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  1. $40 isnt bad for a local to show you around. 5 drinks alone can cost you to $20 alone in key west. a tshirt is another $15 or so... its not a bad deal and plenty entertaining for $40 :)
  2. fun tour! I dont have pics, but we had a great time, the tour guide was great too! when ever it was time to move on with the tour he would "blow his conk" (shell) lol. we ended the tour with a sontest to see who could blow his "conk" the best! lol
  3. Its a great experience, Leave plenty of room for the short ribs, they are AMAZING!
  4. We just sailed the Sensation and we did not do the cheers program, but it seems alcahol prices are WAY up! $16 for 2 mixed drinks, and $25 for a bucket of 4 beers! On the bright side, I never had a hang over on the ship, I couldnt afford it ;-)
  5. We had the pleasure of attending the "Chefs Table" aboard the Carnival Sensation on 4/17/2013, here are a few pictures!! Enjoy!
  6. good call, sorry for the confusion all!
  7. Thanks! It does sound like everyone is recieving very differant quotes. I called them again and spoke to someone else and they quoted $15 again... lets hope they dont change it lol FYI - He also said its about a $28 taxi ride
  8. Were ont he Sensation on April 14th and were quoted $15pp for the day pass.
  9. I called them to get pricing on our April 14th cruise $15 pp. in Freeport
  10. I had the same question, I have a comfirmed reservation for our April 14th cruise.
  11. We love Carnival but not a fan of the Dream Class. Ill be glad when they move away from this class.
  12. I am wondering the same thing. It’s available on my June 8 sailing from Miami aboard the Liberty. $.01 and when I add to cart it says "Only 1 tickets remain!".... Very strange indeed. Only thing I can think of is that the web developers were adding a place holder to the site for a new excursion but they didn’t mean to push it live. I’ve done that myself where I work! (oops) sloppy web design work lol Im so tempted to book it lol
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