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  1. Cruise Junky

    Canadian Rockies land tour

    Absolutely. You’ll really enjoy it.
  2. Cruise Junky

    Canadian Rockies land tour

    Too old to drive I completely understand and also the fact that people prefer tours. But you will see 10 x more by doing your own thing. On a train you don’t get to do the drive from Lake Louise to Jasper through Banff national park. You don’t get to stop and watch the moose and her baby munching on the side of the road or IMO the most beautiful scenery. So while I appreciate you want a tour, maybe someone reading this may realize how inexpensive and easy it is to do it on your own.
  3. Cruise Junky

    Canadian Rockies land tour

    You know you can book Fairmont Hotels yourself right? It’s not just the cost. It’s the ability to stop where you want and for as long as you want.
  4. Cruise Junky

    Canadian Rockies land tour

    It is so easy and the rocky mountaineer is ridiculously overpriced. I had to get to Edmonton for work and we decided to drive instead of fly, it was awesome to just stop where you want and not wait for people.
  5. Cruise Junky

    Is Princess turning off their customer base?

    You were lucky you were able to move there were a lot of reports to the contrary.
  6. Cruise Junky

    Canadian Rockies land tour

    Rent a car and drive it yourself. Very easy.
  7. Cruise Junky

    Is Princess turning off their customer base?

    Did you originally have early dining that was moved to 4:45? If not then my post has nothing to do with your situation.
  8. Cruise Junky

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    Thank you, we’ve been to Barcelona before but not Seville and with 5 days there we can venture out for some day trips ie Córdoba. Really looking forward to it and very happy to have been able to grab Hamilton Tickets for London
  9. Cruise Junky

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    Of course you can ask. It probably came down to price to be honest. Basic balcony we were paying $5,500 cdn for 7 nights. Our focus was Seville which was the appeal of your specific itinerary as you actually went into Seville rather than Cadiz. Because of a TA promo, our cruise came with $900 OBC. Upon looking at your shore excursions, we noticed that a lot of what we wanted ie Alhambra from either Malaga or Almeria wasn’t even offered. So then, we were going to be paying $5,500 cdn plus our preferred excursions weren’t going to be covered by the OBC they were going to be extra. At that point we started looking at a land trip to get what we wanted. We ended up with a 15 day land trip for $500 more total than Azamara’s cruise price for 7 days. We were able to book awesome hotels ie W in Barcelona, tripadvisors 2nd ranked hotel in Seville and truly much more time in depth in the areas that were important to us at half the price of the cruise even though you offered a balcony for an inside price, a past passenger discount, etc. The value vs a land trip just wasn’t there. So in summary, we have 3 nights in London, complete with Hamilton tickets, 5 nights in Seville, 3 nights at the W in Barcelona and 4 nights in St Paul de Vence in the South Of France for $800 cdn or about $600 US more than the price of a V3 balcony for 7 nights on Azamara. Ps. Your new promo for this cruise puts it over $7,000 cdn for 7 nights...ouch
  10. Cruise Junky

    Bit -coin bomb threat

    We had a couple in Vancouver today. All financial targets. Pain in the *** to have to deal with it, but I don’t think anyone wants to be the one to ignore it.
  11. lack of bars is definitely being reported on the Celebrity Facebook group from people onboard.
  12. No, that’s not the SVs. That’s the 1As and 1Bs. SVs on Edge have great balconies.
  13. Cruise Junky

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    I was about to. This is absolute craziness. She got through to a Supervisor today and they were taking care of it immediately. It still hadn't been processed even though they say they have 3 times. I have no idea how they stay in business with that kind of backroom operation. I'm certainly not the first to comment here about the back office incompetence. If it's not remedied by Monday, I'll go to AMEX.
  14. They can't be this incompetent can they? cancelled a cruise on November 20th. TA passed on to me Azamara said you're lucky, they'll be no cancellation fee as they hadn't actually processed your deposit yet. Hmmm wrong. sent her a screen print of the $1,400 cdn Amex Charge. She phoned them three times before she got a call back. The apologized and said they would process it right away. November 30th...still no refund. TA follows up with them AGAIN. This time they said sorry, they'd cancelled it but didn't process a refund as they later found the money sitting under a group?? no idea what that even means. They were going to process it this time but said it would be 7 working days to see the refund. It's now 9 days and nothing. She's following up AGAIN. And for this they have the nerve to charge me a cancellation fee. They have three more days before I have to start paying interest on that deposit. So not impressed and yes, I'm just venting.
  15. hahahah...I got one this morning touting everything I can do touring Australia and New Zealand on my Feb 21st, 2021 cruise, including koalas and the great barrier reef. Only problem is I'm doing the South Pacific, with Fiji and Tonga and the Samoas.... facepalm