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  1. I would be one of them. Originally a sister of the CORAL she was "renovated" by ripping out the double deck lounge aft and replacing it with additional cabins. The once full promenade deck was hacked about two thirds of the way aft and turned into "balconies" for some of the new cabins. The casino was reduced to provide for more - you guessed it - cabins. Vastly reduced lounge space and ever more cabins. Sister CORAL was scheduled for the same treatment. Apparently someone at Princess was so appalled by the result of the ISLAND the CORAL's similar "renovation" was cancelled. One of the crew on the ISLAND told us everyone associated with the "renovation" was fired. I would mark that up to urban legend. That should tell you all you need to know. All of that said, some people still love IP. It's great to have so many choices.
  2. JB - The issue at this point for #1 is that many passengers have already altered arrangements for the early arrival at Southampton. Changing again would cause a whole new round of chaos. Your #2 is spot on. Easy trip from Portsmouth to LeHavre to collect any third party tours for the same day Getaway was scheduled to arrive.
  3. There is a Portsmouth - LeHavre Ferry. Portsmouth only a short train ride from Southampton. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/ferries-france/portsmouth-le-havre
  4. A few brief memories shortly after she was "refurbished". Universal Lounge ripped out and replaced by cabins which resulted in passenger increase and lounge cut simultaneously. Aft end of the promenade deck turned into ersatz balconies for the new cabins. They bolted dividers across the promenade to make these new "balconies". Casino reduced in size to make room for more new cabins. No food service after midnight except for room service. No international cafe. Events delayed or cancelled because of too many passengers with too little lounge space. A crew member claimed those responsible for hacking this ship were fired and similar treatment for sister Coral Princess was cancelled. Do not know if the first part was true, but the second part certainly is a fact.
  5. Curious what dining room you were in. We had the late seating as well. Service was very slow. Second night we were seated at 7:30 and had to chase down a head waiter at 9:00 since the entre was still absent. Waiters said they could not get food out of the kitchen, but I believe the same kitchen serves all of the MDRs? As far as public restrooms, this ship seemed to be the fairly good for Princess. Another line we have sailed on for four years never seems to have the problem.
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