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  1. I see that this is being offered on a cruise I am considering. Does this include non alcoholic drinks like sparkling water or coffees? I don’t drink alcohol.
  2. Hopefully they will see that testing is not an effective way of keeping a ship clear of Covid. It has been tried before and it has failed, No one has to cruise. It’s an optional actively where a lot of us are in a small space for what can be weeks at a time (I’ve done back to back transatlantics). All this washing down surfaces is great for preventing the spread of norovirus but not really helpful with disease that is airbourne.
  3. I can’t imagine how this would make any difference. The interior finishes will go longer between refurbishment no doubt from lack of wear and tear. But the ship has been sailing and is in salt water surrounded by salt air. Granted, she has put less miles on but it is hard to see where that will make an appreciable difference the course of four decades or so.
  4. Right? I am hesitant to make a booking for a TA later this year as I have no interest in being quarantined at sea or stuck in my cabin if there is an outbreak.
  5. I agree. There is no such thing as social distancing and really the dining rooms are the most “dangerous” rooms on the ship in terms of spreading airbourne particles. We aren’t wearing masks and are sitting for hours in the same place talking to people. There is no safe way for this to work unless everyone is vaccinated. The laundry room is pretty quick, although it is a small place. Wearing a mask in there would solve any problems. I have been in two situations with people who came down with Covid the next day where there was close contact for more than 20 minutes, but we were masked (o
  6. Jacqueline


    Is the crew going to be vaccinated? What about requirements for passengers? many thanks!
  7. The only way to be sure is to actually read the specific policy that you are buying or have bought. They will be pretty clear. Those summaries that we use to purchase May or May not cover things that we think they do, the way we think that they do. I broke my hip in Bhutan. Just the year before, my husband fell off a horse in Mexico in the countryside two hours north of Mexico City...
  8. I am not really getting the point of the Bermuda cruise. Now I have taken a cruise from New York, years ago on a smallish ship, called the Zenith, from New to Bermuda, with stops in Hamilton and Saint George. And I have stayed at my favorite resort many times over the years. I can’t figure out why I would do the worst of both worlds and fly to Bermuda only to use a cruise ship as a hotel. It’s a shlepp to the beaches which is the main attraction..
  9. Thanks, this is very helpful! I don’t drink alcohol... I don’t see anything that makes me yearn for the larger cabin. For example, on the QM the suites had nice walk in closets and a bathtub. Another 60ft in the room is just more places for my husband to drape stuff..
  10. I am totally new to Viking Ocean cruises, although I have taken dozens of cruises with many different lines over the past twenty years. I am looking was ahead to 2023 (I had 2022 booked years ahead with Hapag Lloyd cruiseline on their expedition ship of the Russian Far East to Alaska. Rarely offered on their English speaking ship). Today they are running a free air special. Is it worth grabbing now, or should I sit tight? also in looking at cabin categories, I was hard pressed to see any substantive differences amongst the lower levels of choices. The bathrooms aren’t any larger
  11. I just got a flyer in the mail on them. Only 98 cabins in the ship and all inclusive. They are offering some pretty interesting itineraries: Black Sea, Turkey , etc. Although I can’t imagine going to Israel or Egypt in August. Anyone have an inside scoop?
  12. Testing really doesn’t solve as many problems as one might think, based on what we have all seen of recent events, rather it gives a false sense of security.
  13. My last cruise and next cruise are with Hapag Lloyd which is a joint ownership with TUI and RCI. There is no board for them either. Even thought many people have asked and keep asking. meanwhile Paul Gauguin has its own board for ONE small old ship. They still haven’t folded it into Ponant. You would think that this would be a nice opportunity to clean up the forums and improve the categories.
  14. I think it’s a sensible way for them to test the waters 😉 Start small with a control group and learn. Being able to do any sort of travel now is a luxury. My next booked cruise is In 2022 on HL from Kamchatka to Alaska.
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