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  1. Are the beds in Millennium veranda cabins (specifically I'm booked in Concierge class, but I assume they are the same in all veranda cabins) able to be split into two twin beds?
  2. Yeah. With multiple versions of drinks packages on the same cruise, it could be real messy.
  3. I don't know about MSC (as some have said here, MSC won't do this), but on Disney Cruiseline, we've asked for and received blank cards to use as extra room keys. They are able to issue cards to staff for entering guest rooms. I don't see why they couldn't issue an extra card to a passenger as well (if they wanted to).
  4. We are often in this situation (on other cruise lines), but we always try to get connecting cabins. That way, we can open one cabin and still access the other through the interior door which we always prop open. If your cabins are not connecting, I would ask for extra room keys, but understand that they may not make that accommodation for you. May be worth asking a supervisor to make a final decision if you don't get the answer you're looking for up front. With drinks packages linked to the card, I'd find it very difficult to decide to swap cards.
  5. Good point. Do they also charge the card when you reach a particular threshold of charges while onboard?
  6. Related to that, our cruise does stop in Colombia. Do you have an idea of how long it typically takes for an American family to clear customs and immigration?
  7. We've always mentioned to our table mates and servers if we know we won't be dining in the MDR the following night.
  8. Some have reported that the MDRs (or it sounds like any venue, really) are limited to what is offered on the menu at that venue. For instance, in the MDR they offer wine, beer, and soft drinks. They may refuse to bring you a mixed drink because they don't have a bar there. Some have reported that they were able to get mixed drinks served in the MDR after discussing it with staff. The fine print for the drinks packages seems vague about whether or not you can order any drink from your package at any venue. But you should certainly be able to order a mixed drink from a bar and bring it into the MDR.
  9. That is a very tempting thought. However, I don't think I can convince my family to hang out and relax when they know the ship is sitting just a few blocks away waiting for us. Thanks to all who responded here, and I'd love to hear from others who've had experience.
  10. My daughter's upcoming birthday is on our disembarkation day. I was assuming I could simply ask someone for the cake the night before. Maybe I should have our TA note it for the date we want it?
  11. We're sailing the Divina on Dec 30 from Miami (staying in Maimi the night before). I would like to know approximately what to expect from the check-in process. When should we expect the port to open for embarking passengers? We like to show up as soon as we can for check-in. Is there anything in particular we should ask at the check-in desk? Should we try to verify our drinks package upgrade, internet package, or excursions before boarding? We are status-matched to Black card except for my mother-in-law who is Silver, but booked in the same cabin with Black level members. Will we all be given priority boarding privileges? I've heard we might expect boarding to start between 11:30 and 12:00. Is that a fair approximation? When should we expect to gain access to our cabins (two Fantastica balconies on deck 11). I understand we will need to link our credit card to our account after boarding, but that it doesn't have to be done immediately. Is there something that we should consider doing immediately or soon after boarding? When's the best time to book specialty dining, either from the Black card status or additional dinners? Thanks for any input?
  12. Could you clarify? I don't think telling a cruiser that he can't have a mixed drink in the MDR is the same as "publishing" a policy.
  13. I understand the practice and the practicality. But the wording in their published materials doesn’t spell out such a policy. In fact it seems to imply that it’s all AVAILABLE wherever you want. They shouldn’t be surprised when someone expects it to be. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. My first MSC cruise is coming up this winter in the Caribbean, so I have no first hand experience yet. But I've read in several places on MSC websites that say all drink package drinks are available in bars, dining rooms, and specialty dining rooms. For example, this is a clip from the full MSC brochure listing drink packages for cruises all over the world, specifying that they can be consumed in the restaurants. Then again, maybe they will say you need to order them elsewhere and carry them in?
  15. We've been loyal to our TA (who runs her own smallish operation) for many years now, because she knows us and our tastes and has never steered us wrong in her recommendations. She does always offer a modest OBC, and also kicks in extra when we refer friends and family to her (which we have done many times). When we were looking for a cruise this coming January MSC was not on our radar, but she highly recommended we try them out. Not sure if we will love the cruise or not, but ours is certainly one TA who is not averse to dealing with MSC.
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