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  1. So as the title says our cruise got cancelled and as i knew i would not be able to a Credit, although the idea was tempting, i requested for a refund. Despite the UK rules being they should refund me within 2 weeks, after 12 i got a email to say my FCC were now on my account...... WHAT i asked for a refund not a Credit........ So i called Princess and spoke to representative in the US. She told me she would send the instructions to the UK office to get the credit reversed as they had made a mistake. After 2 weeks i had an email from PCCUK about a request i had made to extend my FCD for a year. While i had them talking to me i asked when i would expect my refund?.... I was told they had not processed the request had it had not been done correctly but she would escalate the refund fund me. Shortly after that it disappeared from my account so she must have done something. That was 2 weeks ago and i'm still waiting. Funny now when i reply to them about it i don't get such a quick response. Yes i will be following it up with a phone calls very shortly. I do hope they do not plan on keeping me waiting another 8 - 10 weeks as 6 month wait is taking the pee..... If they do i will be thinking twice of sailing with them again. Had to vent as this has really go me annoyed with it. Jules
  2. I have a good reason to not trust them, the very first cruise we took we had flights with AA who sent one of our cases to the wrong airport. We were without half of things for 4 days before we got them back. That case went to more ports than we did. I believe the delta flight is run by Virgin...… My TA knows I will only except a none direct as the very very very last resort. I'd rather switch my out going airport and then have a return with extra cost and bother. I agree millions do but that's their choice not mine.
  3. They are saying they will be ceasing all flights to and from Gatwick to concentrate on Heathrow and Manchester. The only direct London flight from Orlando they run is back to Gatwick and that is a must for us. I don't trust indirect ones...….. So if they close the Gatwick operation there will be no direct flights back to a London airport. As that flight is not already in the schedule for Heathrow I can't see them being able to run one for the near future
  4. Just read Virgin are laying off staff and will end flights from Gatwick. The news is still quite fresh but could be the start of my travel plans in November unravelling….. If its true I have no return flight back from Orlando...….
  5. I have one cancelled through my TA, but i'm still waiting after 2 weeks for mine to appear. Once it does i'm having it applied to my Nov Cruise which I really am hoping still goes ahead with having to change anything. Flights cruise and stay...…..
  6. We sail on the Infinity In June out of Venice. Arriving the day of 1st day. Our plan is to check-in as soon as we can. Dump our bags and head back off again. We are a big party of 9 and apart from the 2 of us no one else has been to Venice before. So We want to make the most of the time there. We sailed on the Island Princess a few years ago again over knighting in Venice, before sailing the next day. By about 4 o'clock they had started to shut down most of the check in desks as there were less people doing so that late. I'm not sure how late they manned the desks and I don't know how many they had open the next day either as I didn't pay to much attention to them after we went through. if you don't want to board straight away, either ask the hotel if they can hold your cases for you. Or there is a suit case locker place just before the people mover monorail. Sorry can't remember much about it but you can Google it. Jules
  7. I'm not in quite the position but I do have a Virgin flight booked for our Celebrity cruise in November. As soon as my TA booked the flights (about 4 weeks ago) I was given the locator code and able to book the seats there and then. No waiting till the 30 day before time deadline. I wanted seats in the bubble for the return and I would not have been able to so if I had had to wait. Unlike BA if you book a Virgin flight you can allocate your seats right from the start for no fee. Certain seat there is a charge like the bubble ones and exit seats but most have no fee. That is why when you logged in lots of the seats were already allocated. It would be for that reason you had a smaller choice to pick from rather than Everyone logging in the day before you were able to. That said you all will be booked as part of a group rather than a single booking so i'm not sure if you could have got in the booking any sooner. Happy flying and cruising everyone Jules
  8. Thanks that just how we feel about the taxi at the airport, no way do I want that on my mind after a very long flight. I'll see what quotes I can get from the ones suggested. We both would prefer to have the ride booked and waiting for us when we land. After talking it though we have then decided to get the hotel to book a taxi to the port and then flag one down when we get off. thanks for all the help so far. Jules
  9. thanks. Looking like it will be taxis from hotel and then to the airport. I've not had any luck finding a shuttle yet from Miami airport, so i'll have to have another look. Luckily I have "months" to figure something out. Jules
  10. Thanks CruiserBruce I have been looking on here to see what info is already out there, but found most just suggested Uber or Lyft,. $15 to fort Lauderdale airport sounds better than the $70 I've been quoted. I should have said the hotel Best Western is in Fort Lauderdale not Miami. I don't think our data will work while we are away hence i'm not expecting to be able to use uber or Lyft. Sounding like it may be flagging down a cab will be our cheapest option for the hotel to port and then port to airport afterwards. I may well book the Miami to fort Lauderdale hotel quote I have as it sounds about right. I'd be happier knowing one would be there waiting after a long flight. Jules x
  11. Hi all on here. let me start by saying i'm in the UK and therefore can't use Uber or Lyft to book one in advance. So i'm wondering if anyone can give me an idea how much a taxi would be if we were to flag one down at the 2 locations. I've asked my TA for prices of the transfers they can book and they were eye watering. It was 3 way but $365 is still way more than I expected. the routes I asked for were Miami airport to the best western plus Oceanside on seabreeze blvard. they quoted from there to port everglades on the morning of the cruise ( the hotel does not offer a free shuttle.....) the last pick up would be Port Everglades to Fort Lauderdale airport. She quoted me £140 PER PERSON which I think is way over the top, private transfer or not! I found a reasonable fare cost through booking.com taxi's for the Miami to fort Lauderdale one but the rest seemed to be way to much compared. thanks for any help anyone can give me. Jules
  12. Agree having sailed from myself it's quite something to see, will be a shame if they ban it, but I do agree they need to do something. Worse still has been the floods they are under right now, the sooner they get those defences finished to help more the better.
