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  1. I remember us commenting at the time that stateroom 3534 was the best ov cabin we had ever had. Bulkhead between that and the next room, very quiet but extremely convenient.
  2. Yes, have been on both deck 2 and 3, much larger windows on three. Have never had an issue with noise on either deck. Enjoy our favourite ship 😁
  3. Can you still access your cruise planner?
  4. Funniest sight on our recent Explorer cruise was our assembly line in the DL filling up the coffee machine with these little containers. Teamwork!!!👍🤣
  5. Yep, and what about places like the Solomon Islands, Guam or places like that for a nice 3 week cruise.
  6. I must see a physiotherapist at least every four weeks and after my normal treatment she also then does acupuncture on me and insists that I have a remedial massage between visits to her (oh the joys of it all) I can honestly say it all helps, but would certainly not trust my therapy to someone who’s qualifications I can’t verify.
  7. Shame, we will be on board this cruise and in the past Chris is probably the CD we least enjoyed. I certainly hope he has more activities planned then just “trivia, trivia trivia” which seemed to be the only thing when we had him on Voyager a few years ago. Let’s hope for lots of poolside games and activities, bring on the horse racing, pool volleyball and olympics!
  8. Off Explorer last week, we had balcony gty which showed our stateroom category would been on deck 8. Assigned spacious (upgrade) on deck 6! Great cabin 6354, no complaints whatsoever apart from the most ordinary steward we have ever had.
  9. So where will Izumi’s be located? IMO Izumi’s on Voyager class has the best atmosphere of any others we have been on.
  10. When doing b2b from Sydney you have to leave the ship and reboard, not sure about Freo as we have always disembarked there, but others we have done there is no problems getting off and exploring before getting back on. You will receive notification of a meeting for b2b cruisers a few days before the end of the first leg where they will explain the procedures and about getting your new sea pass card. I say go for it and enjoy, we have done both legs before, just not b2b.
  11. Booked in July for April, ended up on board in October cause we didn’t want to wait that long. Guess what? Off onto Explorer next Friday. Welcome to the addiction 🤪👍
  12. Most times it is just as convenient to go back to your stateroom - also less chance of catching anything!
  13. Two cruises booked and I can access one cruise planner but not the other.
  14. Buy now. You can always cancel and rebook as I just did.
  15. Only for my peace of mind 🤪
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