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  1. How is the Premium wi-fi on the Breeze? Especially on a lower deck like 2? Thanks
  2. We are on the Oct 2, 5 day sailing. Does anyone know what night the formal dinner is on?
  3. For VPN, I was able to use Teamviewer to connect to my home, then VPN from home to office. This was on Panorama 1 week before the shutdown.
  4. I have used Teamviewer as mentioned above. Connect to your home computer, then VPN. It wasn't fast but it did work. This was on the Panorama last year.
  5. We did the Panorama last February (1 week before shutdown) and it was great. Ship was awesome and so where the ports, especially seeing the whales in Cabo.
  6. Just booked FTTF for our Feb 22 cruise. We had booked it in December, then Carnival cancelled it and refunded charge. Let's see if it sticks this time.
  7. I just checked and it looks like mine was pulled. It showed up yesterday, now gone.
  8. After seeing this post, I called about our 2/22/20 sailing. At first the response was check the website, I then asked if there was some way he could check. Sure enough there were 35 spots available. Got it booked. Thanks everyone for posting. That's what makes this board great!
  9. We are booked on the Feb 22, 2020 cruise. It is showing that all specialty restaurants are completely booked. Is this correct? We have never made reservations this far in advance. Thanks for any info anyone may have.
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