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  1. hi these people who bring their dogs along that are not really service dogs are cruel. I am sorry but those dogs belong at home or in a kennel. Poor dog stuck on a ship, or even flying on a airplain
  2. hi ***** my last cruise I wa sitting on my balcony. The room steward opened my cabin door. O open my balcony door ND EVERY PECE OR PAPER AND OTHER THINGS WENT FLYING LIKE S WIND TUNNEL
  3. hi Thank you. I am worried about the cross contamination. I am new at this. But I know if I order a piece of free GF (No bread crumbs) if it is cook beside a piece of fish with bread crumbs on it is contaminated. Same as any other meal. Mary
  4. Hi does HAL at meals do anything for people who are gluten free (medical reasons? thanks Mary
  5. Hi Ok my review. Any cruise on a Hal ship is good. I was very very surprised how the quality of the food. I ate all my meals in the MDR. know meals are different to different people I am easy to please give me some meat and potatoes and I am happy camper. The steak (lover of steak) was worse . The steak was like you would get at a Denny's or lesser restaurant. The steaks were like 1/2 inch. But my biggest disappoint was the rack of lamb. If you go back and look at my reviews about the lamb and how I raved about the meal. Well something happened to rack of lamb. I was give two chops the chops had maybe a quarter piece of meat. I am being generous. The internet what a waste of money. I spent more time trying to get connected than I did checking mail and posting. Save your money. The staff person was not very helpful and seemed I was bothering her. But these are not big things. I loved my cruise. I met some wonderful people. I would go back in a second. The staff are wonderful this is why I travel on hal. IMO Hal is still the best. Thank you for your thoughts. I do not need a walker. I simplify just tripped and fell Mary
  6. Hi I took the cruise on January 15 to the Panama Canal. I took this same cruise a couple of years ago. I do not like the layout of this ship. I spent more time lost. we lets start. The first night of cruise I fell coming back from dinner no was around me but I was banged up. I had to cuts above my eyebrow, and bruised my thigh. I did not think I need to go to medical. I was looking forward to Half moon clay. this is why I took this cruise again. The sea's were a little choppy. As I was getting off the ship on to the the tender the ship went up and the tender went down and I smack my hand/arm on a metal bar. so I went ahead but when I got to the water there were waves and I was afraid I would fall. so I went back to ship and to the medical dept. I am on blood thinners and now my arm was very swollen and sore. The doctor was not there he would be at 5. The nurses were wonderful. I returned at 5 and trying to find the medical dept after a 1/2 hr someone from desk took me there. The Doctor was also wonderful. I also had to talk to security.They were wonderful. The front desk called a few times to make sure I was ok. I also have a very nice flower arrangement. % stars to Hal. Since I travel solo it was nice to know they cared. Tomorrow I will write about the cruise. Mary
  7. Hi I will be waving to you all wish I could record it and the panasma canal crossing. Hope weather clears up hope weather is better or first stop half moon clay Mary. Might be wavv Ing from my cabin 80xx
  8. Hi leaving on the Zuiderdam on Jan 15 to Panama canal almost same cruise I took a few years ago. they had a black and white ball. Does anyone know If they still have the ball on this cruise. Thank You Mary
  9. Hi I can't wait to go back. I picked this cruise because I wanted to stop there. Last time I was there I spent most of my time in the water. I never made it over to the pirate ship. Mary
  10. Father What wonderful words. I hope all on the board have a wonderful New year. Mary
  11. Hi Please make sure you have the form proving you have sole custody of you children and if need be his permission Mary
  12. Thank You Father fpr posting. I did this cruise in 2013. It had more ports. But I will be doing it again in January. Hope you enjoy the rest of cruise. I was also on cruise for Veterans day wow. Hal and Zuiderdam really made it special.
  13. Hi I have been there for a few years. I did post a link maybe 2 years ago. But they will be going dark soon. The polar batteries will die. No one there to recharge them. Its a long winter without them. There were about 15-20 bears at the falls in the summer this year. One of my favorite bears disappeared last year. Still hoping he is else where. Rangers also have chats and will also post to thinks happening. The are closed now for winter Mary.
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