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  1. Yep, definitely think we are. 😉 Was thinking if the OP's lady wasn't picky and didn't mind the little ones on the beach that there were plenty. I collected a small baggie of those and I really like them. Have them with other memorabilia from those trips.
  2. We did the Mexican Riviera way back in 2000 on a competitor. The cruise was a gift from my husband's parents that his whole family took together. I loved all of the ports and that is an itinerary I'd love to do again, so that or an 8 day southern to Aruba/Curacao will probably be one of our next cruises once cruising resumes. But the 8 day to the Eastern isn't bad either. We've been to all of those ports and love them all.
  3. Hello Aplmac!! That is definitely worth a try, especially since PR and the islands visited would definitely benefit having the cruisers and there are other cruisers who want to get back to these beautiful places. 😄
  4. The itinerary out of San Juan was definitely our favorite. We were actually booked on Fascination for the 10/31/2021 sailing out of San Juan on one of the alternate itineraries they were offering in 2021. We'd have gone to St. Thomas; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; and Barbados (extra long day in Barbados), two new and one almost new port for us. We were notified this past summer that the cruise was cancelled, shortly before it was announced that Fascination was, at the time, "on hold". Now that Carnival has and will continue to bring in some larger ships, it would be nice if they'd put a Conquest class ship or even a Spirit class ship in San Juan to do that itinerary.
  5. Hi Saint Greg and thank you! I have enjoyed your pics/reviews for a long time now.
  6. Hi Nicki! So happy to have you join this cruise too. This is probably one of our favorite cruises ever. Not only because it's our favorite itinerary, it's the great friends we met on that cruise whom we're still in touch with and hoping to cruise with again and soon. One of the couples was going to be on both of our cruises that were cancelled. Once cruising resumes, we're going to try for a reunion cruise. I love the "swim with the fish". Lol!!! I'm not Italian (I'm a Heinz 57/mutt) but I definitely know what that means. 😂 I know a LOT of people who refuse to swim in anything but a swimming pool and for the same reason, they can't see what's in the water. So happy you got to enjoy the snorkeling pictures so you could "see" some of what's under water. Merry Christmas to you too and yes, I definitely hope next year is better than this. I can't complain since the worst that really happened to us were the cancelled cruises, so I'm good. But still hope 2021 is better - I'd like my freedom back. 😁
  7. Thank you. We are really missing cruising too. We haven't cruised since our 2nd Liberty cruise in 2015, so I'm feeling the "cruise withdrawals", even before the pandemic. We actually had one booked for May 2020 on Magic (cancelled, obviously) and one on Fascination out of San Juan in Oct. 2021, thinking that's since Carnival is going to sell Fascination. Hopefully soon.
  8. Hey Nicki! It was a great cruise and glad you could join, even if virtually. The next Liberty cruise was up there as one of our favorites. We met some great friends on that cruise (several from a CC & social media roll call and the couple we had dinner with) and are still in touch with all. Hoping we can all cruise together again and soon - I sure miss it. Holly
  9. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!!! So sorry that the cruise you had booked to celebrate was cancelled and also very sorry to hear your birthday cruise was also cancelled. We actually had two cruises cancelled, the Magic one I mentioned and we also had Fascination booked out of San Juan in October 2021 cancelled. It sounds like Fascination is one of the ships Carnival will be parting with. We were really looking forward to that one since they were doing an alternate itinerary going to St. Thomas; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; and Barbados (extra long day in Barbados). Antigua and Grenada would have been new ports for us and Dominica almost new, haven't been there since 1992 while on our honeymoon cruise. We took the refund for the Magic cruise and are still deciding whether to use our deposit for the Fascination cruise or just take the refund. We have till the end of May next year to decide. Again, just so sorry you couldn't celebrate your 50th on a cruise. I hope you were able to celebrate some other special way. I love your idea about finding older reviews and have been doing the same. Hopefully soon. 🙂
  10. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for sailing along! Was hoping to have another, brand new one for a cruise we were to take on Magic this past May but we all know that didn't happen. Hope to cruise again and soon, going through some serious cruise withdrawals here.
  11. I haven't been on CC in a while - too depressing since we've had two cruises cancelled. 😉 Things could be worse, right? As for shelling in St. Kitts, we've been there twice and two different beaches, Cockleshell (already mentioned) our first time and the next visit we spet several hours at Shipwreck Beach Bar/Grill which is on South Friars Bay. At Cockleshell, there were lots of shells right on the beach. There was a majority of one kind but if your gal likes shelling, then she'll find that there is a nice variety of smaller shells as well. At Shipwreck, there weren't any on the beach but there were plenty in the water. It was calm the day we were there and Shipwreck/South Friars is on the calm side of the island (Caribbean side). There were plenty of shells in just a few feet of water and even some larger conch shells, but didn't take any of those since we flew to San Juan, PR, to board the ship and didn't want extra weight in the luggage. I do not believe it's illegal to collect empty shells in St. Kitts as it is is in Grand Turk (marine reserve) and USVI (National Parks and marine reserves). I don't know which other islands you'll be visiting on your cruise, but she could always look online to see whether collecting shells is legal or not. The only issue would be getting beach collected shells back on the cruise ship. Some cruise lines do not allow it and will confiscate when boarding the ship from ports. Ship security can "see" them when you put your belongings through the x-ray scanners. The last time we cruised in September 2015, Carnival still allowed it, so I had no issues. Carnival changed their policy sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 and their spokesperson even announced it on his social media page, but did state if it was a purchase and receipt could be provided, they'd be allowed.
