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  1. Yep, definitely think we are. 😉 Was thinking if the OP's lady wasn't picky and didn't mind the little ones on the beach that there were plenty. I collected a small baggie of those and I really like them. Have them with other memorabilia from those trips.
  2. We did the Mexican Riviera way back in 2000 on a competitor. The cruise was a gift from my husband's parents that his whole family took together. I loved all of the ports and that is an itinerary I'd love to do again, so that or an 8 day southern to Aruba/Curacao will probably be one of our next cruises once cruising resumes. But the 8 day to the Eastern isn't bad either. We've been to all of those ports and love them all.
  3. Hello Aplmac!! That is definitely worth a try, especially since PR and the islands visited would definitely benefit having the cruisers and there are other cruisers who want to get back to these beautiful places. 😄
  4. The itinerary out of San Juan was definitely our favorite. We were actually booked on Fascination for the 10/31/2021 sailing out of San Juan on one of the alternate itineraries they were offering in 2021. We'd have gone to St. Thomas; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; and Barbados (extra long day in Barbados), two new and one almost new port for us. We were notified this past summer that the cruise was cancelled, shortly before it was announced that Fascination was, at the time, "on hold". Now that Carnival has and will continue to bring in some larger ships, it would be nice if they'd put a Con
  5. Hi Saint Greg and thank you! I have enjoyed your pics/reviews for a long time now.
  6. Hi Nicki! So happy to have you join this cruise too. This is probably one of our favorite cruises ever. Not only because it's our favorite itinerary, it's the great friends we met on that cruise whom we're still in touch with and hoping to cruise with again and soon. One of the couples was going to be on both of our cruises that were cancelled. Once cruising resumes, we're going to try for a reunion cruise. I love the "swim with the fish". Lol!!! I'm not Italian (I'm a Heinz 57/mutt) but I definitely know what that means. 😂 I know a LOT of people who refuse to s
  7. Thank you. We are really missing cruising too. We haven't cruised since our 2nd Liberty cruise in 2015, so I'm feeling the "cruise withdrawals", even before the pandemic. We actually had one booked for May 2020 on Magic (cancelled, obviously) and one on Fascination out of San Juan in Oct. 2021, thinking that's since Carnival is going to sell Fascination. Hopefully soon.
  8. Hey Nicki! It was a great cruise and glad you could join, even if virtually. The next Liberty cruise was up there as one of our favorites. We met some great friends on that cruise (several from a CC & social media roll call and the couple we had dinner with) and are still in touch with all. Hoping we can all cruise together again and soon - I sure miss it. Holly
  9. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!!! So sorry that the cruise you had booked to celebrate was cancelled and also very sorry to hear your birthday cruise was also cancelled. We actually had two cruises cancelled, the Magic one I mentioned and we also had Fascination booked out of San Juan in October 2021 cancelled. It sounds like Fascination is one of the ships Carnival will be parting with. We were really looking forward to that one since they were doing an alternate itinerary going to St. Thomas; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; and Barbados (extra long day in Barbados). Antigua and
  10. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for sailing along! Was hoping to have another, brand new one for a cruise we were to take on Magic this past May but we all know that didn't happen. Hope to cruise again and soon, going through some serious cruise withdrawals here.
  11. I haven't been on CC in a while - too depressing since we've had two cruises cancelled. 😉 Things could be worse, right? As for shelling in St. Kitts, we've been there twice and two different beaches, Cockleshell (already mentioned) our first time and the next visit we spet several hours at Shipwreck Beach Bar/Grill which is on South Friars Bay. At Cockleshell, there were lots of shells right on the beach. There was a majority of one kind but if your gal likes shelling, then she'll find that there is a nice variety of smaller shells as well. At Shipwreck, there weren't any on the beach bu
  12. I've done three reviews of our last Carnival cruises and I'll attach the links to those. They are kind of long, with tons of pictures. I want to add that there are so many great reviews by others posted here as well with great writing and pictures. I'd love to name a few but also don't want to forget anyone either. They have all put a lot of time and work into them and I'd hate to list a few and have others not see theirs mentioned. There used to be a listing of each of the Carnival ships along the right side of the Carnival message board and it was so easy to find the reviews there, but
  13. Prince William County is exactly where we're at! Small world. 🙂 We're technically in the City of Manassas Park but less than a mile from PWC (we're very close to Signal Hill & Signal View Roads). I love the Nokesville area, not built up as much and hope it can stay that way. We have friends out that way - Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket, and Warrenton. I'm glad my experience of Pearl Harbor was also helpful to you, it's definitely a must see.
  14. Kim, I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping all of you in thoughts and prayers.
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