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  1. How many threads have you read on any of the boards here where someone was stranded without a passport? If it was as big a deal as some here make it out to be then passports would be mandatory. Maybe someday they will be required. But at this point it has been determined that the risk is minimal thus you can sail without a passport. And to the comment about its not it’s not a problem until it’s a problem, I could get hit by a bus leaving my house. I still go outside because the risk is low. We take risks everyday, driving a car, taking a bus, flying on a plane. But the risk is low enough that we do these things anyway. Sailing without a passport is no different. No one is going to be held captive in Mexico because they somehow got left behind and don’t have a passport.
  2. Fairness? You pay for a cruise, they provide that cruise. They owe you nothing else.
  3. I can’t believe that the pissing and moaning about the gift never stops. How about trying to be grateful that you can vacation so much. How much money have you spent to sit here and whine about a free gift. A free gift that they could eliminate at any time. A free gift that they don’t have to give in the first place. If you only cruise a certain line for the minor perks that you receive that is sad. I hope my children learn earn better than to cry that they got something for free and don’t like it.
  4. The consensus is that there is no consensus. The cone still includes south Florida. They have said repeatedly that because the storm is small it is unpredictable. Tracks could dramatically shift taking it to south Florida or ga/s Carolina.
  5. You may want to talk to someone. You are awfully angry simply because someone disagrees with you.
  6. I didn’t say there wasn’t a difference in different parts of the year, I said the parks are busy all year. Being local and going to Disney frequently, I feel comfortable in saying there are no slow times anymore. I remember going to Magic Kingdom and all the lines were 30 minutes or less. That doesn’t exist anymore during any time of the year. And i I would disagree that a holiday weekend isn’t busy. It may not be Christmas busy but there are still decent lines.
  7. We go frequently in early December. The parks are still packed. There is no down time anymore as more and more people travel at off peak times.
  8. Yes Epcot does have tier 1 and tier 2 rides. This does affect how you can book fast passes. https://www.mousehacking.com/blog/epcot-fastpass-strategy Avatar and slinky dog absolutely do offer fast passes. But neither attraction is at Epcot. And I would absolutely disagree that Epcot can be done in half a day. Epcot is huge and it takes a decent amount of time just to walk the world showcase even if you didn’t stop to look at anything. I live in Orlando and IMO 4 hours in a park is a waste. You will be clock watching the entire time and even at slow times the parks are packed. You won’t really get to do anything before you have to leave.
  9. Me too. Living in central Florida, I hate this time of year.
  10. Long range models will change dozens of times. More than 2-3 days out is a guess.
  11. If someone is only using it to go to the pool how dirty is the towel. We use towels multiple times to use the pool at home. It’s always odd to me that people want new stuff every time they use something once on a ship. Like the people that want their bed change daily. Do you wash your sheets nightly at home? How dirty are you that you need new towels or new sheets daily. It’s wasteful.
  12. The Harry Potter areas of the parks are still extremely popular which equals long lines and crowds. You will be waiting longer than 20-30 minutes for those rides. Plan at least an hour each, up to two hours on peak times of the year. Expect 2-3 hours for the Hagrid ride. Can you do it? Yes. Is it a big waste of money and time to only see a few things? Yes. Just the walk from the parking area to the potter sections is going to take some time. You will be so rushed and have little time to do anything except watch the clock. And as someone else mentioned the parks don’t stay open late year round. A closing time of 7-8pm is common.
  13. It's actually illegal in many places to take sand, and even shells, from the beach. You can be fined or jailed. And you are harming the beaches. Even if you only take a little, if everyone did that how much sand would that be. Don't do it. http://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/why-its-illegal-to-take-sand-from-some-beaches/ar-AAG56SM?li=BBnbklE
  14. Check daily and you will see prices fluctuate constantly. I paid $320 for a south beach cabana. But now they are showing $799 and the others are $1299.
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