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  1. Sorry, when I said I'm pretty sure the deposit is the same I meant it would be the same if I were paying for one grand voyage or two separate sailings.
  2. So weird. I’ve just checked 3 Caribbean 2021 cruises and I get two perks with a refundable deposit just like above. Strange.
  3. Absolutely nothing compact about Heathrow. It’s massive with 5 terminals. I like it as an airport, but connecting...eek! Allow a lot of hours.
  4. I was hoping for soon. Princess came out this week, Oceania next week. It would be great to compare. They always used to be before Princess but not this year. They have been November/December the past few years
  5. Nope, all of my cards have taken away the online option to alert them.
  6. and it is still sailing. The changes are for the fall of 2020, spring 2021. No changes to the 2019/2020 season
  7. Great. Thanks for the info. Yes, the 2 O itineraries we are considering are both being marketed as a grand voyage. Looking at about 5 itineraries overall.
  8. Oh, that’s interesting. Weird, but interesting. So if I booked one now and then one a week later, they’d make me combine them?
  9. Now that’s interesting. I think I prefer that to NCL’s blanket 20% on an inflated package price.
  10. DH is currently picking his retirement cruise for 2021. Most that we’ve dwindled the list to are in fact a B2B. The current favourite is about $500 more to book them separately. I’m assuming price reductions or upgrades may be more difficult booking just one cruise? Anything else I should watch out for? Pretty sure the deposit is the same. Tx
  11. It’s impossible. Her first Tampa Cruise is November 14
  12. Yes, the date doesn’t work. The November 9th date is cancelled. It’s October 31 from Barcelona.
  13. Barcelona, Cartagena, Malaga, Seville (cadiz), Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Tampa. I phoned.
  14. I was reading this thread on the Azamara Board. There seems to be a lot of comments that Oceania constantly misses ports? I remember the Circumnavigation of Australia missing a few ,has that become a lot more common?
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