shareholder benefit towards the service charges (which I assume are the gratuities) any longer. So what happens if you booked prior to June 1? In April I booked a 10 day cruise for 2020. I expected to get $200 OBC. I went out of my way to not have the balcony discount applied (the balcony discount is a complete farce as well) knowing they can’t be combined. Am I grandfathered with the old rules...Do I fall under the new plan... or am I screwed and get nothing??
  13. You need to check the prices continuously. They are doing 30% off each passenger for the rest of the month. That doesn’t mean they won’t add additional discounts or OBC here and there. Green Monday is coming up. A couple of years ago I got a nice discount for it.
  14. Try using a different browser, private window or clearing your cookies
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