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  1. Welcome back to Princess, Pia! I started reading your reviews when I first joined CC and missed your experience and input when you moved on. My sincerest condolences on your loss! May you feel the peace that comes from a lifetime of blessings shared together. I will enjoy following your comments again, wishing you blue skies and smooth seas! Elaine
  2. DTW Cruiser

    Sunny Side of the Ship on November TA??

    Thank you! We weren’t even sure how to “google” that info! Pathetic, I know! 😂😂 Elaine
  3. DTW Cruiser

    Sunny Side of the Ship on November TA??

    Thank you!! Elaine
  4. DTW Cruiser

    Sunny Side of the Ship on November TA??

    Thank you for your input, Pia! I value your opinion as I read many of your comments on the Princess Boards when I joined CC! We have always booked Portside cabins, but were surprised when our balcony was so hot on our last TA. It was not a Caribe balcony. We think the covered area will help, but had to wonder if Starboard would be more comfortable. I think your words “deliberately chose” gave us our answer! Thank you again! Elaine
  5. DTW Cruiser

    Sunny Side of the Ship on November TA??

    Yes, you are correct! It was a westbound! Sorry for my error! We are torn because we wonder if we’ll miss the sunsets on the Starboard side of the ship. On the Caribe Deck, half of our balcony would be covered so wonder if that would give us a little shade on the Portside? Any thoughts??
  6. My husband and I are considering taking a TA in early November and are wondering which side of the ship to book. On our last (and only) eastbound TA from Barcelona, which was in early October, we had a Portside balcony and found it too hot to enjoy in the afternoon. Will the sun still be on the same side of the ship in early November? Should we consider a Starboard balcony this time?? Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and advice! Elaine
  7. DTW Cruiser

    Steamer in the laundry room?

    We’ve never seen steamers, but they do have decent irons that seem to get a good amount of use,
  8. DTW Cruiser

    Chefs table

    They require you to wear closed toe shoes (I think because the appetizer portion of the dinner is in the galley). Make sure you are prepared. We felt it was a special dining experience.
  9. DTW Cruiser

    Too cold for Princess Balcony Breakfast in July

    Plan it for the day you are sailing thru Glacier Bay. The scenery is spectacular and you’ll enjoy it whether you are on your balcony or inside your cabin! The food is delicious and very special...usually crab quiche, fresh fruit, pastries and I believe Mimosas. If you have any allergies, make sure you arrange for alternatives with the Room Service line in advance. Enjoy!!
  10. DTW Cruiser

    Australia & NZ 2020

    Thank you all for your input! Elaine
  11. DTW Cruiser

    Australia & NZ 2020

    Thank you so much, Barbara!!
  12. DTW Cruiser

    Australia & NZ 2020

    Does anyone have an idea when we might expect Princess to open booking 2020 dates for Australia & NZ sailings? We are amazed at how quickly the land tours filled for 2019 and are not optimistic that we will clear the waitlist for the land tour much before final payment is due, which is just too late to book good flights and tours in our opinion. Thank you for any insight you might share! Elaine
  13. DTW Cruiser

    scooter rental at Fort Lauderdale?

    Actually, that's not true. The rental company can tell you the width of the scooter and Princess can tell you the width of your specific cabin door. They definitely can fit thru a standard cabin door depending of the width of each. It's very important to check both measurements out ahead of time! I had a scooter in my balcony cabin on the Crown Princess in August and it worked out just fine. Although it is required that you inform Princess ahead of time and you must store it in your cabin when not in use. That does take up a bit of space but you can work it out. It's definitely easier if you have a handicap accessible cabin, but that is not always possible and doesn't mean you can't make this work. Good Luck Elaine
  14. DTW Cruiser

    Grosvenor Hotel in London

    We just stayed there in August and were very pleased with our experience. We reserved an Executive King room which included full breakfast as well as access to the Concierge Lounge. Lovely on both counts! The hotel is actually attached to Victoria Station (train station) but you wouldn't know that from the quiet lobby. Highly recommend for central location, too!
  15. DTW Cruiser

    Place for lunch

    Belize is a tender port. When you exit your tender, you'll be along a dock with shops and lots of bars and restaurants. Many have free wifi and all have beautiful water views! You can't go wrong with any of them! Enjoy!