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  1. Ah Rusty . Somewhere there's a picture of me at 9 getting an autograph at The Stagecoach/La Diligence restaurant . So happy .(Love your favourite spelling )
  2. You never forget your first love . 😢 After a few years they were the Nationals not the Nationals/Expos . I think their return will stay a fantasy . My profile picture is a fond nod to the pure adoration of youth . BTW ,currently the sole point of CC is to be about distraction . Thoughts about the Expos and cruising are all about distraction .
  3. Next on my fantasy bucket list and then Cunard . More likely to be one of the usual suspects .
  4. Question - With most taking this deal, what will this do to service . What will wi-fi be like if most everyone gets it , and what are the chances of getting a reservation at a reasonable time at a pay restaurant .We aren't big drinkers but have taken similar deals on Celebrity and Norwegian because the offer was great . Any thoughts ? (This promo is worth about $40 PP to me)
  5. The fact that my worst experience wasn't so horrible for me says something but ... DW and I went on a 5 day cruise with our 2 teenagers . It was a wonderful cruise on the Fascination out of Jacksonville . They loved it , we loved it . The port is 10 miles or so from the sea along the St. Johns river past Mayport . Returning we experienced FOG ! We floated just off shore waiting to go up the river for hour after hour . Can't blame Carnival for that . The problem was waiting on the stairways for hour after hour waiting to arrive in port . We had early disembarkation because we had a 1500 m
  6. Exactly . Get a last minute cruise deal, pay more for air
  7. 1000 is a good number and about what I've paid for air/hotel portion and the same for a balcony 7 day cruise before the extras . I've gotten packages bundling air and cruise (Sunwing had good deals) but normally air and cruise cost about the same . All the extras cost another 500 or so .This includes drinks, excursions , etc
  8. How do you get to your cruises Hank ? Your profile says New Cumberland,PA which ain't Fl . Having to fly from the North , I usually pay as much for air as for the cruise . Therefore I always think about the total cost of a cruise vacation , not just the cruise deal . What about you ?
  9. For us the amount of planning is primarily based on the cruise itinerary . A European cruise = lots . A Caribbean cruise = much less .
  10. Completely disagree . Would your first hotel visit be the penthouse ? Or a top of the line Mercedes car or a 5 star restaurant drinking $500 bottles of wine ? Why suggest top of the line as your first cruise experience . I wouldn't suggest a inside cabin but besides that , enjoy whatever you can afford . My advice for first timers is a 6 - 7 day cruise on a bigger ship . See what options you enjoy . Only with experience will you recognize what floats your boat . The excitement of waiting to board on our first few cruises was a wonderful memory . My experience is great joy discovering t
  11. All true . To add another, we had an Asian cruise booked from Singapore at the end of February . We were so excited . The pandemic started there so our cruise was cancelled two weeks prior to sailing. Thus we booked an AI in Mexico . It was FANTASTIC !! We are very much looking to go again , much more then cruising . We found a great alternative for our annual winter cruise . I'm sure there are others who will find other vacation options instead of a degraded cruise experience .
  12. Maybe we can double down with some Hertz shares ?
  13. People are funny . If you can't get something , people want it more !
  14. No I haven't .There isn't much to say . We won't be cruising for a while . DW because of caution , me because the experience will be so degraded . YMMV . Although I have FCC's and near worthless stock to consider, eventually someone will be using these wonderful ships providing an acceptable (to me) experience . I believe one day we'll look back and say , WOW !! My mom has told be how crazy the polio scare was and the changes made to their lives . A few years later it was like a bad dream except for those permanently affected .
  15. The existing players may survive or not . The thing is the ships will remain , except for a few of the oldest , smallest and least efficient . If the current owners go out of business, someone will buy these spectacular vessels at a great discount and eventually put them back to work . It will be sadish if one or more of the current giants go under but their ships won't.
  16. On FB someone posted that their FCC was extended an extra year . I went to my Princess account and lo and behold the changed the expiry date by a full year . Very happy that Princess did the right thing without begging and pleading on my part .😁 Here is the info I got. Used For Goodwill Fccs 02/16/20 Sail By 05/01/22 Active
  17. Geeze , my proofreading skills are deteriorating . I meant no chance . My research skills are also deteriorating . 😞 My point was Princess may very well eliminate this ship from their fleet but it won't be scrapped . It will be sold as these R class ships seem to be valued . Personally I always thought that Spirit-class are a better choice to be retrofitted into luxury class ships .
  18. NO change it's going to be scrapped but a reasonable chance it will be sold to Oceania or Azamara . These two brands have been competing to scoop up the remaining R class ships . I believe this is one of two that are not owned by these near-luxury cruise lines. I agree with those that believe it doesn't fit with the other Princess ships .
  19. Hmm, we must be getting our info from different sources . 🙄
  20. I have no idea what you are getting at and I don't care . I'm just happy a thread of such "MAJOR" importance was revived . I dream of happier days when door decoration policy actually mattered . 🤞
  21. From the CC article " The 6,200-passenger ship which will embark and disembark around 2,500 passengers over the course of the week" Did MSC limit passengers to this amount or is this the number of people who wished to cruise . I'm not trying to make an editorial comment but that's only a shade over 40% .
  22. Why use the FCD first ? I thought the FCC's expire before the FCD's . Could somebody explain why it's better to use FCD's first .
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