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  1. My vote is San Diego but I'm ok with San Pedro too.
  2. We were scheduled with Gate1 for a riverboat trip starting in Budpest end of May ending with the PP in Obergammerau in early June. Was so excited to do this trip but glad to receive notice over 2 weeks ago that Obergammerau and trip was cancelled and not having to wait for word on status of trip. Waiting on word now as to how funds will be handled by Gate1. They have had our money since September, yes know things take time and yes hope to be able to do same trip in May 2022.
  3. As usual great review. Enjoyed all the photos. We will also be on the 11/1 TA cruise, also doing the 10/25 cruise. If I see you on the TA cruise I'll be sure and say hello.
  4. Bill and Marie, I will be following along. Looking forward to Ovation pictures too.
  5. Thank you so much Bill. Really appreciate this info.
  6. I remember reading your review of this cruise. I never really considered cruising that part of the world until I read your review. We also will be on the Ovation 4/21/21 cruise followed by the 5/8 cruise back to Seattle. I've been looking for your review to re-read. Can you provide a link please? Hoping you see this.
  7. Just returned from cruise with stop in Brugge. Bought chocolate home in luggage. No problem.
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