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  1. We cruised from Venice a week in october once. Venice was grey and gloomy with pouring rain. Actually some areas in town were flooded. Kotor was cancelled due to strong winds, making tendering impossible. Once we got to Athens and Crete we enjoyed sunshine and warm weather. Hope this helps? :)
  2. ah. Didn't know about the drydock. But feeling more optimistic regarding the european cohort. It'll surely be the largest cohort I've been part of since march last year! 🙂 Crossing fingers! A lot can happen before october.
  3. we have a 7 night med cruise with Harmony OTS in october. As mentioned earlier in this thread, we'll get a pretty good idea whether it'll happen or not in May if they actually move the ship across to Europe. The latest official info from Spain is that they intend to open up for tourism this summer. But as we know that can change... Now, Carnival has already cancelled their only (?) ship in the mediterranean for the entire '21 season. I believe I read somewhere it's because the majority of the passengers coming from the USA, and at this point there's simply too much uncertainty whether t
  4. You’re right. But it’s close to accurate. one can now travel between several european countries. Even quarantine free. But there are some exceptions.
  5. Then you have the very latest news 🙂 i'm not going to argue with that 🙂 I also read now that the FHI advice never reached the appropriate decision makers. Of course a lot of speculation and all I can do is to get my information from the newspapers. To me it seems that if the protocols and routine had worked as they were supposed to, this would have looked better.
  6. who knows. It's a bit unclear to me, but seems they made their own assessments and deemed it unnecessary. On their website, Hurtigruten has listed contact numbers in Norway, Germany, UK, US and France for affected customers (present and future cruises I guess) My guess that's got something to do with the passengers nationalities. Other than that, Europe's been open for quarantine free travel for some weeks. In theory the passengers could be from all over...
  7. FHI (in Norway) advised Hurtigruten to notify passengers who disembarked on the 24th after a passenger on this cruise tested positive. This was not done, for reasons unknown to me. Hurtigruten pretty much lies down flat now and works closely with the authorities tracing the infection. Still a few passengers they can't reach though... Next cruise not planned until September. Don't know if this was already scheduled, or a result of the latest events....
  8. Ship let passengers off, due to a chain of bad judgement (my opinion); eg. failure to comply with advice from our 'cdc'. Nevertheless the general concent in Norway is of critisism towards how Hurtigruten has handled this. With proper protocols and commitment to follow these, the situation might have been under control.In hindsight and all that..... 🙂
  9. for what it's worth it's a good learning experience. Hope Royal takes notes. Good thing it was a small ship, with app. one tenth of an Oasis class capacity. That's a lot of quarantine hotel rooms....
  10. Summer is officially from June-August. Having said that, there's absolutely unpredictability in the weather. Also this year the weather is more unpredictable than ever. Strong winds and cancelled ferry service to continental europe in the south as late as beginning of July. In general it's been grey and gloomy most of July all over the country. In June we were blessed with sun, and dry weather with temperatures up to 30 + (celcius) - (with forest fires even some places). If you want to experience the midnight sun, be sure to plan a trip to northern norway during summer.
  11. passenger points to whatever he/she wants, and a staff member puts it on your plate. Here in Norway normal buffets will be allowed from July 15th. Interesting to see if the Color Line cruise ferry will follow suit. Hurtigruten doesn't offer buffets as far as I know...
  12. I can help with Norway: Color Line started their Oslo - Kiel cruises last month. Ships sail with reduced capacity (normally app. 3000 pax) - no buffets, floor markings, no ordering at the bar counter and so on. Passengers are for the time being not allowed ashore in Kiel. Hurtigruten coastal voyage is also operating, to my guess under the same conditions as Color Line.
  13. The cruise ferries between Norway and Germany started operating again just yesterday (June 17) with their two night return trip cruise. They're sailing with reduced capacity, no buffets, floor distancing stickers, no ordering at counters - only serving drinks and food at the table, and you're not allowed ashore while in Germany.
  14. capt. Johnny on Harmony signed off on March 14th according to his twitter. Due back May 24th.
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