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  1. Weren't the hot breakfast menu items were pretty limited in the past - 3 egg or omelet type choices? With the Club Balcony room, it now includes delivery of a food and beverage amenity twice per sailing - don't know if that includes breakfast, but I would think so. If room service is still around $8, seems like priority access price is steep for limited hot breakfast items.
  2. We are also booked on the Sept. 7 Alaska cruise on the Sun. My PCC called last week saying that it had not been cancelled yet, but probably would be soon. Looks like the Sun is on the move now - she is on her way to the Panama Canal. It will be interesting to see if any of the "exciting news" involves the Sun. The same 9 day Alaska itinerary for Sept. 2022 is still on the website, it just doesn't have Alaska in the title so it doesn't show up if Alaska is in the search box. We are booked on this one too.
  3. We were on the same Singapore to Hong Kong trip as Mugtech in March 2019. Highly recommend private or small van tours in Koh Samui and Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) We found ours via Cruise Critic. We loved Singapore and were able to get around easily. The supertrees light show at night is a must see. The difficulties in Koh Samui were unique to our cruise. It is a tender port and there were 3 ships in that day so not enough island tenders. NCL ended up with the last docking spot with tide problems. The elephant related excursions were cancelled because of poor treatment of the animals. There is a reputable sanctuary on the island that a private tour could get you to. We didn't know that at the time, but did see some elephants and monkeys on our private tour. We didn't find Pattaya that appealing, but as noted it is much closer to the port than Bangkok. The weather was crazy hot in Singapore, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Saigon. Plan ahead the best you can. A portable fan around my neck helped tremendously.
  4. We were in Oslo late September 2015. We needed light jackets. The ice bars were mostly closed. The sail in and docking are fantastic.
  5. Three favorites I would love to visit again: Dubrovnik, Quebec City, Ushuaia
  6. Seven Seas Mariner and Oceania Regatta arrived in Oakland this morning. The Jewel is now on her way from Los Angeles to join them.
  7. The rep you talked to doesn't know how the cancellations work. I talked to my PCC this morning and booked a similar cruise in 2021. She explained that the 20% discount cannot be applied to the new booking until the 2020 cruise is cancelled by NCL's system. The deposit will be refunded to my original form of payment around April 20. Then she will go into the new booking and apply the 20%. New fare price on the 2021 cruise is $1,200 pp less than the cancelled cruise in the same cabin. If you post your email, I'll send you my PCC's info.
  8. The Sun is showing Alaska cruises in 2021 from April to October. We booked a 9 day Alaska cruise this morning to replace the one that was cancelled.
  9. I was just going to post the same thing. The website doesn't show the Sun sailing until November 2020 in the Caribbean. I wonder where the Sun will be all Summer? We were planning on cancelling Sept. 2020 Alaska before final payment next month, but I'm guessing it will be done for us. Anyone know anything more about the Sun?
  10. Right, it is the propulsion units. With only one operating, the ship's maximum speed is reduced. (I think to about 16 knots) The latest news onboard is they will now be disembarking in Honolulu March 22 - scheduled to dock at 8:00pm.
  11. It has been reported from those on board that they are down one azipod as of last night. The refueling/supply stop in Honolulu will be later on March 22 now. I wonder if HI will let the ship be repaired there if passengers stay on board? If not, how much longer than usual will it take to get to a west coast port on one azipod?
  12. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear Honolulu is your last stop. The US has just ground to a halt. If you have to wait it out somewhere, Honolulu isn’t the worst place.
  13. Back to the original question: If OP cancels before final payment, why wouldn't a $ deposit be refunded to a credit card?
  14. If you paid your cruise fare to a travel agent, the refund may go to the travel agent who then needs to forward it to you. I don't know if the process is the same in the UK as it is in the US. I saw a post from someone denied boarding on the Feb 6 cruise and they received their refund right at 2 weeks.
  15. To OP - We have been through the 100% refund process before with NCL. Re: your questions: 1. Flight change/cancellation reimbursements are only done by submitting your receipts via their online form and creating a case number. Also include both of your notice letters since one is for "reasonable" expenses for the change to Singapore and the other is the up to $300 for the cancellation of the cruise. This process can take a couple of months. Harping on them will delay the process further. NCL assigns one or two low level employees to this task. 2. Refunds are in a week or maybe two, but are not lump sum. It will be in the amounts of each payment made and will go back to the form of payment. If you paid final payment to your travel agent, it could take longer as it goes to the travel agent first. 3. The cruise next certificates will be credited back to your NCL account. Once they are in your NCL account, you will need to sell them on ebay or the like to recoup any cash value.
  16. 8 plates in Food Republic is a ton of food. To OP, we far preferred Food Republic to Ocean Blue/Baymo on the Escape in November.
  17. Apparently, the itinerary was changed. 2 sea days and next port is Chan May. Then doing the Vietnam ports in reverse order on the way back to Singapore.
  18. I think you are right. Things are changing rapidly in Singapore with the new cases in people who had not traveled to China. Also, the reported cases in the French Alps that originated from a man who was in Singapore for 3 days last month.
  19. NCL needs to announce changes to the upcoming Jade sailings into and out of Hong Kong Wednesday morning - first thing Miami time.
  20. The current VP of Guest Relations is Katty Byrd. No idea what the email is, but maybe ask the social media contacts for assistance in escalating the issue past the call center reps? socialmedia@nclcorp.com
  21. The OBC from NCL due to a price drop is non refundable. No refunds or rebooking after final payment for a price drop. the NR OBC can not be used to pay the DSC/daily gratuities. As mentioned, it can be used for any purchases on board (specialty dining, drinks, photos, spa) and it can be used in the casino.
  22. You can get drinks in the MDR, but the atrium bar will be open at noon and O’Sheehan’s is also open at that time - both the bar and restaurant for lunch.
  23. The Jewel class ships have 3 banks of elevators: forward, midship and aft. No ridiculous waits and riding up and down to get a spot like on the away class chips.
  24. We prefer the Escape to the Star so would go with the Baltic cruise. And what is the latest travel advisory for Istanbul?
  25. I can’t help you on the overnight. I’m not sure NCL has done those very often. 3 years ago we embarked Sydney and were not able to get back off before sail away. It had something to do with the immigration forms we filled out. My guess is that is related to the staffing by the port. Best to try to contact the port and ask about check in times at night. The Australia/NZ board may also have some good info from other lines that do overnights.
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