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  1. So sorry to hear the pain is getting worse and not better. 😥 I just hope you get some good answers and relief soon, and hoping no more scary setbacks. And 2 1/2 hours for Sakari on the bus home? WTH??? And I complained about my former commute (and the same one my husband still does), 1 1/2 - 2 hours, each way. But that was for a job, not school. That is totally ridiculous. Will keep the good juju/vibes coming your way. Holly
  2. I just made time today to sit down and read the rest of your review and I enjoyed as much as your others. You mentioned the concrete at the water park in Costa Maya and what it did to your feet. I know exactly what you were talking about. As a kid I was always running around barefoot, including gravel driveways and the creek that had a lot of rocks and it never bothered my feet. My family used to go to Hilton Head, SC, and the lower part of the beach is hard packed sand, sand you can actually ride a bike on (might have something to do with the tides that go pretty far out). The upper beach is softer sand. From walking on the harder sand, my feet were always a mess and peeling for a long time afterward. But I did it again, year after year. My feet ain't in no beauty contest. Lol!!! I did see your reply on how the other passengers on this cruise was more how people describe passengers on Carnival, giving it the nickname "Wal-Mart of the Seas". I have heard the same thing and have never experienced any of that on any of our Carnival cruises. The cruise in 2014 was very crowded, but the passengers were fine and we didn't see any of that. Heck, we were in New Orleans for a week in May 2018 and yeah, we saw some stuff but not like that, but it was New Orleans and not a NCL cruise. The funniest we saw in NOLA was a woman in a very short sun dress riding a mechanical bull during "happy hour" (3 beers for price of 1) one afternoon. Us gals weren't looking but one of the guys said "Holy ****!!! She ain't got no drawers on!!!". Yep, you read that right, she had NOTHIN' on under that dress. They gave her a bar towel to cover up, but when she was thrown, the guys sure had a show. We weren't really paying attention after that, but I sure hope they wiped the seat of that mechanical bull down with a bleach solution...nasty!!! I also saw the updates on your leg and so sorry you are now dealing with blood clots. When it rains, it pours. Will keep that good juju/positive vibes coming along and hope it will all go smoothly from now on. I love the color of your cast and Sakari's drawings on it. And I can't believe how grown up she looked with her graduation dress and heels on. I don't have kids but I can imagine that's a proud moment but also hard, missing the "little kid" years. Loved the "throw back" pictures you added - that did NOT seem very long ago!!! Thank you again for doing another review, I always enjoy them and your beautiful pictures. Holly
  3. We have had stops in St. Lucia on two of our recent cruises on Carnival. At the time we cruised, our stop in St. Lucia was the day following our stop in Barbados. Carnival still visits the same islands but they now stop in St. Lucia before Barbados so I don't know which route to Barbados the ship takes. Both times we sailed (May 2013; Sep. 2015), our ship went around the south side of St. Lucia from Barbados and up the west coast before docking in Castries at 8AM. I got up early (between 5:30 & 6AM, sunrise seemed to be around 6AM but may vary different times of the year) and was able to see the Pitons both times, but at a distance. But as reedprincess mentioned, that all depends on which route the ship you'll be on takes from Barbados into Castries. I'll attach a couple pics in case your ship comes up from the south and sails up St. Lucia's west coast so you'll know what you can expect to see if you decide to get up that early. So glad you're doing the catamaran tour, nothing like seeing them up close, their beauty is just stunning. The first picture is what you'll see (Pitons in center of pic) and the second picture is same view but I used my camera's zoom and zoomed in on the Pitons.
  4. Kim...holy crap!!! I'm only on page 7 and will continue more tomorrow but have a party to go to. But dang!!! So sorry you broke your leg like that. Just seeing those pictures made my leg hurt, I just can't imagine!!! I'm really enjoying this and it's a shame about the service on this cruise. The only thing we experienced like that was Carnival Liberty in April 2014 (Spring Break), but with that it was mainly just crowds, lines, and long waits that we'd never experienced on any cruise prior or on our last one, which was also on Liberty in 2015. We actually booked another one for next May on Carnival Magic with all of the others we had gotten to know through CC and then our on social media "roll call". We're going to HMC, GT, Aruba, and Curacao this time and really looking forward to it. Got a long wait, but we've got one booked. I'm looking forward to more of your review but please know you are in my thoughts, prayers, sending good vibes/juju - whichever works best for you. Gosh, you must be going stir crazy insane bored by now. Hope you're finding ways to keep entertained. Holly
  5. Oh wow, I've got a LOT of catching up to do! I remember you were going on a cruise this month but didn't know when. I haven't been on CC for a while (trying to be productive...lol!!!). Looking forward to reading this one.
