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  1. Wow... I guess that they are so booked that they thought they could fill another ship. Will it be international or German?
  2. Jacqueline

    Which line to choose?

    Problem solved. We will store our luggage in Cairo and take small dufffles to Botswana for the week. I am a dress code person and respect that. I actually bring multiple gowns in the QM. I will give them feedback on my opinion. There actually are very few “luxury”choices in Egypt as tourism plummeted. It’s not like regular river cruising. Not a lot of options for what we wanted to do which was not be on a group tour with 30 other people for the land portion of the trip. Many lines bundle it. With Abercrombie and Kent we could do an a la cart option. Anyhow, I will give them my feedback on their forms.
  3. Jacqueline

    Viking Buyer Be Aware

    I understand that the average consumer when booking a vacation package with insurance through the provider would implicitly believe that they had all bases covered. I’m struck by the lack of compassion here, its not right to blame the victim, although by doing so, one might feel that this wouldn’t happen to themselves. When a lot of stuff is going wrong, it’s stressful and not so easy to make the decision that you would make in hindsight. I broke my hip in and had surgery in a third world hospital. In hindsight, I would say that given the stress and pain I was experiencing, let alone the risks both ways, my choices were the right ones,. it would take days to get a plane to my destination that could evacuate me. The mountains and wind shears required a special navigator. BTW its arrogant to say that “everyone” speaks English. Lots of cab drivers are from other parts of the EU and beyond. Who knows how much vocabulary they have. On the TA part. Its not a bad idea to have a contact point, although with time changes and weekend hours, they might not be there when you need them.
  4. Jacqueline

    Jacket required on Sanctuary River Cruise NILE

    Right? ! We added another ten days to our trip after everything, incl air was booked, so that changed the way I looked at the jacket situation. I’m sure they can put food on a plate without the gloves and serve us somewhere else.
  5. I know that I should probably talk to Abercrombie and Kent but they probably have no idea, other than what is printed in their brochure. The itinerary calls for a jacket one night. I’m spending a month in Egypt/Africa and am trying to travel light (we have something like four long flights and another 6 short hops). Any idea whether a dress shirt will mean we get no dinner? Unlike cruise ships, there isn’t an alternative venue.
  6. Jacqueline

    Which line to choose?

    I will go out on a limb and ask advice! We are spending, the month of March traveling. Our primary focus is Egypt. We will be in the Sanctuary river boat which has one night at dinner where a jacket is required. Since we are doing back to back (both ways , up and down the Nile), this would mean two nights out of the entire month. Otherwise we are touring or at the beach. We then have an additional week in Botswana in game camps (going RT through Cairo to Botswana and back). I am really hesitant to have my other half pack up something so combersome, that we will be dragging all over the place. This man is a clothes horse. He is getting shoes custom made in Vienna and flying back for a fitting. He enjoys his sartorial splendor. I am hoping to find a place to stash our stuff in Cairo but there is no storage at the airport. Is it so awful if he wears a dress shirt to dinner without a jacket on an Egyptian river cruise?
  7. Jacqueline

    Just booked Ritz Carlton Yachts

    Sometimes I don’t care where I am going as long as I can swim, snorkel and scuba dive. Nothing wrong with that. Living in the Northeast, it’s nice to get a break. I’m fortunate enough to take a few trips a year, so perhaps that makes a difference.
  8. No doubt that need to take ads or something for this to happen? In any event, it would be a great thing. Whoever is on the sales team for CC needs to approach them. There are boards for all sorts of silly stuff. My favorite is “Cruising over 55”.
  9. Jacqueline

    Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Preview of 2020-2021 Itineraries.

    I had not thought of a mini fan! Good idea. I don’t know how hot or humid the Amazon is but it is in a rainforest and it’s rainy season, so enough said! I agree that the Germans like it warm. I was overheated most of the time in Antartica. There are photos of me with my parka open. My chance to cool down! In fairness, we did exercise classes out on the open decks. The difference was how bundled up the Germans were! Still I am intrigued by this itinerary, and will just travel prepared. Start by getting a good keratin treatment for my hair!
  10. Jacqueline

    Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Preview of 2020-2021 Itineraries.

    I’m in NY and booked my Antartic trip of last February directly through the the German office and just put a deposit down on a 2020 Amazon river cruise. I have a had a good experiences emailing with them. They have promptly gotten back to me, even with some interesting questions. I really hate the heat and like to sleep in a cool room. One reason the Amazon is a bit tricky, but I love nature more. When looking through the A to Z FAQ on the website, I see that even on the new ships that they do not guarantee a cool bedroom. The team in Germany told me that while the air conditioning will be state of the art, after weeks in a hot climate, the temp could reach 75. Then I went back and asked them if I could bring a fan with me on the ships as that was just too warm. They got back to me that they had contacted the captain (or a captain) and related that it was ok, but that it would need to be registered before flying out of Iquitos... So I guess I will stick to my German HL booking team ! Since these are new ships there are a lot of unknowns.
  11. Jacqueline

    Were you a big ship cruiser who's switched to luxury?

    As you can see from my join date, and cruise history, I started our with what were a small ship (Cunard Countess) and moved to big mass market ships, such as the Grand Princess beginning in 2000. Honestly, while not luxury, the Grand Princess eighteen years ago was a much better product than large ships now, IMHO. The cabins weren’t fabulous, but there was plenty of non revenue generating public space, multi course dinners with tableside prep, much more personalized service. The Atrium didn’t feel like a Turkish bazaar. There were very few extras that were not included. After my kids moved on, I started to do more luxury travel, in general. I don’t inherently hate large ships. I did enjoy the Queen Mary in the grills level of service. I am not a fan of the river cruise experience, in general although we are doing the Nile on a Sanctuary ship in March, I have an Amazon 18 day booked for 2020 on the new Hapag Lloyd expedition ship which is jut a few hundred people. I spent 21 days on the Hanseatic with just 140 passengers, and only about 20 English speakers. And we had a full week at sea!
  12. It makes sense, as they can only take 199 people on the Antarctic sailings, So there are plenty of open cabins, they don’t have gambling or sell excursions, so no lost revenue, except for booze and not everyone drinks...
  13. Jacqueline

    Hapag Lloyd cancellation refund policy

    Last year I had no luck with them... they gave me so much bad info that I can’t begin to say,,, Things like excursions in Antartica had to be paid for and were not included in the cruise price. It got to the point where I didn’t trust them and called Germany,,,,
  14. Jacqueline

    Hapag Lloyd cancellation refund policy

    Thank you very much. That is how I read the contract but wanted to be sure.
  15. I am looking to book the Amazon for 2020. It looks like they are asking for a 20% deposit, but that the cancellation fee is just 200 euro 210 days out. I deal with the German office and am in NY which is not ideal. They directed me to read the terms and conditions. I guess that they refund the difference ?