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  1. I have been in this position a couple of times before. As Keith says, you get a refund from Crystal based on the method of payment used initially. I pay by Amex so my refund is a credit to my Amex account. Definitely not OBC. Unless you paid by cheque, the refund will not be by cash.
  2. Enjoy the warm weather Larry & Monica. Have a great cruise!
  3. Canadians should find this website useful. Keep checking as requirements do change. http://visaservicescanada.ca India - eVisa required http://visaservicescanada.ca/countries/india.php https://www.ivisa.com/india-blog/india-visa-for-canadian-passport-holders Singapore - no visa required http://visaservicescanada.ca/countries/singapore.php Sri Lanka - Electronic Travel Authority needed http://visaservicescanada.ca/countries/sri_lanka.php UAE - no visa required http://visaservicescanada.ca/countries/united_arab_emirates.php
  4. A good Canadian travel agent should be able to advice if you hold a Canadian passport. Are you using a travel agent or Crystal direct.
  5. Interesting. Tesla have no engine as they run off battery power which is flat and stored under the seating area. Both boot and bonnet are purely for storage. Amsterdam airport has a fleet of Tesla taxi.
  6. The on-board booking discount is only 2.5%. It is not a lot. You need to compare this with the OBC discount you are being offered. You will still get a 2.5% Crystal Society discount. Its Crystal's way of loyalty. You get rewarded to stay with the agent and the agent gets rewarded to sell Crystal.
  7. Just remember to be clear. There is one Shangri-la on Hong Kong island and one Shangri-la in Hong Kong
  8. Book the second cruise now with the same agent. After your first cruise, you get a discount for your next cruise even though it is already booked. In fact you get two discounts together as a new cruiser; Crystal Society and on-board discount (even though it is booked in advance of the cruise). It’s a rolling process. The same applies to a third cruise if booked before the second cruise or within 2 weeks after the second cruise.
  9. Just to flag that the start time on the River boats is 7pm not 6pm. Unlike many other cruise lines, I found that passengers on Crystal do not queue or head into dinner at opening time and truly know how to stagger themselves.
  10. There are a maximum of 66 guest on-board. It is much easier for the executive chef to arrange for specific meals/diets. This is based on my experience on the river boats, not the Esprit. That is the main reason why passengers rave over the food on the Esprit and river boats. There are fewer passengers for chef to focus on. My suggestion is the Shangri-La Valley Wing, Singapore. It is a true haven in busy Singapore. It was the only hotel that met US security levels when Trump stayed in Singapore. The only catch is you need taxis as walking distance to the the subway. Complementary drinks in the lounge and was the first place we saw staff ironing the table-cloths at the table with a cordless iron.
  11. You will get a driver who speaks reasonable or acceptable English who is guaranteed to turn up. That is the insurance policy you are paying for. The Shangri-La is a fairly upmarket chain and charges accordingly.
  12. European Rivers are not big enough for large yachts. The challenge is too little water or too much water (to get under bridges). River boats are built to optimal specifications. Yachts will struggle. An interesting option is a yacht along the Adriatic coast. Lots of small picturesque towns to stop at and the experience is not too different from a river cruise.Its where tv/movie film crews go to for outdoor shoot of medieval Venice or similar locations. You could also hire the entire river boat for private use. Some firms like Crystal only take 110 passengers as a maximum and is fully crewed with great chef, waiters and butlers. Crystal and other river firms have been known to cancel cruises and take on charters for corporate events, etc. It really depends how much your clients want to spend. Forward planning is required for this
  13. Yes. Vienna is in Austria uses the Euro which is stronger than the dollar and has always been part of the Western political and social world. Being first world, it is expensive. Budapest uses its own currency (it is not joined the Euro as yet) and is a former Soviet block country and still developing. That is why many Hungarians work in EU countries since the salary for the same job is higher. It is cheaper for the comparative equivalent; from food to accommodation. Vienna is rich with history. Budapest has current experiences and sights. There are many things to do in both. The Sofitel is in a splendid location and is right next to best located hotels, The Four Seasons and The intercontinental. Ideal for views, restaurants and shops. The centre of town is about a 10 min walk away.
  14. I short they don't. Genting HK is a small company listed in Hong Kong with about 10% of shares held by institutions/privately. The rest is owned by the Crystal's chairman and his family. There is Genting Malaysia the money earning casino group which Crystal's chairman and his family also owns but is completely separate from Genting HK. The only connection is the Crystal's chairman being Chairman of Genting HK as well as Genting Malaysia. He earns the cash from Genting Malaysia and invests into Genting HK. Hence why there is no shareholder benefit. He already gets free travel on Crystal but referring to it as work.
  15. Bear in mind - Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world and there isn't much land mass. That means any passenger have to manoeuvre around all the container ships some of which may be moving. I was on the same cruise as Roland4. The ship had to back in quiet a distance at it had to dock in a narrow water passage between Sentosa Island and Singapore Island. All of this takes quiet a while. I vaguely recalled being docked closer to 8am than 7am.
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