  13. thanks cruisemom42. For now i'll be keeping an eye on what happens if any. Luckily for us no we are not going to Livorno this time, I have several times though so know about the long drive. yep she would not go to Florence but I probably would get her to walk around the town if I paid for the shuttle fare. I have to say I do enjoy getting off there and going nowhere. . We get off in Civitavecchia so no worries there. We do stop in Naples, Kotor, Split and Corfu. I'm crossing my fingers that if something does come of it we aren't effected to much. I'd already promised the kids a ride on the people mover and ice cream..... As well as showing them around in the dark.
  14. Sorry about the cookies..... here is the article copied. So far this is all can find on the matter. Tourism crackdown: Venice to ban large cruise ships in bid to save city VENICE will ban large cruise ships from entering its historic centre from April 2020, in a desperate attempt to save the ancient city’s image. Italy's transport minister announced that large ships would no longer be able to pass through the Grand Canal by the famous Piazza San Marco square, however she said it was only a "temporary solution" to the city's tourism woes. Paola De Micheli, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said: "We are working to remove large cruise ships from San Marco by April 2020. "The solution is not simple, but must be fast, taking into account environmental factors, nautical traffic and economic consequences". She claimed technicians had assessed "all the available material from 2017" and concluded "a definitive solution will come. "Times are tight, so we will go towards a temporary solution, while we evaluate the definitive one later, also regarding the economic resources to invest". In August, the city began limiting the number of cruise ships allowed to enter the city's historic centre. The move marked a victory for residents fed up with living in a city overwhelmed by tourists and huge ships. Locals have long complained the enormous ships ruin the beauty of Venice's historic sights and pollute the waters. However tourism is Venice's main economic activity, with 30 million people visiting each year, many of them from the more than 600 cruise ships that anchor in the lagoon. In June, a 900ft ship collided with a dock and a small tourist boat in the city's Giudecca canal - one of Venice's most important waterways - injuring five people. The incident revived protests against the ships and calls from residents to ban them altogether. The move to ban ships is not the only effort Venice is making to crackdown on its tourism problems. From July 2020, day-trippers will be slapped with a fee that will be used for the upkeep of the city and to "improve the quality of life of residents'. All tourists arriving by plane, water taxi, cruise ship, trains or coach who are not intending to stay overnight will have to pay €3 (£2.70) during the low season and €8 (£7.20) during the high season. If visiting during “critical” periods including summer weekends, they will have to pay €10 (£8.90) to access the World Heritage site which encompasses the city centre and islands of the Venice Lagoon. The city came under fire as officials issued fines and exclusion orders in a "draconian" big to clamp down on "anti-social behaviour" such as urinating or sunbathing in public. This summer saw police hand out 100 fines to tourists in two months, including a woman being forced to pay €250 (£224) for sunbathing in a bikini. In September two Czech men were fined around €3,000 (£2,690) when police came across them skinny dipping in a canal near Piazza San Marco. And a German couple caught making themselves coffee on a portable stove were given a €892 (£800) fine. From the way I read it, it will be coming in, back in June when the ship crashed in to the dock, I said then that is a nail in the coffin for cruise ships. I do think that the Infinity is classed more of a mid ship size and not a large one so i'm hoping the it's not one of the ships that will be banned. But agree if it does it does but I will be gutted for the others sailing with me. My sis has already said she will not get off if she has to be "taken" to the main place of interest. So if it means we are docked on the mainland she won't see any of it. First cruise and I don't want her to stick to just the ship for 7 days. Plus I want to be able to show her Venice at night.
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