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  1. Enjoy, Vandrefalk. Glad to hear that you have connectivity to post. We were pleased to discover while in Cuba that the internet on the ship was quite good. A marked difference from previous voyages.
  2. I would like that, too, Vandrefalk, but a crossing is never going to be in our future. We took the repositioning cruise prior to Cuba, which was like a crossing in the sense of many sea days. We've always loved sea days, but apparently Trapper can take only so many of them.
  3. If it is new itineraries, bring them on!
  4. He never has any because I steal them all.
  5. I sympathize. We had that experience in Italy last August. I don't think that there were any large groups on the voyage, but for whatever reason, most passengers did not do excursions. We were extremely disappointed. And it was just the luck of the draw, because on the voyage prior to ours with the same itinerary, all the excursions went. You do not mention the impact on your enjoyment of the voyage of having half the passengers in one group. This kind of soft charter can turn into an unpleasant experience, having nothing to do with the excursions. I hope it worked out OK for you.
  6. Jim, on our Cuba cruise we had a discussion with someone in management regarding the engines. He said that the engines on both the I and the II are effectively new engines - everything has been replaced. I know nothing about this topic and you could tell me anything and have me believe it, but I consider this gentleman a credible source. So tell me Jim, could this be accurate or am I a prime candidate to purchase swampland in Florida?
  7. I don't know if it is expected. On the slip you sign to pay, there is no separate line for gratuity, but a tip can be written in and added to the total. I do tip in the spa, but I have no idea what others due.
  8. Compulsory excursion for each port. We took them, and we wanted to take them, but if you didn't, I think that SD made you sign something so they could show the US government that it wasn't SD's fault. They seem to be pretty serious about this. Almost all US passengers took the tours. By and large, the tours were good. I think the passengers were there to see Cuba. If they wanted to just sit on the ship (and nothing wrong with that) it would be easier and cheaper to go to SDI and take a more traditional Caribbean itinerary. Disembarkation easy. Nothing like SJU or STT.
  9. A number of years ago, when SD was first venturing into electronic communications, they offered a discount to those who were willing to accept e-docs for their voyage. We opted in at that time. However, there is no longer any discount, and no financial advantage to us (only to SD) to receive the e-docs. Consequently, last year we contacted our TA and asked her to request the box for future cruises. It is so much more fun!
  10. Haven't turned on my computer yet, so I'm writing on Zimmy's. Just got home. Lots to write about. We may be snowed in tomorrow, so I will have plenty of time. Quite a shock being in Havana and Chicago the same day. Your Man in Havana, Trapper Zimmy
  11. Loving Life, I looked at your past posts, and it looks like you were on the initial Costa Rica back to back from Barbados. So were we - we must know you! Or at least recognize each other, since we were 14 day on the same small ship.
  12. You are not sailing alone, Loving Life. Which voyage are you on? We are on a back-to-back, starting in San Juan on the 26th with the last two days of that voyage being in Cuba, and then the first Cuba voyage (2/4) from Cienfuegos to Havana. We are extremely excited. Although we have spoken to many of our friends who have been to Cuba over the last few years, it seems like the rules change a lot so I don't know what to expect. For instance, one friend was there at a time when you couldn't exchange American dollars to CUC's, and they had to bring euros or pesos to exchange. Others say they had no issue exchanging dollars, although the commission was much higher on dollars than it was on euros. I'm also wondering about the wifi on SD. We all know that it is normally not the best, but I'm wondering if we will have any wifi in Cuba. And if we do have wifi on the ship, will that mean that we would be able to have our communications (phone, email)? That sounds too good to be true.
  13. I am glad that you have not shared our experience, Toryhere. As I said in my post, this was our experience on only one cruise. But it was our first holiday cruise and was enough to keep us from doing a second. On this cruise, there were really only about 8 couples who were traveling and not connected to families traveling together. I recall that for one couple, this was their first SD cruise. For them, it was enough; they had no intention of ever returning to SD. But it is encouraging to hear that our experience is not the norm; perhaps we'll risk it again someday. I hope that you enjoy your upcoming cruise. Bon voyage.
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