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  1. I bought Premium before the cruise at a discount. Later I cancelled it so I could use my OBC to purchase it - which can only be done onboard. It did cost more on board, but I was not using money out of my own pocket, which made it better. I have had pretty good reception most of the time. I am on the aft, deck 7.
  2. We are on the Carnival Pride right now. We used the Binax Now test - just be sure it's the one where they will monitor you online while you take the test. You may want to have an extra test available just in case you mess up the test somehow or the test itself has something wrong. We did three in a row, and had no problems, but we had a couple of extra tests as a precaution. One man made a video and he accidentally knocked the card to the floor - ruining his initial test. Luckily, he had an extra.
  3. I am on board now. Where did you find a menu with free room service items? All I saw were breakfast items!
  4. Several people on the board told me the OBC can be used for almost anything once one is onboard. As a result, I cancelled most of my preorders with the idea of adding them back onboard. I did not cancel my cabana or my restaurant reservations because I don't want to possibly lose them. I did cancel my wifi, and some drinks for DH. I'll get those with OBC.
  5. I couldn’t find it either, but I stumbled upon it. Look at your Documents, then look for Booking Summary, and it’s right there!
  6. Thanks, everyone for all of your helpful information!
  7. Thanks so much for sharing your cruise with us! We are leaving Sunday for this same trip, and it's very helpful to get advance information as much as possible. I am also planning to use onboard credit for the premium wifi package. Can you tell me about what it costs on board? I didn't understand the difference between per day rates and 24 hours rates in the plan breakdown. I'm just wondering how much of my OBC it will use. Thanks!
  8. Hi! We are about to go on our first cruise since 2019. We had to re/schedule the same basic cruise 3 times, and we leave in 8 days! I'm to the point that I don't remember how much OBC we have. I also don't know what we can spend it on. Can it be used on shore excursions if we wait until we are onboard to book them? I can't find information on this anywhere. Thanks!
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