  12. I've done three reviews of our last Carnival cruises and I'll attach the links to those. They are kind of long, with tons of pictures. I want to add that there are so many great reviews by others posted here as well with great writing and pictures. I'd love to name a few but also don't want to forget anyone either. They have all put a lot of time and work into them and I'd hate to list a few and have others not see theirs mentioned. There used to be a listing of each of the Carnival ships along the right side of the Carnival message board and it was so easy to find the reviews there, but I see that is no longer there. Here are the links to mine: Carnival Valor - Southern Caribbean out of San Juan (May 5, 2013): Valor Southern Caribbean review with pictures and Fun Times - better late than never - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise Critic Community Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean out of Miami (April 5, 2014): REVIEW: Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean - 4/5/14 thru 4/12/14 - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise Critic Community Carnival Liberty - Southern Caribbean out of San Juan (September 20, 2015): Review: Carnival liberty – september 20, 2015 – southern itinerary out of san juan, - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise Critic Community
  13. Prince William County is exactly where we're at! Small world. 🙂 We're technically in the City of Manassas Park but less than a mile from PWC (we're very close to Signal Hill & Signal View Roads). I love the Nokesville area, not built up as much and hope it can stay that way. We have friends out that way - Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket, and Warrenton. I'm glad my experience of Pearl Harbor was also helpful to you, it's definitely a must see.
  14. Kim, I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping all of you in thoughts and prayers.
  15. Hi Deladane! I have not been on CC for a few months but logged in today just to see if there was anything interesting going on over here. I'll definitely have to check out your review of Paris. Last time we "talked", you hadn't gone yet but were thinking of posting somewhere here on CC when you got back. Good, I'll have another good read. 🙂 We were actually supposed to cruise again this past May, on Carnival Magic, going from Miami to HMC, GT; sea day, Aruba, Curacao; 2 sea days and back to Miami. Friends we'd gotten to know here though our Valor reviews and who we got to sail with on Liberty out of San Juan were also to be on that cruise that wasn't. Back in January, I took advantage of a Carnival $50 deposit special and booked Fascination out of San Juan for 10/31/2021, which was an alternate itinerary (STT; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; Barbados; sea day). Our same friends were booked and one of the other couples we met on Liberty was also going to book. The 3rd couple were also considering it, so it would have been a "reunion cruise". That was also cancelled. We received notification from Carnival last month that it was cancelled, but same benefits apply. It appears they are pulling Fascination out of San Juan and have her "on hold", and there has been a lot of speculation that she will eventually be scrapped. I think Inspiration is the other on the "on hold" list. There is also speculation that Carnival is going to stop sailing out of San Juan, but I hope that is just temporary. We think we're going to take the full refund for the Magic cruise since we'd have to book by end of Dec. and take the cruise by end of 2021 and even if cruising resumes, it may not be what we would want. I've seen MSC's restrictions - Yikes! With the Fascination, we have till the end of next May and we'd have to take the cruise by the end of 2022, I think, which definitely gives us some time to think about it. We're thinking Mexican Riviera on Panorama. Did you have any cruises/other vacations that were cancelled? I will say I can't complain about a cancelled cruise. Definitely a bummer but things could be so much worse for us. If a cancelled cruise this year and next year are the worst that happens, I'm definitely good. 🙂 Hope all is well with you and happy to see some CC friends again! Holly
  16. Hey Kim! Yeaaa!!! So glad I just happened to hop on Cruise Critic today and see you post that you're doing a review of your trip to St. Thomas! I haven't started it yet, but I'm definitely going to start some of it as soon as I finish commenting. As expected, our Magic cruise scheduled for this past May was cancelled as were all the others. We received and email from Carnival about a month ago that our Fascination cruise, which was scheduled for 10/31/2021 has now also been cancelled. Seems Carnival is pulling Fascination and putting her and another ship (Inspiration, I believe) "on hold", with many now believing they will be scrapped. We were really looking forward to that one and were hoping they'd get Covid under control so cruising would resume by then. The itinerary was one of the alternate ones, going to St. Thomas; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; Barbados; and the sea day at the end. Oh well, not much we can do. Two other couples we'd gotten to know on our last cruise (now 5 years ago) were going to be on it and the third were also thinking of booking. This year we're just going to go to the beach in NC for a few days just so we can get our toes in the water and arses in the sand. It's only about 5 hours from here, so easy peasy and looking forward to it. Been thinking of you and your ankle and hope to be reading that you're well on your way to being 100% again. A friend of mine also broke her ankle (both bones) and dislocated it as well. Forget when it happened (May, June???), but a few weeks ago she was given the green light to put weight on it again. Luckily for her, she did not have the complications you had and I didn't even tell her. So...on to read about your trip to St. Thomas! Thank you, as always! Holly
  17. The itinerary out of San Juan was my all time favorite. Our first cruise, our honeymoon, was out of San Juan on Festivale and we sailed out of San Juan on Valor (2013) and again on Liberty (2015, our last cruise). We were booked on Fascination for October 31, 2021, on the itinerary that went to SST; Antigua; Dominica; Grenada; and Barbados and were really looking forward to it. Two new islands (Antigua/Grenada) and one that would be like new (Dominica) since it's been so long. I have seen other threads comment about an end of cruising out of San Juan and just hoping this is temporary until Carnival gets their feet back on the ground after all of this. It was suggested to go for the smaller cruise ships (Windstar and another was mentioned) but they are way over our budget. I'm glad we got to cruise this itinerary when we did.
