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  1. And how nice it is to hear from you, Ho Hum. Even with not so good news. Stay well.
  2. We don't sail until the end of June, but of course we are thinking about it. I think our final payment is due this month. We embark from Croatia, and end in Venice. While we wouldn't go to Italy now, who knows what will be in a few months? Things seem to be changing very rapidly. I am wondering whether SD might be responsive and make some changes to itineraries to keep them out of Corona virus areas, whatever those areas turn out to be at the time. In the last few days we have received emails from several other cruise lines addressing the issue. And I'm also wondering whether our travel insurance covers us if SD does not cancel, but we do. These are questions we're going to be asking SD, and our travel insurance provider, before we make that final payment.
  3. Welcome to SD, Mrs. B. I hope you love it as much as we do. We have done the Malaga tp Nice itinerary, although it has been quite a few years. It is a lovely itinerary. You choose a good one to start with.
  4. You will see a wide variety of dress. For men, collared shirts and long pants at a minimum. My husband always brings a jacket; sometimes he wears it, sometimes not. He generally wears linen shirts and khaki's in the Caribbean. For women, what you would wear to a nice restaurant. Some women get quite dressed up - some just pants or a skirt and a nice top.
  5. Beautiful photos. Great review. Looking forward to next installment. 31 passengers - did they do a dinner around the pool? We did for the first time on a voyage of 67 passengers. It's fabulous, but they can't do it with a larger crowd.
  6. Can't answer any of your questions, Tiki, but I want to wish you both Bon Voyage. We will be on SDII in January.
  7. I think that you might have opted for electronic documents rather than mailed documents. There was a time period some years ago, when SD first began offering docs electronically, when there was a small cash incentive to go electronic, and for a period of time we did that. When that incentive disappeared, we switched back to mailed documents. You can do that on your next SD cruise. In the meantime, what you have received is quite sufficient to get you onboard, and that's what it is all about anyway. Bon voyage, and have a wonderful time!
  8. I understand exactly how you feel, Sandy. In summer of 2018 we did a European voyage where almost all of the excursions were cancelled for lack of participation. Last month on our Greece/Italy voyage all the excursions went. It all has to do with the passenger mix and it is all in the luck of the draw. But in our 15+ years of sailing SD, with over 20 voyages, this is what I have learned. SD is a small ship. If seas are rough it has happened that SD has had to change a port, or even cancel one and go on to the next one. If you have private excursions planned and this happens, it is quite a hassle. For that reason, we now only plan private excursions in ports of embarcation or debarcation - SD never misses those. One alternative - there have been times when excursions have been cancelled and we have been able to make private arrangements last minute through the concierge. I hope you have a wonderful trip. We have done that itinerary and it is wonderful.
  9. Thanks, Lois & Jim. We're really looking forward to the Corinth Canal.
  10. I think it certainly could mean something. Leaving for Cuba from PR is embarking from the US. Leaving from St. Martin is not. We have been told by friends who are doing a Cuba cruise later this month that their cruise will be the last one that cruise line does to Cuba because the US is making it too tough.I can't remember the cruise line, but I know it is leaving from Miami.
  11. I think you should be receiving them at any time now. It's generally been about three weeks, but it has varied. Bon voyage, Piaa.
  12. Thanks for the post, Vandrefalk. 34 on board sounds fabulous - I can't even imagine.
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