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  1. Sounds like you'll be fine. We were against the clock, which was hard in the heat but I'd say it took us 50 minutes going up, 20 minutes coming down. That would fit with TMLAalum's times not against the clock. Sadly for us the water vendor wasn't there (just his sign 😠) and we had very limited supplies, so grab a bottle from the ship before you go. Have fun, it's well worth it. The video from about 2.20 shows a bit of the hike . All the best, Tony
  2. Yes, it's a superb beach with a nice little adjoining cove - there's a quick look at it from around 3.16 in this. All the best, Tony
  3. In case it helps, we took a cruise around the harbour last summer which gives you a distant view of Suomenlinna. And there's this from many years ago which shows what's at the fortress. From memory I spent about 90 minutes walking round. t's a very nice city. I'm sure you will find plenty to enjoy. All the best, Tony
  4. It is. From memory we took a short bus ride from port to train station and caught the next serviced to S de C, booking our return seats at the same time. I think we went at 10 a.m. and took a train back just after 3 pm. From the train stain it's about a mile to the cathedral. We were back at A Coruna just after 4 pm and as our all- board hour was 6 pm we had time to take a short cab ride to the Tower of Hercules and walked back to the ship after a few minutes there (about 25 minutes brisk walking). I hope you have as a good a t
  5. Hi Daisy, I don't know what's there better option but it sounds like we did much of what you are considering on the bus route, here I really enjoyed it, despite the weather. You will see the Seven Sisters Waterfall from the sail-in or sail out - but not on this because I don't know about it and took those 20 minutes for breakfast. Hey-ho. I did at least see it going out during dinner. All the best, Tony
  6. The final 2 ports on this Baltic cruise, both much less well- known than the others. KRONBORG is fun, but the castle is not wheelchair accessible. SKAGEN - Not much to say about this one. It was a pleasant way to spend a morning and the Sandormen is cash only, so have a few D Kr on you if you want to go where the 2 seas meet. All the best, Tony
  7. We did just that and it was an easy walk even with a wheelchair passenger. Once up at the top, walking down is a nice option, although not available to us because of the chair. All the best, Tony
  8. With those long port hours and the ship very close to the town you can very easily do that, even if you don't get off the ship until say 10 am. It won't matter at all if you lose 20 minutes once or twice waiting for a bus, and if the weather's bad you can call the whole thing off without being committed to a tour.
  9. Kronborg last summer. I loved it, can see why it's so well regarded and the Hamlet factor is fun. All the best, Tony
  10. We did this in Skagen. It was a beautiful day so we went to the beach 😀 We paid by app for the bus to Grenen but the Sandormen there is cash only, I think it was 30 D kr pp. All the best, Tony
  11. The final 2 ports on a summer 2019 Baltic cruise : KRONBORG CASTLE is not suitable for wheelchair users, as there are some quite confined passages and stairs to negotiate. It was certainly useful in the town of Elsinore and as our user could walk short distances we left it at the castle gate for the hour or so we were actually inside the castle. SKAGEN - if you wish to take the Sandormen at Grenen be aware it's cash only, hence why we are seen getting a few Danish kroner from the ATM. All the best, Tony
  12. Tallinn with the wheelchair. This charming town is ideal for exploring at your own pace, being just 10 minutes level walk from the cruise terminal, although your ship may provide a free shuttle.. All the best, Tony
  13. This was our walk of the town in July, with some of the major landmarks - we had a wheelchair passenger with us so it was bit slow but it's a very nice town. All the best, Tony
  14. As other have said there's not much there but we enjoyed bike-riding for a couple of hours (I think you book the cycles for 3 hours). All the best, Tony
  15. If it's any help I made this from a trip to Honfleur. It's not much a of video but gives some idea of what a nice place it is to stroll around in. All the best, Tony
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