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  1. My sister went with the unlimited plan on the Jewel in Southeast Asia earlier this year and had no problems with What’s App and email. She used What’s App instead of Skype.
  2. We prefer the Sun - the mini suites on deck 11 are great. The Sky doesn’t have mini suites.
  3. I thought Food Republic wasn't eligible for the dining package meals. Is it because it was lunch or maybe it is just allowed on the Bliss?
  4. Thanks for your great review. We are also in the East Bay (near Lafayette) and will be on the Escape to Bermuda this Fall.
  5. You can call NCL and pay to upgrade to a balcony, but since you are within the cancellation penalty period, I don’t think you will get the additional 3 perks: dining, Internet minutes, Shore Ex credit. Can’t hurt to call them and ask though.
  6. Both Getaway and Escape will have at least 1 laundry bag special for $20. You can roll a lot of clothes into the bag - it is a good deal.
  7. The future cruise credit is applied to your NCL account after you have completed your cruise. The credit is a set amount based on your cruise fare paid excluding taxes. The future cruise credit is per person and is non transferable. The credit amount goes into each person’s NCL account. It is to be used on new bookings before the expiration date. So only the Sun 6/3 sailing so far would have received the credit. Try the roll calls for the Sun and Sky 6/10 next week too.
  8. The perk isn’t really free. There is a daily service charge that you pay in advance with the cruise fare. And both in the room must pay the fee. For a 15 day cruise, that is close to $600. If you each only have one glass of wine with dinner, it may make more sense to buy the wine by the glass on board or bring the wine you wish to drink with you and pay the $15 per bottle fee.
  9. Since the Encore isn’t a full transit of the Panama Canal be sure to factor in the cost of the separate excursion to see the Panama/pacific locks.
  10. It is 50% off the Cuba cruise fare. We went through this 2 years ago, I have no idea why the NCL call centers aren’t consistent. The set amount is applied to your Latitudes account AFTER you have completed your “Cuba” cruise and can only be seen or applied to a future cruise by an NCL rep or via your TA.
  11. I couldn’t even get it exchanged for a small bottle of their own water. Only thing it is good for is mimosas.
  12. Your explanation is how the future credit worked for us. Our 50% credit covered 80% of the base fare of the future cruise we booked. This does bring up a good point regarding your original post. Where do you think you would want to go on the future cruise? If you are looking for inexpensive cruises, you will likely end up with the same Bahamas itinerary you will be taking this time. May make more sense for you to take the full refund now and book a longer cruise with a different itinerary.
  13. Total amount is right, but the future credit goes into each persons NCL account and is non transferable. So, it would be 479.50 per person future credit after you complete the “Cuba” cruise.
  14. We went through this 2 years ago. It is a set amount put into your NCL Latitudes account after you have sailed. 50% of the base cruise fare paid on the “Cuba” cruise. You can’t see the credit in your account nor do you get a coupon/voucher from NCL. You have to call NCL to have the credit applied to a new cruise booking. No credit until after you have sailed. If if you call NCL they will clarify the same but probably not worth the long hold times right now.
  15. Agree that the government run tours through the ship were not good. But we also took a private tour and learned a lot about the country and the people. We thought the cemetery was interesting but went with a private guide because the ship tour decided to go to a flea market instead. There is a lot of history in that parking lot - aka Revolutionary Square.
  16. Check out the ports of call board for ideas for San Pedro and Long Beach if you don’t want to stay near LAX.
  17. I agree, the wording should be better. We went through this 2 years ago and I'm sure they will give you 50% of the cruise are paid toward a future cruise. Looks like they have added wording to clarify that a set amount will be applied to your NCL account after your sailing is completed. The only glitch we ran into was that our future cruise credit could not be applied to an existing future cruise - only to a new booking.
  18. You missed today’s announcement from NCL. A full refund if you want to cancel the June, July, August “Cuba” cruises is an option now.
  19. The future cruise credit is 50% of what you paid for the Cuba cruise. The amount is added to your NCL Latitudes account after you complete the cruise. To apply it to a new cruise booking, you or your travel agent have to call NCL.
  20. The grandfathering does not apply to cruise ship travel from the US to Cuba. The group people to people certification used by cruise ships was eliminated as of June 5. All the cruise lines have stopped calling on Cuba and have adjusted their itineraries to other Caribbean ports.
  21. Definitely, the way to go for the summer "Cuba" cruises. I imagine there will be very long hold times to get through to NCL by the June 11 deadline to cancel a cruise. And then it may be another 2+ months for the refund $ to make it to you or your travel agent. Not worth the hassle imo - might as well go on vacation even if it is to the Bahamas.
  22. Correct. But if you go on the cruise, you get 50% of what you paid for your suite back as an automatic refund. 4 days on a cruise goes by so fast. You can always stay on the ship in Nassau (and Freeport) and take full advantage of that suite.
  23. Again - look at the category codes. Purple is balcony forward on deck 8 and the red is obstructed oceanview on deck 8. Call NCL or your TA if you need help.
  24. Yes, it is normal. Did you download the cruise Norwegian app? I think you can still see it there.
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