  18. That's really a shame. The first time we saw Monarch was in 1992 in San Juan when she was docked next to the ship we were sailing on, Carnival Festivale. We were on the itinerary out of San Juan but they had the cruise ships docked across the bay at the industrial area due to the replicas of the Columbus ships for the 500th Anniversary Celebration. We got great views of Monarch, at the time one of the largest cruise ships. Had a chance to see her again while in the Bahamas in September 2010. Attached pic is the scanned film print from our 1992 cruise out of San Juan. Compared to Festivale, she was HUGE.
  19. Had Magic booked for the May 9 sailing out of Miami, which was an 8 day that went to HMC, GT, Aruba, and Curacao. Friends that we met on our last cruise (2015 - it's been a while), and also CC members we're also booked, and we were all really looking forward to it. Not complaining, if that's the worst thing that happens to us/our families this year, we're good. We normally book cruises about 3 months out but there are a few that were booked 2 months or less out. But this one was booked in July 2019. Never would have guessed. We booked Fascination out of San Juan for October 2021 (same friends are also booked on that one) toward the end of January this year. We heard of corona virus/covid at that point but never knew how bad it would end up at the time we booked. At this point I'm not getting my hopes up just yet but I'm just hoping that cruising will be back by then.
  20. Hey Stinger-pr! Just got on CC for a little while and came across this review that I somehow missed when you originally posted it...what a pleasant surprise! I am definitely going to read and looking forward to it especially with the dry spell in reviews due to cruise cancellations due to covid. We actually had our first cruise booked since we took our last one on Liberty in 2015 out of San Juan. That was supposed to be in May, on Magic and out of Miami to HMC, GT, Aruba & Curacao. We all know what happened there. We actually have Fascination booked for Oct. 31, 2021 out of San Juan to STT, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, & Barbados, so keeping fingers crossed that cruising will resume by then. And if the Fascination cruise is a go, we plan on booking our favorite "go to" hotel again. 🙂 The past two years we've done milestone "destination" birthday's for two good friends - NOLA in 2018 (so much fun) and FL last October. So we've had a cruising dry spell and I'm going through serious withdrawals right now, so reading this, even though almost 2 years late, will help. Always enjoy your reviews and the great pictures you get. So glad I found it!!!
  21. We were supposed to board Magic on May 9, they day you'd have been getting off. We were scheduled to fly down a day earlier and were really looking forward to our cruise. It's been 5 years since we cruised last too. Last October we were in Hollywood Beach, FL (just below where the ships sail in/out of Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale) for a couple days and I got up early on Oct. 20 to watch Magic sail back in thinking we'd be on her soon. This was a great itinerary too. Miami to HMC, Grand Turk, sea day; Aruba (8:00 - 10:30pm), Curacao, 2 sea days at the end. Love HMC and GT and Aruba and Curacao would have been new islands for us. This has already started hitting - I'd have been mostly packed by now with excitement building like a little kid before Christmas. Attached pic is of Carnival Magic. Got this one from the balcony of the hotel we stayed in (Marriott) when in Hollywood Beach for a few days last October. The largest ships we've been on so far are Carnival's Conquest class, so we were really looking forward to Magic.
  22. St. Lucia is so far south in the Caribbean that the water should be fine in both March and April, probably warmer in April. In 2013, we were there at the beginning of May and after we snorkeled, it was just getting so hot that there was a large group of us just hanging out in the water while on our tour to Jalousie Beach (beach between the Pitons). Great snorkeling there too, if any in your group are interested.
  23. I was thinking the same thing and it would have been nice to have those 8 days from our canceled cruise count.
  24. Next time we get back to St. Thomas I would love to get back over to St. John and go to Trunk Bay or one of the other beaches there, but do it on our own to allow time to really enjoy it. We've been to St. Thomas 4 times, first was in 1992 when we went to Magen's Bay. In 2010 we did Carnival's snorkeling excursion to Trunk Bay, St. John. I loved it but it was too rushed, only 90 minutes to enjoy at Trunk Bay and I'd like at least 2 - 3 hours. In 2013, we went to Sapphire Beach, loved it (beautiful views). In 2015 we did the Skyride to Paradise Point first thing and then took a cab to Sapphire Beach. So glad that the guy in the "Security" T-shirt was not there blowing a whistle non-stop - that would have driven me nuts.
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