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  1. We have been inside on all the Jewel class ships, but were outside on the Sun, Sky and POA.
  2. I'd call again in a month or so - if the prices drop, they may upgrade you as Sauer-kraut notes. You can also bid via the automated program at 80 days and not lose any current perks. Watch the prices though because they can drop below the minimum bid. Great looking Aussie btw!
  3. Watch the prices on the minis. As they drop, you may be able to upgrade for the same amount or less as a bid and select your cabin. We have been in 2 minis on the Jade (and 3 times on sister ships) - always forward under the spa or library. Great location.
  4. There was a small table set up for the concierge just inside La Cucina and she was there in the mornings. She also often checked in on us wherever we were having dinner. And was available via phone as well.
  5. Moderno should be fine. Have the cards up while eating your salad and tell your server when you need to leave. They can deliver dessert to your room for after the show. Frankly, we don’t bother with Moderno anymore and I would love to try the Haven restaurant!
  6. We used our non refundable OBC from a price drop on specialty coffees, bottled water, upcharges/extras at the specialty restaurants and photos. As DURN lists, you can also use it for extra charges on drinks over $15, tips via voucher to crew members, bingo/deal or no deal cards, gift shop, etc.
  7. It will be clearly stated on your account once onboard, but I think it will be non refundable. Use the OBC for dinners, drinks, excursions, spa, etc.
  8. Ask your concierge when you meet him on embarkation day about the show seating and when to get there. The Jewel and Dawn class ships have the suite seating that is on the second level on the sides. As far as I know the Getaway seating is better for Haven guests. Again, you concierge will be able to help you get what you want. Let the servers at the restaurants know when you need to leave. We did this on the Escape and it went very smoothly. I'll admit, Moderno is my least favorite specialty restaurant as the meat servers can be very slow -just load up on the salad bar and leave when you are ready to go.
  9. We went to Bayamo the first night. I wasn't wowed by it, but one of the other speciality restaurants would be good. We really liked Food Republic.
  10. Sounds like you have decided, but we are another vote for the Pearl. We have been on all the Jewel class ships (Pearl and Jade multiple times) and really like them. There is plenty to do on board for a 13 year old and I'm sure she would prefer the beach ports to the New England ports. Since the Pearl cruise is a week before Labor Day weekend, hopefully you can get a low/no cost upgrade to an oceanview or better via price drops or the bid program.
  11. Yes, you have to call NCL to cancel the extra specialty dining reservation. It can’t be cancelled online.
  12. Agree with previous poster. Flat fares to port via taxi are a better deal. The bus ride was a long wait and kind of scary IMO. But, you need to decide where you want to spend your waiting time - at the airport or cruise port.
  13. We were on the Escape in November. Don’t miss Choir of Man. Make reservations asap. Howl at the Moon is ok for late night entertainment. Skip Bayamo - overpriced and mediocre. Definitely check out Food Republic. Manhattan Room is a nice venue for MDR food and service. Re: Margaritaville, not worth the $15 fee for lunch. Food on menu was poor. But as previously noted, the breakfast is an extension of the free buffett without the crowds.
  14. You are set. Just let them know when you check in at Cagney’s that you are using the dining package. Your server will let you know about any limitations or up charges.
  15. Ah, Starbucks is a welcome addition from the last time we sailed the Sun. I’m guessing it is where the lobby bar used to be. Was a new lobby bar added as well? Any idea if the Sun has the iced teas like on the Joy? Escape’s Starbucks did not have the iced teas in November.
  16. I don’t think there is a Starbucks on the Sun. The Atrium Cafe has signs that they serve Starbucks coffee. It didn’t look like a Starbucks menu nor their cups. Couldn’t tell if they offered blended/frap drinks, but regular espresso drinks would be covered.
  17. Ha - nothing stashed that I recall. Have a great cruise.
  18. We were in that cabin last March. Nice and quiet and you can see the wing of the bridge and are just around the corner from the bridge viewing room.
  19. The Luana Waikiki is budget friendly and in a central location. If you want to be closer to Waikiki beach, try Outrigger Reef or Halepuna Waikiki.
  20. Margaritaville was open for lunch on embarkation day. Very quiet up there. $15 charge though. Once on board, put your phone in airplane mode and select NCL’s WiFi. It should prompt you to log in to your plan. Also you can log in via the app. Any problems, go see the internet manager on deck 6 off the atrium. The menus are available at the restaurant reservation desk which I think was near guest services and maybe in the atrium. The specialty restaurant menus do not change each day and are really pricey without the dining package. Although, we thought Food Republic was a decent value.
  21. I definitely missed the option of breakfast and lunch in an O’Sheehan’s type venue on the Sun. We did like you did and went to the Great Outdoors buffet and sat at the Sports Bar tables during breakfast and lunch hours - before the Sports Bar starts serving food. We always avoid that teeny/crowded main buffet. FYI, the Moderno space has a small buffet set up for breakfast and lunch.
  22. The “locker rooms” off the spa are free to use. Showers, steam room and I think a sauna. Just go through the spa entrance to the right.
  23. We are here and are following. We like the Sun and have spent 29 nights on her in the past 4 years. Looking at another trip on her to Alaska later this year. Would like to see more pictures around the ship to see what updates have happened since our last cruise. We would stay in a forward mini suite on 11 again - great rooms. Have you checked out the free steam rooms on 11 - opposite the fitness center?
  24. The Sun also has an Observation Lounge (renamed to the Spinnaker Lounge) - although it is small compared to the Bliss or Joy. The Sun does have a unique feature outside in that you can walk outside the Observation Lounge at the front of the ship. On our Panama Canal day on the Sun, my favorite spot ended up being the Great Outdoors at the aft of the ship so we could watch the canal gates, mules and other ships next to us and behind us.
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