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  1. Welp, we will see you at the Ocean View then! LOL. It's ok, I'll be on a SHIP!!!!!
  2. Well, that's good to know! Even if it's rainy, that's ok. To me, the ship is the high point of a cruise, not the ports. Weird, I know.
  3. And silly us - our group booked a cruise in mid-September. Our TA claims that very few hurricanes reach New England. I sure hope he's right!
  4. Have others noticed the looooooong wait time when calling NCL? I called them twice and both times, I waited over an hour before someone actually picked up to talk to me. My TA called twice, the first time was 2 hour wait and then it was a 2.5 hour wait. ON HOLD! I'm not very impressed with NCL's customer service. This is a new cruiseline to almost all of our group and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be the last time we sail on NCL. Are we the only ones experiencing this? Is it a fluke?
  5. Ah, ok. We have a travel agent, so I guess he's OUR PCC, lol
  6. Oh, lucky you! I hope ours comes soon 🙂 We are a group of late-deafened adults who really want to fly on the same flight and preferably sit together to help each other hear what is being said. I do have a question: what is a PCC?
  7. Thank you 🙂 That's very similar to what our TA was told. When I'd hear about people printing their edocs, I got a little worried that maybe NCL was just trying to pacify my TA, who was on hold (twice) for 2.5 hours each time. Sooooo, now I know it's true. We were told 45 days out. That it used to be 60 but now it's 45. I guess NOW it's 30 lol. I bet they are overwhelmed trying to manage the upgrade screw-ups and all the passengers calling wanting info. We are on the same cruise as you are 🙂 First time for a New England cruise for the whole gang, so looking forward to it!
  8. First time we've ever taken the airfare from a cruiseline. The waiting is hard!!! Haha.
  9. Nope you aren't having the problem, or nope you can't get to yours either? lol
  10. We are 55 days out from our sailing and still can't access the edocs. Anyone else having this too???
  11. Our experience on Royal was that the personalizer was off for everyone. We couldn't depend on it at all.
  12. Yup! One was linked late, closer to the sail date. We were awfully surprised ourselves. It was our first Princess cruise, too. Celebrity still wins, lol.
  13. IDK, maybe it's a generational thing. Maybe it's a regional thing. Maybe it's just a personal thing. But I think BOTH 5:00 and 7:15 or later are just wrong. I know lots of people eat late, but do they eat 8:00 or later when not cruising? Our group sailed together and what a mess. We chose 6:00. Several weeks before the cruise, we received an email saying our new dining time was 8:30. We discussed it and decided to have two dinners, lol. One at the buffet or somewhere else and then the MDR. We got on the ship and received our seapass cards. 7 of us had our times changed to 5:30 on the card (with no notification at all) and 3 changed to 7:45. Thank you Princess! You separated our group and the only solution was to get on a wait list. So, we didn't eat together every night. We have not booked with Princess since then and really not sure we ever will.
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