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  1. Hello, Yes, she seemed very friendly, happy and smiling in front of a crowd with a microphone, but face-to-face, one-to-one, was quite the opposite. The LA that sticks in my mind was a young lady on the Indy (there for years) who not only did loyalty but future sales. I have to contrast the poor recent experience with that from Ingrid Cabrera on Silhouette who I thought was outstanding and who gave me a parting gift and signed card. Regards, Cublet
  2. Hello, Best of luck on the Liberty. I tried this last month on Anthem and got zero help and was spoken to as if I was an idiot. I was told "I've been doing this since 2019......." , given for about 18 months no-one did anything, that was not much of a claim. Regards, Cublet
  3. Hello, Last week closed for breakfast and lunch. Regards, Cublet
  4. Hello, I found it far too noisy OUTSIDE there! Regards, Cublet
  5. Hello, It wouldn't have been so bad if the corporate video was current - those not bored to death may have noticed that it was 'Copyright 2018'. Regards, Cublet
  6. Hello, According to the DL Concierge, you can have no more than one free North Star booking per cruise. According to the chap with the laptop at the NS Bar, it's no more than one free booking per day - but I did not put this to the test. Regards, Cublet
  7. Hello, Yes, on Anthem last week the first night pressing service was $17.95. Or rather it would have been if the offer slip had been in my cabin on Day 1 and not delivered to me on Day 2! Moreover, as Formal Night was Day 2 there was not enough time to book the regular pressing service either. Regards, Cublet
  8. Hello, For me the design of the ship spoke 'Celebrity' - it certainly made me feel as if I was on either Eclipse or Silhouette. So it could be that the bars, but not the blasted-out music, was originally intended for the Celebrity demographic. Regards, Cublet
  9. Hello, A former work colleague is a frequent P&O cruiser. He told me that it was not uncommon for the Next Cruise sales team to wander the ship offering places on the very next cruise either at heavily discounted rates or with added benefits. Similarly Cunard used to display next cruise offers on the stateroom TV. I've never understood why RCI doesn't do the same. I was told by a guest relations worker that, despite the sign on the counter, the ships very rarely sail full and the sign was there to save them from dealing with upgrade requests. Regards, Cublet
  10. Hello, I went into Sorrento's on Thursday. One of the offerings was Chicken & Mushroom pies. Underneath the title, the contents were listed as "Contains Pork". Regards, Cublet
  11. Hello, In what feels like a lifetime ago, I was scouring Eclipse for some Gewürztraminer - and without any luck. I encountered the F&B Manager and said 'why not do a table of all the wines on board against the bars in which they could be found'. He thought for a second or two and said it was a good idea and he would set someone on to it. I'm prepared to bet good money it never saw the light of day - or if it did, it blinked and ran away. Regards, Cublet PS: If it's of any consolation, it wasn't much easier on Anthem of the Seas last week.
  12. Hello, When I read of the SB's "new and innovational" cuisine, I reach for the pork pie! Regards, Cublet
  13. Hello, This week, 9th October 6 night sailing: WJ open for breakfast and lunch only. Solarium Bistro open for dinner only. Regards, Cublet.
  14. Hello, Yes, me on the Anthem last month. Or rather, 'No' - there wasn't a B2B lunch. Regards, Cublet
  15. Hello, I wear a Hawaiian shirt at least once during a cruise if only to dare northern European weather to do its worst. Regards, Cublet
  16. Hello, But at the DP 'Meal/Cheers with an officer' we were sat together at tables of 8 upwards. It didn't worry me in itself, but I did wonder about the mentality that thought it was in some way different to the other dining on board. Regards, Cublet
  17. Hello, On the Anthem, the Coke Freestyle machines had a better selection than available in cans. The canned choice was (only) between Coke Zero and Sprite Zero. I take with me a sugar free concentrated cordial, either orange or lemon & lime, and put one squirt into mineral water. Regards, Cublet
  18. Hello, In my opinion both the food and the service in Coastal Kitchen is no better than in MDR. So if your preference is specialty restaurants over MDR then keep the package. Regards, Cublet
  19. Hello, Unless you have 'linked' bookings, you will automatically be placed on separate and separated tables (usually one empty table between occupied tables). I did see tables being merged as people arrived so expect flexibility from the restaurant staff. Regards, Cublet
  20. Hello, I would just like to add that the car parks for incoming (newly arriving) passengers do not open until 10.00 that suggests to me that the people collecting the newly arriving luggage would not be available until then either. I will go further and say that when I arrived, years ago, very early and asked at the gate where I might go for a breakfast in the town, I was met with a blank stare. I would therefore echo Upwarduk's suggestion of having a breakfast at the airport prior to departing for the port. Regards, Cublet
  21. Hello, I have TWO smart 'phones - a Microsoft Windows 10 'phone and a BlackBerry, neither of which can download the app. Both can read QR codes but all that is is a URL link to relevant page(s) in the app. Speaking on recent experience on Anthem for two weeks: Paper menus are available IN the restaurants, but not outside eg DL; the interactive TV can only show your account status, order room service and in-cabin movies - it cannot book activities. Activities, eg North Star, can be booked from 8.30 using the app on the morning you want to go but can only be booked from 10.00 by telephone or by presenting yourself at the SeaPlex sports complex in person at 8.30. Regards, Cublet
  22. Hello, Any members of the family out there joining me on this one? Hopefully 'social distancing' will have ended and we can all be 'social' again. Regards, Cublet
  23. Hello, That was what my MDR (American Icon) section head said to me last week. As it didn't affect me, I didn't seek a second opinion - I am more interested in 9th October. Regards, Cublet
  24. Hello, When I looked at the 'small print' of the Spa Cafe Premium Orange juice, it contained carrot and ginger - though no mention of proportions. Switch to Royal or MSC where the old orange 'squeezing' machines can be seen in abundance. Regards. Cublet
  25. Hello, Currently, or rather as of last week, the Solarium Bistro is not open at all. Up to 15th October scheduled passengers max-out at 800 per sailing and maybe that's related to it - WJ is not open at dinner for that reason. However from 15th the scheduled passenger list is upwards of 2600 and the WJ will probably be open for dinner and so possibly the Solarium Bistro too. Regards, Cublet
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