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  1. If you cancel before you are on the ship, it goes back to your credit card. If you cancel once on the ship, it goes to your on board account as a credit.
  2. See, this is where NCL makes it more confusing by using the same terms but meaning different things. The inclusive drinks with no 20% service charge is only on the Sky (and Sun) on the 3 or 4 day sailings. The daily service charge (room steward, etc. gratuities) is higher to supposedly cover the loss of the 20% charges. And it is often referred to as free open bar. NCL also refers to the Unlimited Beverage Package as Free Open Bar, but the 20% service charge applies and will be added and charged to your booking on a transatlantic. The charge will be part of your final payment and 20% of $89 per day adds up quickly on those long transatlantics.
  3. OP was on the Sky which has higher DSC since drinks are all inclusive.
  4. If the DSC/gratuities/$19.99 per day charge was added to your original reservation, it would show up on your confirmation reservation as a separate line item and would have been part of your final payment amount. We have "prepaid" this way for 10+ cruises over the years and never been charged on board.
  5. We did this excursion 2 1/2 years ago in early February. The "ferry" was a large and old boat. It was likely built for cargo. The seating is like you would find in a city bus - hard molded bench seats. There are bathrooms and also food and drinks available. I don't recall the seas being rough at all. The biggest problem is that is very, very, very slow - more like 2+ hours each way and a 20 - 30 minute coach ride from the port to where the ferry is. You do see a lot of birds and penguins on the island, but the only structure there is a lighthouse which is up a good sized hill. The lighthouse may have had a restroom. It was a very long day and we just made it back to the ship on the last tender. If I did it again, I would take the fast boat out there, but if you are worried about getting sea sick that may not be an option. On this itinerary, there are several other place to see the same type of penguins.
  6. The new emails have the same date as the old emails - your booking date. The new email title is in bold type. If you read it, the alert goes away. I don't think there is any way to delete the emails.
  7. As Casofilia posted above, it has always been per cabin not per person. All of the $50 credit goes on the account of the first person on the booking. It is also per port with Bermuda being an exception since that is the only port and you stay several days.
  8. Blexie is great isn't he? We had a wonderful tour with him last August.
  9. Except the excursions that go through the other locks to the pacific in small boats.
  10. Huh? It was there in October. We took a boat out to it, but the ship sails by it going into and out of the bay.
  11. It is refundable obc so why wouldn’t a credit balance be credited back to the card you used to set up the on board account at the end of the cruise? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Not sure what services you mean. Everything on the ship is in USD. Ports that use Euros of course Euros are needed. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. In addition to the Latitudes Aquafina water bottle, don't full suites get 1 liter of Aquafina and 1 liter of sparkling water? Or has that changed?
  14. We used NCL's service several years ago. There were 2 NCL employees from the ship checking the luggage. They had specific hours including a lunch break when you could not get your bags and a final pick up time around 2:00pm or so. The private companies mentioned above offer more flexibility.
  15. It is probably best to cancel and rebid, but last year we had a similar reissue card situation and had 2 circumstances that used the cancelled number. One was a charge that went through two months after the purchase and the other was a refund from NCL that went through 8 months after the reissue. In both cases, the credit card company/bank put them right through and transferred the transactions to the new account number.
  16. Oops, just realized my typo - we were starboard in the Sun not port. We have been to Key West and Havana on the Pearl and Sky and had starboard cabins then too. In Havana, the starboard balconies have the best view of the harbor and lighted Christ of Havana. We docked at the closer dock in Key West and starboard faced the lively dock area. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  17. We were in 1215 pm both cruises. One cruise was South America and the other was Panama Canal. A couple of rough sea days on each cruise but you should be fine in the seas from Florida to Havana.
  18. We have stayed in a port side mini on deck 11 twice on the Sun and loved it. No noise from deck 12. Great location near the pool deck.
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