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  1. Yes, she basically read the original letter to us, but also said we could call with any questions.
  2. OP's DH here with a pleasant update. Yesterday we got a voicemail from our NCL cruise consultant outlining the original two choices and giving us a number to call back. So all is cleared up. The only reason this was worrying us is our original plan was to take the FCC and cruise at some later date. However we now have the chance to accompany family on a different vacation a couple of months after our now canceled cruise, and the refund would help offset the expense of that trip. So we will now be taking the refund.
  3. Texas and Florida are both having some increase in cases right now, although at least in Texas it seems to be due to an increase in testing, with a decrease in the rate of positive tests. Of course people are arguing about what the raw numbers actually mean. I think what they will mean to cruising is even if the ports open, people may be afraid to go to those ports. *** Tried to do this as editing my first post but it made two separate posts.
  4. Well being the President he does live and work there, but I took WH to mean the White House in the sense of an agency or administration. However I don't think such intervention is likely, especially in an election year. Agree or disagree the CDC does hold the cards, and if an elected official went against the CDC and gets it right nobody will notice, but get it wrong and the election is lost. Doesn't matter who the candidate or party is at that point.
  5. As long as my cruise happens I am going there. It is a must see for me but will probably be somewhat hokey. Then again it's not like I haven't been to other hokey attractions before.
  6. I meant the bulk of the already bought and paid for cruises as opposed to canceling half the bookings and sailing with the other luckier half. It would make more sense to cancel the whole cruise and let people use their credit to choose from the available 50% on the newly announced cruises.
  7. I suspect that most lines will cancel the bulk of the cruises outright instead of picking and choosing passengers. They will make it advantageous to take future credit over refunds and then raise the prices on the newer shorter cruises, not much, just enough that your 7 day credit will now cover a 4 day cruise. this will allow them to keep passengers and return to sailing. It also gives them your prepaid fares as an interest free loan.
  8. I was also wondering reading the article how long it would take to staff the ships, including training replacement crew for those that don't return. I would think as things reopen, it will take less time to get back up and running than it did to repatriate crew amid all the restrictions. The article certainly doesn't show the cruise lines in the best light, but does anyone ever? Do the lines bring some of this on themselves by registering in ports with lax or no labor laws? Yet it does seem that to some extent they were trying to navigate restrictions in as cost effective a way as
  9. Well this may be a sign of things turning around, but as I have been watching prices on my cruise they are working their way back up. Not good from a price drop perspective but good from a general cruising perspective. The close to $600 difference I saw last week is down to around $300 now.
  10. I am also going to look at what promotions are being offered. On my booking I got the free at sea package, which does save me some money although since DW doesn't drink not as much as it saves others.
  11. These forms are more for liability reduction. If you were to mislead the cruise line on the form, and then get sick from a shipboard source, you can bet they would use that form to block any legal action.
  12. I haven't made the final payment yet, and to be fair price will only be one factor. I will probably call, but I was just curious as to how others may have faired.
  13. I know NCL usually only honors a price drop within 48 hours. However CC has featured more than a few threads on folks that have been successful is getting OBC for price drops. Has anyone on here tried and/or succeeded in getting any consideration during the current situation? It feels kind of like war profiteering but my cruise has dropped by more than $600 and this is a factor in my choice on if I cancel it or not.
  14. The only thing close to these that happened to me was on out first cruise (so we were both inexperienced & full of all the horror stories. We were at a port call in Cozumel and picked a long excursion booked through the cruise line. Scheduled return time was exactly the all aboard time, but the tour involved a ferry ride to and from Playa Del Carmen and a bus ride to and from Tulum. The trip was great and mostly uneventful, but we were cutting it close. The ferry arrived about 15 minutes late at the same pier but a good walk away from the ship. When my wife announced that she
  15. We have a New England cruise booked for September out of NYC. Considering options now as to cruising or not. Too many of the restrictions are in a near constant state of flux to be much good for a prediction.
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