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  1. The Pearl is a nice ship with the forward lounge and aft outdoors eating area - both are great for a one lock transit of the original canal.
  2. Call the TA and see what they can get. No more or price adjustments now, but maybe an upgrade to the next cabin category.
  3. We had big delays getting a taxi a couple of years ago - it took an hour after we disembarked. And we were on a ship 1/2 the size of the Escape. Since you have a lot of time before you book flights, I agree with the previous post - spend the night in Copenhagen and fly out the next day.
  4. We took a similar tour in 2015. The Vasa museum was a guided tour. Then we went to the Town Hall. Last stop was near the old town. After a short guided tour, we had about 45 minutes on our own.
  5. We were on the adrift at sea Australia cruise. I think NCL learned not to keep a ship in need of repairs in service from this incident. The Star had been limping around Southeast Asia for 2 months on one azipod. We were really hoping our cruise would be cancelled, but no. Pre cruise, we had two itinerary changes and lost several important ports because they still didn't expect the repair to be completed on our 12 day cruise. There were technicians on board to make the "conversion" changes, but they could only work on it when the ship was in port. So all cruises had overnights added to the itineraries. The mood on board was pretty good considering the circumstances. It was crazy seeing the news helicopters hover as we were waiting for the tugs to arrive and then moving at 4 knots with a little tug in front of the ship. We bailed in Melbourne and continued our long awaited trip to New Zealand by land and had a wonderful time. I have noticed, that NCL no longer shares much info about what type of repair is needed, but they don't delay repairs any longer either. Sounds like the Pearl's fix was fairly quick if it is already doing trial runs. Sorry for those on the cancelled cruise.
  6. I haven’t been in the Star since Spice H2O was added, but from the pictures I’ve seen, a lot of it is covered and it looks like it has some comfortable seating. The aft views from there would be great.
  7. We've been on the Star 4 times and the only places I can think of for views from inside are the buffet and maybe the spa which is aft. The best spot would be from your suite on deck 12 where the forward observation lounge used to be. The Family suites without a balcony have floor to ceiling windows and are fairly priced for a suite. We sailed South America on the Sun and used our balcony for the fjords viewing day, but we had really good weather that day.
  8. On the Jewel in March, I received a message from guest services the night before the last sea day to go to the desk to cash out the credit. I used it up on the sea day instead of standing in line.
  9. The $5.50 a bottle water is Acqua Panna not Aquafina.
  10. No, any refunds from a previous cruise won’t be on your current cruise unless you have arranged it advance with NCL
  11. If you select the drink package, you pay the $20 per person per day times 2 - it is added to your cruise fare and is due with final payment. It has nothing to do with the daily service charge. No idea what gratuities you were told were included. Call your booking agent to clarify.
  12. Are you sure, you get 5 meals with the dining package? For a 4 or 5 night cruise, you get 2 meals per person and for a 7 night cruise you get 3 meals per person. We like Cagneys steakhouse and want to try Food Republic. On the Joy, we might also try Q Texas Smokehouse. The butler will bring you afternoon treats and can also deliver a hot breakfast to have in your room if you don't want to go to the Haven restaurant.
  13. We were on a Singapore to Hong Kong cruise earlier this year. It is not a transatlantic - 7 ports on a 12 night cruise. No bridge hosts that I know of. There was a meeting room set aside on sea days for drop in/pick up play, but not easy to do without a partner.
  14. Milk and OJ are part of the complimentary breakfast room service. We have also received cereal and fruit as well as coffee. Ask your room steward for additional door knob order forms if there aren’t enough in the room. We usually give a cash tip for the delivery.
  15. Small milk carton with a straw and small glass of OJ for complimentary room service breakfast.
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