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  1. First, thank you for your work as a doctor to help people who are sick. Second, I hope you stay healthy. If the cruise line has written to you offering you a full refund under your specific circumstances, why would you initiate a charge back? Also, again, unless your circumstances are unique, your travel agent probably did not directly charge your card - the cruise line did. So, again, why would you initiate a chargeback against your travel agent?
  2. Typically travel agents do not charge your card directly. Normally it is the cruise line who charged your card. To initiate a chargeback for a charge which you authorized while the cruise line is still offering to provide the booked service to you is ethically questionable at best.
  3. Personally, unless you're in a suite and that 25% is a significant number, if it were me, I'd hold out. That's my personal opinion on what I'd personally do. If I were in 50% penalty or could perhaps get 75% back now, the decision might be different, but 25% isn't that much unless your cruise fare is high. I'm facing a similar decision, and that's how I'm leaning. In some ways, I feel like we're playing a game of chicken with the cruise line; however, I think there is nothing nefarious or reckless either on their part - I think they're trying to make the best possible decisions with the least
  4. So I know the answer to this can highly vary as weather is crazy and unpredictable, but in general, would you expect June 1st to be warm enough to plan a beach day? I'm not asking will it rain, lol, just more along the lines of is it reasonable to think that June 1st is the right season for the beach or is that still too early in the season. Yes, I've checked the average weather forecasts and history, but I was hoping for insight from someone who lives there. Where I live, for example, June 1st would absolutely be a beach day but it would most likely be too cold to swim unless you are really d
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