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  1. I’m not saying this is fact, but you should read it. https://www.ccn.com/the-u-s-stock-market-crash-will-bankrupt-these-3-companies/
  2. Giving it a very wide berth https://www.ccn.com/the-u-s-stock-market-crash-will-bankrupt-these-3-companies/
  3. I just cancelled a $20,000 Windstar cruise this morning. Cruise Lines are just getting killed right now and I only see it getting worse. I can always rebook.
  4. Water? I’d be hitting the closest bar for some bottles of wine. 😎. Agree on the confinement.
  5. I may jump on a deal but no, I wouldn't change anything. Diamond Princess was the perfect storm. I think/hope they've learned a lot.
  6. Then why do we even bother coming to CC? Just go to your TA get all of your questions answered there. This board is ridiculous at times. We all post here to share.
  7. We just spent some time comparing a Western Europe cruise on either Azamara or Windstar. itineraries are quite similar but with a slight preference to Windstar. Windstar was about $2,500 cheaper for an OV and also 100sq ft larger. Doesn’t include drinks but hopefully our bar bill isn’t $2,500 😱 the free laundry offer on Windstar is nice and I think it came with $500 OBC and some wine. We’ll keep an eye on Azamara’s prices but that cabin size is a pretty big difference. One wish for Azamara...I would love to see some B2Bs joined to form a single voyage and be offered for sale that way, makes comparing with Crystal, Oceania & Windstar a lot easier.
  8. I’ve had lunch there. It’s fantastic.
  9. This will be our 4th trip I think. We’ve never cruised there. We were just there in November and added in the Westcoast for the first time with a week in Perth and Margaret River. We fell in love with Port Douglas our very first trip and always go back.
  10. We’re doing our part. Land trip this September. Putting our daily vacation dollars into the local economy.
  11. Our last two visits there we've walked the Caldera to Oia so really wanted an early start. Being ready to pounce on that first Tender has always worked for us. Just from observation, the tenders heading into Athinios at that time had crew getting ready for set up.
  12. We’ve always been on the first. Shore excursions aren’t usually leaving that early. We have sometimes had to wait 10 mins or so for the funicular to start. Be ready very early.
  13. Thanks for all of the responses everyone.
  14. Hi there. Does Windstar turn a blind eye to bringing back wine from ports when sailing in wine regions? Bordeaux and Rioja for instance? If there’s going to be an issue I’d rather book another line or land trip. I have no issue with corkage Thanks.
  15. Cruise Junky


    We've started a global policy that if you visit China or Hong Kong, you work from home for two weeks. Went into affect today.
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