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  1. We are due to sail on 4th June 2021. Reckon this is pie in the sky at the moment. Hoping that Princess might follow P&O and announce 30 days for final payment. Currently my TA is looking for payment on 5th Feb 😱🤔 Any thoughts, anyone?
  2. We also like to have reminders and pick up a bauble or two whilst travelling. Always brings a good bit of nostalgia. However as we haven't been anywhere in 2020, our son made us a permanent reminder of the year, in the shape of a Corona bauble!! 😔🙄
  3. That was our last cruise too. Wonderful time. 🙂
  4. We should be on Iona right now, heading towards Spain 😔. Onwards and upwards, we have booked Regal Princess for June and Iona for Dec 2021. Can't wait🙏🤞
  5. Cruise refund from cancelled 22/4 Preziosa received today. Good luck to everyone else who is still waiting.
  6. Received a call from my TA last Friday. Confirmed they had received the refund from MSC and it will be back on the card within 10 days. Currently 7 days and counting, but a huge leap forward in terms of hopefulness!
  7. You have made my weekend, and given me hope for my refund. We were due to be on the 22 April cruise too, and applied (via TA) almost immediately after the cancellation. Bobal - keep us informed how you get along with your refund, and good luck.
  8. Almost another week gone by ......dare I ask? I can't see a successful post from you, so I guess not? I am sure all those who have had their refunds are still rooting for you.
  9. Keep looking out for your update .....have you had any joy in receiving your refund?
  10. Thanks Sidari. I have received nothing of substance from my TA either, other than they will 'chase' MSC. Phoned MSC directly but they are unable to help or comment as booked through a TA.
  11. Wow, Wowzz! So pleased for you. Have a happy sleep tonight, and a nice day out in Lincoln tomorrow.
  12. Not a word! I haven't even received a generic 'thanks for your request' from my email request on 4 May. Getting a bit concerned as to whether I am in the system. I booked via a TA but going to pursue myself, as I've heard nothing constructive from them either. I used the operationsuk@msccruises.co.uk email address. Has anyone else had any luck with other routes? I did receive a refund from P&O this week (74 day wait from applying), after chasing and using tips and advice from others on this site. Would be good to know if anything positive is happening for UK cu
  13. Yes. I was via a TA, but did the refund procedure and chasing myself.
  14. Get-in-there!....Back of the net! Cheque received today! They think it's all over - it is now! (Applied 16 March for 28 March sailing) However, I will now be ramping up my efforts to gain a refund from MSC, for a 22 April cruise. No communication from them 🙄 Would just like to thank everyone who has shared their experiences, tips and advice on this thread. It has been really helpful and supportive. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. Your turn will come, just hang on in there, and keep your foot on the pedal.
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