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  1. Check the Atlantis hotel price too. It has been cheaper so maybe better than a day pass.
  2. You won't find a free hotel shuttle from the airport to downtown. Take the lightrail, uber, Lyft, or taxi. Shuttles are usually better priced for airport trips and taxi/uber around town.
  3. Most of the time it is fine, I've done it from LAX to Seattle. We almost missed our ship because my son fell and had to have 8 stitches while playing outside of the cruise ship so things happen ( he was 3 at the time). If you have the time and money get the hotel the day before, if you can 't then chance it.
  4. If you arrive early and leave late you get charged the extra day, but if you are under the 24 hr period it will only be for five days. So your final cost will be based on your arrival and departure time.
  5. Reading the the terms someone posted it doesn't sound like you can, but it's confusing since you don't have to book the hotel, I doubt they go to any random Airbnb or hotel. Probably something I would conform over the phone and in writing...
  6. My quoting isn't working- in fact most airlines have a basic economy that doesn't include a checked bag and some don't even include a carry on even on international flights, see United my case in point.
  7. Since this involves the same topic, can you opt out of the transfers? The air deal was good, but the transfers were more then an uber/taxi to the port for the whole party of four per person. It sounds like you can pay a fee to change the date, but not control your flights. We have used NcL air before on a cruise to Hawaii where the air was $500 a piece cheaper- we hated the flight time, but it was back when you could standby for free so we did-no easy feat with a party of six but we did it. Now with basic economy not including bags and seat assignments can you pay more for that too? Especially with covid we thought using their air may be better in case the port of departure changes, but it may be better to book my own changable flights.
  8. What does the AI cost now?
  9. Too add in... I loved them both. Pick one and do the other the next time. When in doubt I take the best prices airfare or/cruise option.
  10. I have been on all except Costa and msc, my med got cancelled. More similarities on cruise lines then differences, so it depends on which specific items you like or are annoyed by Carnival- more party but not as bad on longer cruises Rccl- fa!Iliad and multi generations Ncl- same as Rccl with more " freestyle" concept Princess - couples and middle to upper age. More refined in my opinion, with a more then a handful of families celebrity-upscale but more grandparents with a handful of families I also agree that guidebooks on cruising most do a nice comparison, you just need to get nit-picky.
  11. The deposit will be converted to an FCC if you cancel. It is up to you if you have the funds to wait it out for a full refund of save the money and do another trip.
  12. I enjoyed hearing about river cruising, maybe one day, but back on topic...The loyalty perks will change and continue to change as it behooves RCCLs bottom line. When they remove perks it's because it costs too much for the return they are getting. Pre- covid they were phasing out the lounges and adding the drinks to your card. I told my husband they are slowly phasing out the Diamond lounges and giving us time to adjust. Covid has put the nail in the coffin on the lounges because they don want people to gather.It gives a perfect excuse so my prediction is the Diamond lounges will go the way of the Dodo bird. Covid will be the first excuse, but once it goes , I don't think it will return.
  13. Regardless enjoy cruising and post about your fun times!
  14. This isn't a dissertaisnt or research study, but with everyone vlogging and blogging now they want traffic to their sight, it actually said the name Singapore Cruise Society in the photo to. If you want credit, digitally add your signature to the photos before posting, so any repost will have your credit.
  15. I would suggest a cruise without kids first for the parents, if they don't know if they like it, it will be harder with the kids. If they have experienced a cruise before, they know what to expect. My kids went at 9 months old, I have twins. Where there is a will, there is a way, but it depends on what the parents want out of the trip. If they want some time away they will have to pay for it so I would recommend waiting until the youngest is 3 ( make sure he/she is potty trained, no pull ups allowed) so they can utilize the kid's club. I was the type that wouldn't let them babysit my kids so I took them everywhere before three. 18 months -3 years were the hardest travel ages for my family. All kids are different and parents too. My sister didn't want to travel with her son because she said it wasn't a vacation for her, just more work. So the bottom line, do the parents want to go? If so then go and enjoy.
  16. For anyone doing global entry, my husband's expired in March 2020, he sent it in January (or Decmebr-ish). Yesterday we got the approval. They were behind even back then so they will be good for another 18 months now.
  17. If it is 50% capacity I think you will see less people on the elevator (high risk?), also the more able bodied of us will resort to walking the stairs, before waiting forever for an elevator.
  18. I've done all of the above as well, depends if the bad of the show outweighed the tiredness of getting up. As someone else said, I usually like it so hubby takes a nap and we stay, but we have done both, kids in tow too, walked out of a show. I left a theatre show once before that was bad enough, I was complaining loudly at the box office for my money back. My time is precious.
  19. Something to think about, do the helicopter first in case of bad weather you can possibly move it to the next week. I haven't done either ,but I think doing both depends on if there is anything else that excited you, I would do that before selecting a similair trip.
  20. You can spend the money in the shops. A few t-shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, a new Mickey watch and you can blow more then $600.
  21. Call and ask and if they want to move you then don't follow through, if you don't like the.outcome. Pre-covid the 3rd in our room cancelled and they wanted to move the covetted aft cabin, but we were able to change the person sailing for no fee and keep the room. Try that if you have some else willing to go.
  22. He mail your consulate and ask them-if it does count they may have to direct you to anyplace to get that stamp.
  23. My daughter lost the kids Bingo, but she was well behaved for the kids club staff so they liked her and gave her the same prize-an octopus. She was ecstatic-we now have five octopi. My husband won $500 in bingo after I told him I didn't want to play. On a Disney cruise they did Pub Games and my husband and I with my mom tagging along at times won 3rd place-teams one and two had like ten people a piece. It tallied the weeks games for points so we were proud of ourselves. We won a nifty passport holder I keep lovingly under my bathroom sink and smile at every time I see remembering my win.
  24. I am not paying the same money for less of an experience -no port access unless I shell out $$$ for my family of four is the biggest offender. If the shore excursions were cheaper and the price of the cruise itself I may consider it, but not at the current rates.
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