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  1. Hi All We’re boarding (🤞) Silhouette on Monday and thinking of booking a 3 or 4 night Specialty Dining package. Looking at the various menus Murano has so many great options we would like to dine there multiple nights if not all nights ….. is this possible ? or are you forced to eat in different restaurants on the 3 or 4 nights ? Also is it possible to order two appetisers and one main course in Murano ? I tend to enjoy trying many different appetisers if they’re not too filling and Murano’s look great. Quite often don’t bother with a dessert as I don’t have a particular sweet tooth (although I love great cheeses ) so is the cheese course available as well as a dessert or instead of ? Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Thanks jelayne whats got me confused is that they include “premium drinks” “unlimited specialty dining” and “unlimited internet” (and don’t mention OBC) in the description of the Royal Suite benefits in the move up bid page, see attached screenshot but the Celebrity Suite and Sky Suite purely mention standard Retreat amenities including luminae, retreat lounge and retreat deck which makes sense to the way I read it. I’m wondering whether all the above benefits are classed as standard for the Royal Suite and not for the lower suite options but as usual X is very ambiguous in how it’s T&C’s are worded ??? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Hi All We’re on Silhouette in the next few weeks, booked in in 1a veranda on the hump. Received the “move up” email and Concierge, Aqua, Sky suite, Celebrity suite and Royal suites are available to bid on. TBH we would never normally even consider a RS option as full price for us would pay for 3 or 4 standard veranda cruises, but minimum bids are relatively affordable. Question is with the Royal Suite you would normally get lots of extra perks and in particular the unlimited specialty dining perk. T&C’s in true X fashion are ambiguous and state you keep your original perks and don’t receive new perks but do get the normal “suite amenities” such as luminae, retreat deck, retreat lounge …….. so has anyone been successful in a bid from veranda to RS in move up program and still received the “unlimited speciality dining” perk if the dining option is included on top of standard suites amenities then we will probably try to bag one, if not we could try for a Sky suite at a much lower bid and just pay extra for specialty dining …. However really would love to try a Royal Suite once in our cruising life
  4. Interesting thread ….. we just received our “move up” email and currently paid £4K for two people in 1A balcony. Royal suite for same cruise is £18k !! 😳 but minimum bid to upgrade is £1k pp and max less than £4K pp so even at max bid ( I haven’t bid max 🤣😂) it £6k less than current deal and with minimum bid it is £6k v £18k for 2 people so a third of current full price deal….. if we get lucky with our bid I’ll be very happy 😉
  5. Safest way is turn “mobile data” off but wifi on and be connected to the X included package, then simply use “FaceTime” “Messenger” or “WhatsApp”. all 3 have voice only or video options depending on available bandwidth and should take away any risk of charges from your network
  6. In the UK we are “encouraged” to take home Lateral flow tests twice weekly. Tests are supplied free either online on UK government website or pick up a pack of 7 tests at any high street pharmacy free of charge. We self test every week as 1/3 of people who are infected never show symptoms but still can infect others. Our business requests visitors to self test before coming into head office and one of our sales managers was due into head office after a 7 day vacation with his kids …. home tested before leaving home with a LFT and showed positive and then booked a PCR at a local test centre which confirmed home test …. without home testing he would have come into our head office and potentially infected 100 people UK hasn’t got everything right, but with testing availability being supported by UK government we at least have economy fully open now and can isolate infected people who don’t even know they are positive We’re on the first UK international cruise on Silhouette in 3 weeks and everyone has to have negative PCR before boarding and everyone has to prove double vaccination status - no exceptions Once we are home we legally have to have a PCR test 2 days after entering country to check for potential new variants and this is checked by authorities very few cases on the UK only cruises over last 2 months so hopefully this will continue for the international cruises
  7. Think we're on the same Sep 27 cruise - looking on Celebrity site the first cruise i can see that's not UK only is the Iceland cruise on Sept 4th (i thought the international ones were starting August ?? so not sure if some have already been switched ?) So with Sept 4th being first one available when will final payment be on that one ? and if that stays on the itinerary then i guess there is a good chance that the rest will stay as international cruises ? We were booked through a TA so final payment is due in 2 days but fortunately TA has extended our final payment date for a couple more weeks as i raised concerns about will they go ahead. Massive dilemma as desperate to get back on a cruise ship but will it be even close to what we're used to ?
  8. Hi All When do the UK cruises start on Silhouette ? I believe she is supposed to arrive in Southampton tomorrow ?? what are the first months itinerary's (i know they are all UK only staycation cruises) - can't find any info now as they've been removed from sale. We are booked on September Canaries cruise on Silhouette and final payment due in 48 hours, however our TA has extended payment date until mid July to give us more time to decide if we still want to go, but i would like to understand how the first few cruises go. Anyone booked on these first cruises and are you planning to post on CC how things are ? Can't make my mind up yet whether to go or just bail on the deposit- Really love to cruise but concerned it will either bear no resemblance on how cruises were i.e. sitting at the Martini Bar, eating, drinking freedoms on the ship, Sky Lounge etc Obviously at this stage Celebrity are saying adults can only cruise if they have been double vaccinated (which we have) so that should give us some reassurance but then if all adults are vaccinated and any kids are tested then wondering what restrictions will be onboard compared to normal cruising. Finally what anyone's best guess that Silhouette will even be able to do Canaries cruise at end of September ? Thanks
  9. We are in UK and had no problem using Lift and Shift - booked onboard on our previous cruise on Connie for a September 2020 cruise on Silhouette, got a really good deal inc drinks package, grats and $500 OBC, had the booking transferred to our UK TA who added extras to the deal. When L&S was announced I just contacted our UK TA in May to move everything to September 2021 and everything was sorted within 24hrs. Same price, same perks, same deal, same ship, same itinerary, same cabin grade (but better location) and it showed on my Celebrity account 24 hrs later ..... couldn’t have been easier !!
  10. We booked onboard last year for our Sept 2020 cruise and then had it transferred to our TA who added extra discount on cruise price - contacted TA last Saturday about lift and shift and switched to Sept 2021 under the current X offer, same price, same perks, same extra discount from TA ....... Celebrity are really making sure guests are looked after in this crisis and TA was more than happy to help us switch no pain and hopefully by 2021 this will be a distant memory and we’re all safe and able to enjoy cruising again
  11. We have just used the new lift and shift offer to move our Sep 28th 2020 cruise on Silhouette to Sep 2021, keeping same no of nights (almost identical itinerary) same ship and same cabin class, as well as our original price, OBC and other perks. Don’t need to pay anymore money or balance until July 2021 - really easy process thanks to UK TA and Celebrity No brainier for us - don’t think the Sep 2020 will go ahead and if it did I,m not sure we would have travelled and this way no financial penalties and much better chance of (hopefully) the cruise going ahead in Sept 2021 ! i would see if you can switch to a similar itinerary on the same ship/same no of nights in July 2021 +/- 14 days either way and not have any financial worries and better chance of getting on a cruise
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