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  1. bobswife91

    Embarkation time

    We are new to Carnival, but not new to cruising. Would someone kindly tell me, when do we get our choose our embarkation time? I think we get to check in someone in October. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  2. I was able to get an Alamo full size for $52 tax included from MIA and dropoff at FLL. Just not sure on the time to have as my pickup. We're getting off Carnival Horizon. Is a 10:30am pickup reasonable at MIA from the port? I'm still on vacation, so I don't feel the need to be the first on off the boat.
  3. Has anyone ever rented a car from Budget downtown (approx 1.7 miles from the port?) If so have they used the shuttle or just Ubered from the port to there? Also, would it be easier to just rent from MIA arpt location? My flight doesn't leave out of FLL until 730pm, so I thought we could just rent a car and tool around after the cruise. Sorry, one more question, any suggestions on where to go in FLL to kill an afternoon, beach, tourist trap, up for anything? We did the hop on/hop off in Miami last time and it poured rain and we were on the top deck, so we got drenched. So really not interested in that. Thanks in advance, Laura
  4. bobswife91

    POM to FLL in time?

    Should we keep our bags and not put them out the night before? We are usually on RCCL, having never sailed CCL, not sure if you can do that or not.
  5. bobswife91

    POM to FLL in time?

    We are cruising out of Miami in Jan 2019 on the Horizon. Maybe someone on who cruised on Vista knows the answer to this. Is it possible to make a 12:45pm out of FLL. What time does Carnival kick you off the boat? I have never cruised on them but assume they would be the same as the other guys.
  6. bobswife91


    Oh Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  7. bobswife91

    Tours Plaza?

    What are the tipping customs in Cozumel? 20%? Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  8. bobswife91

    Transportation questions

    I need to get transportation in Cozumel from the pier, to Kaokao choc factory, to Coconuts, to Paradise for 10 people. What would be our cheapest option? Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  9. Anyone have the Oasis of the Seas Western compasses yet?
  10. bobswife91

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale

    I'm thinking of getting the 1 device Voom special for 11.99 per day on sale today. Does anyone know what it costs just for a few minutes on the computers onboard to print boarding passes? We fly Southwest and we usually sign on the day before to get in line (so to speak) for a boarding group?
  11. bobswife91

    Complimentary Food on Oasis OTS

    Wipeout cafe menu Sent from my SM-G900T using Forums mobile app
  12. bobswife91

    Tipping etiquette - what do you recommend?

    I'm a little confused, would the waiters at Chops been given some of the $13.50 per person, per day gratuities? We only paid $30 per night, based one the bogo offer. Laura
  13. bobswife91

    Tipping etiquette - what do you recommend?

    I also would love to know what to tip at Chops on Oasis? We just got off Anthem 8/6/16 and ate at Chops two nights on the BOGO offer? With no guidelines to go by, we tipped $25 per night. Being that in real life, "not CRUISE LIFE," I don't get to those types of restaurants, I didn't know what to base my tip on. I can take constructive criticism, just please don't burn me at the stake if I was too cheap. Thanks, Laura
  14. bobswife91

    Transfer to Horseshoe Bay Beach

    I thought the $7 was totally worth it to not have to climb back up the hill. Not sure how many, but I am thinking the $4.50 token bus has a stops to make, whereas the shuttle went right back to the pier. On another note, we left the beach last Saturday, 7/30 at 2:15pm and we had at least a half hour wait. Someone else from our ship said they didn't have to wait at all at 3pm, but that would be cutting it too close from me. Overall, I am impressed with the transportation system and the facilities at Horseshoe Bay Beach.
  15. bobswife91

    Anthem in the Windjammer breakfast

    I agree, get up and get out...plenty of places on the ship to linger. How relaxing can lingering in a madhouse be anyway. I just found it odd to hear as I have cruised yearly since 2010 and have never heard it before, granted I was mostly on Voyager class ships. Maybe they just handle it better. Laura