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  1. We sailed the Harmony last year right before everything started to shut down. We paid $350 ish for a cabana on south beach. It ended up being our favorite day of the whole cruise.
  2. This👆 Any timeframe at this point is pure speculation and only causes panic. I’m so tired of the people that act like they know exactly what’s going to happen.
  3. It’s not about infecting anyone. It’s older people are more likely to have more severe complications to this virus.
  4. Yes name calling is very civil. Your opinion means nothing to me. I don't have a dog in the fight since I have no plans to cruise. But what I do see is someone that can't express themselves without name calling and being rude as if that will make people listen.
  5. You do know you can express your opinion without constantly being rude? Maybe give it a try.
  6. So you won't cruise because you don't want to have a doctor? It's not very smart as an adult to not be an established patient with a primary care doctor.
  7. Exactly. You are much more in people's personal space at the theme parks. I don't think anyone takes shutting down lightly. Disney World employs over 70,000 people in central Florida and Universal over 25,000. That is a lot of people, that didn't make a whole lot to begin with, to suddenly be without any income.
  8. Again if large gatherings are being stopped then Disney should be as well. Regardless of cleaning Disney isn’t wiping down every ride vehicle between each guest, or every line handrail or door handles. Im not sure what the number of times you have been to Disney has to do with anything. I live in Orlando so we go often as well and I 100% disagree that you are better at Disney. Being shoulder to shoulder with 50k people for 12 hours there is no way to prevent germs from spreading regardless of how much they clean.
  9. I’m in much closer contact with people at Disney then I ever am on a cruise. Standing in lines for hours over the course of a day, touching all the rides that aren’t wiped down. Ive no doubt there are many more people in the US that have the virus but haven’t been tested. Wouldn’t shock me at all if some of those people have been to the theme parks.
  10. Disney isn’t the majority owner in those parks so I doubt they had any say in them shutting down. They 100% control the US parks and no doubt will keep them open as long as they are able.
  11. I find it amusing that cruises are being singled out as if shutting down would make any difference. Magic Kingdom at Disney has 50,000 -60,000 + people per day there. People in very close contact, more so than a cruise, and touching everything. Yet no calls to shut down theme parks. 🧐
  12. No they aren't marginalizing anyone. It's stated in an attempt to gain perspective. Just like the regular flu the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk. Given that people are panicking and getting into fights over toilet paper I think it's a good idea to point out those that are more at risk. And no where did anyone say those groups of people are disposable. Don't create drama where none exists.
  13. My comment had nothing to do with the virus. There was a comment about being ok with sailing without people over 60, then someone else commented on that basically saying it was nasty. My comment is that someone saying they don't want to cruise with elderly people is no different then someone saying they don't want to cruise with children.
  14. Is it really any different than someone saying they want a kid free cruise? Plenty of posts stating kids should go somewhere else or shouldn't be allowed in XYZ venue. Should we cuss those people out too for being so public with their disdain for those under 10?
  15. We did a south beach cabana. You don’t get to pick, they are automatically assigned.
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