  6. Loved reading this, just so sweet! Thank you for sharing.
  7. I've always taken just a few shells in a zip lock sandwich baggie and never had an issue getting them back on the ship, but I've heard Carnival started confiscating shells sometime after our last cruise (in 2015), so it just won't be worth the risk next time we cruise. I started collecting a little bit of sand from each port as well, just a few tablespoons that fit in little tiny jars. I try to research before any trip to find whether it's legal or not. I'm pretty sure the US Virgin Islands does not allow the collecting of sea shells/sand (maybe someone can confirm) and I've also seen that the part of Cozumel that is within their national park (southern half) does not allow it. Most national parks/marine reserves do not allow the removal of anything. I think I saw recently that most of Grand Turk is within a marine reserve or protected area. As for Hawaii sand, just not worth it. Pretty as it is, it brings some bad juju. We were there for two weeks almost 2 years ago and I found out a few weeks before our trip that sand can bring the bad luck. I already knew about the lava. I also have a friend who collects sand/shells who I've collected for and she does the same for me. I let her know what I saw about the Hawaii sand and that I wasn't planning on bringing any back. She told me she already knew about it & didn't want any of the bad mojo that comes with it. Long story short, I didn't purposely take any sand from Hawaii but it sure found it's way back with us. Most of it came from one beach in Maui and even though we rinsed, cleaned off our shoes/clothes, it was still everywhere. Two days after that and two days before we were to fly home, I got the dreaded news from home that one of our beloved cats passed away. This was sudden/very unexpected and I was heart broken. He had just turned 4 years old the month before. He had a history of abuse (was tossed from a car into traffic), was very fearful of humans and it took him a few days to trust us when we adopted him and another kitten and he became like a dog to me, my shadow...so he was special to me. Once we got home, I found that sand in our suitcases, shoes, swimsuits, and it got in our washer and dryer from doing laundry. I saved what I could, about a tablespoon, and put it in a little jar, just in case. The following May some scary things started happening with my hubby and just bad luck in general and it just started snowballing. I'm really not superstitious, one of the cats we still have is a black cat and the one who died while we were in HI was a black cat but that sand had to go back. I sent that sand home to Hawaii, along with a letter where I found it, and a donation to Haleakala National Park (that's where we were when our cat died). Things started looking better after that. Could have been a coincidence, but I wasn't willing to risk it.
  8. OMG!!! I am so sorry to hear about this! Dang!!! So glad they expect full recovery, but still. So glad you got your cruise changed to Glory, we sailed on her in 2010 and loved her. Now on a lighter note, I'm sitting here laughing at the comment about threatening a Lorena Bobbit situation. I kid you not, that happened just down the road from our house (their apartments and the little corner lot where his chopped off/detached appendage ended up)! It's about 2 itty, bitty little miles, so close I can actually WALK there! We still laugh about that one and yes, it was funny. Manassas, VA, "a cut above the rest". I hope you can keep yourself entertained and so sorry this happened. Fourth of July? Hmmm..... Sorry. 🙂 Will keep prayers, good vibes/juju, thoughts...which ever works best for you for a full and speedy recovery.
  9. You're quite welcome (I didn't think you'd mind)! 😊
  10. It's always been the Fun Ship Special for me, every single Carnival cruise.
  11. I just sat down and read your entire review today. It's raining and dreary and the last time we cruised was in 2015 & our next isn't until next year, so I'm going through cruise withdrawals and nothing like a good review to help with that. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading and you have some beautiful pictures. Bermuda looks gorgeous and that's one place we'd love to cruise to one of these days and I'd also love to cruise out of NYC. I always enjoy reviews where I feel like I'm on the cruise and I felt like I was along on yours. It's always hard when the cruise ends, but I know it must have been that much harder for you/your family since it wasn't just the ship you were leaving. 😞 Thank you for taking the time to do a review, I really enjoyed it and it was a great way to pass time this afternoon!
  12. Could she have cruised on the Holiday? June 1992 was our first cruise (honeymoon) and I still have the brochure, so just grabbed it and am looking at it now. Carnival had both the Holiday and the Ecstasy doing western Caribbean cruises out of Miami. The Mardi Gras and Carnivale were sailing out of Port Canaveral to the Bahamas. There were no itineraries showing ships sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. My SIL/BIL sailed on the Holiday in September 1992 (shortly after Hurricane Andrew hit), and their itinerary was the western Caribbean. Ocho Rios; Grand Cayman; Cozumel was the itinerary Holiday did.
  13. We've toured with Spencer twice and just love it there. Beautiful scenery and the best snorkeling I have experienced in the Caribbean. We did the "Land, Sea, and Beach Adventure" on our second visit to see more of St. Lucia, which is just beautiful. We still had about 2.5 hours at Jalousie Beach, so I've gotten to do that twice. Next time we get to St. Lucia, we'll be doing the beach break again. Thanks for the pics...wish I was there now.
  14. I stumbled upon CC by accident in 2010 while looking up the port of Grand Turk before our 4th cruise (the cruise prior was in 2006). I knew Grand Turk was one of our ports but didn't know much about it. CC has been a world of information and we've been able to get so much more out of our cruises. Love the Ports of Call section for ideas of things to see and do, other than tours through the cruise lines.
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