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  1. Last time I called, I was first routed to my PCC. She picked up immediately and took care of my request.
  2. We can’t wait to sail out of New York soon! Agree about Venice and San Francisco at sunset being spectacular. So far, our #1 sailaway is Sydney.
  3. Looks like you have two threads. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2697576-escape-mini-suite-shower-question/
  4. You need a reservation and can book it onboard. We called NCL and booked it that way. Shows are at 7:30 and 10:00 on 2 of the sea days.
  5. In Moderno there is a self serve station and also at the Great Outdoors Buffett area. You can also have it delivered via room service at no charge in the morning.
  6. We have been on the Star 4 times and the Jade 3 times. We would chose the Jade over the Star. Both have been refurbished and the Star now has Spice H2O aft instead of the great outdoors eating area. Star has no forward viewing lounge. The Jade has a bridge viewing room on deck 11 port side.
  7. For the cancelled cruise refund, it will go on the credit card used in the payment amounts made: deposit, final payment, etc. That should be processed fairly quickly. If you booked with a travel agent the refund may go back to them first. I bet the crew is having a big party on the Breakaway about now!
  8. You have to submit a "claim" for the $300 per person reimbursement via NCL's website. Attach copies of airline tickets and I'd include the hotel receipt too and explain it was part of your returning home expenses. Here's the link to the form. https://www.ncl.com/case-submission Unfortunately, it can take awhile to be processed and they usually mail a check which also takes some time.
  9. We had 40 signed up for a cabin crawl on the Star with 8 cabins to show. The suites are a huge draw. We split into two groups and had 2 crawl leaders with printed copies of the cabins being shown and in which order. If there were 2 people in a cabin being shown, 1 was in each crawl group. If only 1 person in a cabin, they waited for the second group and joined that group for the rest of the crawl. We didn't do a poker draw, but I guess you could also do that in 2 groups?
  10. We are sailing a couple of weeks before you. The show times are 7:30 and 10:00 on 2 of the sea days. We couldn’t book via My NCL - it says to book reservations on board. We called our PCC and made the reservation that way.
  11. Why would there be fines for disembarking in New Orleans? Wasn't the last port Cozumel?
  12. The latest update is you will be heading back to Cozumel on 9/4 if you stay on board.
  13. We are planning our November trip to NYC and a short Bermuda cruise on the Escape. Your pictures of NYC are fantastic. Do you feel the 9/11 museum tour is a must or could it be done on your own? The memorial doesn’t require tickets, right? Did you purchase the One World Observatory tickets ahead of time?
  14. Hmm, try again tomorrow once the site is back on eastern prime time.
  15. For our adrift at sea Australia cruise, the refund went to the credit card used for each payment. We had used a different credit card for the deposit and had to track that one down. Since you aren’t getting answers from NCL, probably best to file a new claim for the refund portion - it gets it assigned to someone, but it can take awhile.
  16. We only book the forward minis under the spa or library. Since you can’t chose your cabin in the bid process, wait until the price drops and see if you can upgrade for a small fee and choose your cabin.
  17. Not automatic. You have to call NCL to have the future cruise credit applied to a new cruise booking.
  18. Did you book (and pay final payment) with a travel agent? If so, the refund amount went to them.
  19. Any idea how many Platinum Plus there are currently?
  20. We were on the Jewel earlier this year at that port. I took a NCL excursion into congested Saigon. There are no shuttles - Saigon is at least 1 hour or more from the port. There may be a Saigon on your own excursion. Check out the ports of call forum for private tour recommendations.
  21. If it is in your checked luggage, it will be held the first night and you will have to track it down around dinner time and pay the fee. Put it your carry on.
  22. All the NCL suites have pull out sofas as the additional beds. Sounds like you are in a 2 bedroom family suite on the Gem. In addition to the small sofa sleeper and single Pullman in the 2nd bedroom there is a sofa sleeper in the main room near the balcony. It should be fine for 4 adults. Ask for foam toppers on the pull out sofas - they help a lot.
  23. They don’t say anything negative about NCL but like to talk about their years of experience and favorite ports.
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