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  1. Well, I think that just about does it for me. I will now look forward to a bit of sanity in my life for the rest of my life. I know forums for what they are but I have now decided I do not need them. I will now delete CC from my favourites and in the classic words of the final episode of M*A*S*H - 'Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.'
  2. Surely you've got to be kidding. Those of you that have not heard of 'early mark' before are you really Australians?
  3. I think anyone with cruises booked for this year would be a little nervous, however these comments are all just our own opinions. No-one (probably not even our own governments) really knows what its going to be like in 3 or 6 months time. For those who have made bookings for this year, I trust all will be well but I will hold off for the time being. Best wishes to you and keep safe.
  4. Probably like everyone else I have been keeping an eye on cruises for later in the year and also their prices which would appear to be very good at the moment. I'm not confident at all that we will be doing any cruises before the new year. I'm not sure our government will risk opening the borders much before the end of the year. In some respects we are fortunate that we are an island. It is probably easier for us to control our borders than it is for European countries.
  5. Hobbyfamer2. You need to make sure you take the comments in the circumstances they were given. If you don't want to obey our rules, then yes please go home - we don't want you. If you are not prepared to obey our rules, then we will not be disturbed about being off your bucket list. People are just not taking this seriously enough. It seems to be a case of 'it will never happen me'. Well one day it might.
  6. Yes, when I advised my bank that I was going overseas I gave all the information online.
  7. Yes. I am a retired banker and know how important this is. I always let them know where I am particularly if going overseas. Also when I caravanned around Australia a few years ago, my bank contacted me when I was in Western Australia about a possible fraudulent issue with the credit card and suggested I go into the local branch at my next overnight stay to sort things out. It was important so it all worked out well.
  8. I must say I have read this with a great smile on my face. With your smart comments about 'hype' etc. you will help our cause by getting caught one day and you will have no-one to blame but yourself. Happy travelling.
  9. I was in Noumea last week (for the second time on a cruise) and was not asked to produce anything about insurance. I usually have a copy with me but I certainly do not take it ashore with me.
  10. I think pre-cruise selection could be beneficial to both Princess and the passenger if they limited pre-cruise selection just to swapping the complete minibar setup to coffee 'cards'. A clean swap only. Many passengers do just that - quite simple really.
  11. Thanks. That's what I thought but reading bmc alabama I was getting a different interpretation.
  12. I suppose one day it will happen, but I have taken a letter from my GP listing my medication and have been prepared to show it at all times, but in all my overseas trips (cruises and others) I have not been asked to show it either overseas or coming back home to Australia even though I always declare that I am carrying drugs. Yes, I am usually asked if the drugs are just for personal medication. But I have never been asked to show either the letter or the medication.
  13. So please just explain this to me. From what you are saying, if husband and wife are both Elite, in swapping out the mini bar setup, do they get the equivalent of 4 coffee cards (two each)?
  14. Getting into Princess Theatre at least half an hour before the show starts is the norm on all Princess ships.
  15. That P & O identity was on the ship years ago. We did LA to Rio about 4 years ago and it was on it then. I think it may have been identified with P & O before it came to Princess.
  16. How do you think we feel? We are there early January - not February. Concerned - yes but not alarmed. We will wait until around mid December and make some enquiries through our TA then. From the reports I am reading on-line, things seem to be settling down a little.
  17. They certainly had anytime dining when we were on her a couple of years ago. I would be totally surprised if they have not still got it. Good ship - one of our favourites, If you want some peace and quiet during the day, go up to Skywalkers.
  18. I realise that you are on the other side of the world but why don’t you just go to another currency exchange place? That is what I do here if one does not have what I want. We got our Pesos no trouble.
  19. We used Kokopo Tours in Rabaul 2 years ago and had no complaints at all. A great day.
  20. Read the second paragraph. That will answer your question quite clearly.
  21. Declare,declare,declare. I always declare that I am carrying drugs (my medication). Everytime I have just been asked if they are for personal medicinal use and then l have been allowed to pass through. I also always carry a letter from my GP listing my medication but have never been asked to show it.
  22. Today it is going to be 19c in Sydney and up to the mid 20s in outer suburbs. At this time of the year the maximum daily temps in Sydney can range from low to high 20s. They can mostly be beautifully clear days. December, January and February are our honest months (30c plus). Without hesitation I would bring a jacket and a jumper. The nights at this time of the year can still be on the cooler side in Sydney. Can't say too much about New Zealand - been there a couple of times but I should not make comments about the weather, except to indicate that whatever the temperature is in Sydney it will probably be colder in NZ. Hope you have a great time.
  23. To each his own. Personally I am comfortable with the current design. I am sure Princess is catering for their passenger demographics. I don't need water slides, dodgem cars, rock climbing walls etc etc etc for my cruise experience and I am sure that a lot of other Princess passengers feel the same.
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