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  1. Are you ready to go this year? Holland America Maasdam is sailing 21 day itinerary that goes to ports outside the normal Alaska itineraries of large to mid size ships. Prices are very good. Also take a look at Seabourn.
  2. oaktreerb


    Look at the many national park sites and exhibits around town. Stop at the visitor’s center for a walking tour map and the hiking map. There are some great hikes. Skagway has a nice museum. There is the Chilkoot hike and float tour which begins just past Dyea. If you decide to rent a car you can drive out to Dyea. Be sure to order Murray’s Guide online if you decide to drive. There is a lot to do in Skagway. Start at the visitor’s center.
  3. Nice pins. The pins are a way to express appreciation for your continuing to sail with Holland America. I don’t consider them a big deal but many people are very proud of them and I always enjoy attending the medal ceremony and lunch. I love to visit with people who have traveled a lot and have a very good knowledge of the world and the cruising community in particular. The pins and medallions do signify a lot of money spent on Holland America. I was thrilled to finally reach 4 star so we could get free laundry and some discounts....the pins are packed away with a medallion and we may be due for another medallion. I think you have a very nice collection that represents a lifetime of experiences!
  4. They must have found these when they were cleaning house...2018...and the Prinsendam will be gone soon. Maybe it IS a collector’s item. Was it in the on deck sale? Funny!
  5. Good for you. You got HAL to acknowledge the error and got what you paid for. The Amsterdam is a great ship. If you are on the Alaska 14 day itinerary in Alaska you have chosen the best itinerary. Have a wonderful cruise.
  6. Hang in there. I am convinced that HAL has misclassified this cabin. It should be an ‘H’. I also use the big box TA. All unobstructed cabins may be filled. If so they at least owe you OBC to compensate you plus a couple of drink cards or pinnacle dinners. The theory that this was caused by the “any upgrade” box allowing them to put you in an obstructed cabin is simply wrong and this TA needs some retraining. Take this issue to a manager if you need to.
  7. You will see whales if you are looking for them. You will enjoy that balcony. You will have a blanket in your stateroom to use when you are sitting on the balcony. There should be more blankets stored on the promenade deck. Have a wonderful time!
  8. If you are sailing out of Vancouver on a HAL ship you will be sailing the inside passage inside Vancouver Island. If you are sailing out of Seattle you will be sailing outside Vancouver Island and then move in to the Alaska inside passage. Both will sail Stephen's Passage up to Juneau. You can follow your itinerary on the HAL web site.
  9. I was trying to track the Maasdam to see if it went into Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm. If I look at the track on this site it didn’t go to either.
  10. You have been assigned a partial view. In the HAL deck plans E2713 is designated with a triangle which means partial sea view and an * showing shower only. I would follow up with my TA or HAL about this assignment if I had actually paid for an unobstructed. Rooms in the same category on either side of you are not considered obstructed (no triangle on the deck plan).
  11. I think filling the water bottles from the water spouts in the Lido IS putting EVERYONE at risk. If they are ill, or soon to become ill with an intestinal or upper respiratory illness they have contaminated the water spouts and thus put everyone who uses it at risk. Even the staff use the spouts to fill pitchers that they use to refill our glasses and cups. Every water bottle being filled has someone’s germs coming into contact with the spout. A scofflaw can very easily ruin your cruise if you let them spread their germs to you.
  12. I would tell the manager in the Lido. ....especially on the refilling of bottles....and you may have to ask who is in charge. Staff should be empowered to gently correct passengers who are breaking the rules. I have spoken up on one occasion when everyone was allowed to scoop their own ice cream. What a mess.
  13. Thanks. I used a BB TA and they call HAL. I called Wednesday and the HAL computers were not functioning well. HAL offered me a couple of drink cards but they could not confirm it in writing for a couple of days.....still waiting. Our cruise was one that said Sold Out in all categories for a couple of days before coming back with only Neptunes sold out! I'll call them again and see what I can do. I was just reading about your Boston to Montreal cruise. Have a great time!
  14. You said you purchased an oceanview room with guarantee and were assigned a fully obstructed when the ticket was purchased. This tells me that you actually purchased an obstructed and should have caught the error when your "ticket" was issued. There was an initial disconnect between what you thought you purchased and what you actually purchased. You were hoping for an upgrade and didn't get it. I understand totally! If you have been pricing cruises on HAL's online site it is very confusing. You click on ocean view and it gives you three choices of full, partial, and obstructed and if you choose the cheapest you get the obstructed and hope for an upgrade. Also, prices can go up considerably in each category and astronomically sometimes if you want to choose a cabin. It almost takes a TA to help sort things out and you need to watch very carefully because maybe the TA doesn't quite get the nuances of the new HAL pricing structure. We purchased a veranda suite guarantee because to choose a stateroom would have cost over $3000 for the two of us. Our booking is listed as BC which is the entry level VS. The prices keep going down ($1400 so far). I can't get an upgrade because the only upgrade is a Neptune Suite. I have to wait until all of the insides, ocean view, and lanai staterooms have a chance for an upsell to a VS and as I have recently realized......our guarantee will be assigned last. I just hope they save something for us. At booking I was prepared to accept any veranda suite stateroom but the waiting is driving us crazy. We are about 10 days out and waiting.
  15. I was on the line with HAL yesterday about the possibility of an upsell to a neptune suite for the May sailing . They refused to offer anything less than paying full price. This sailing was not sold out yesterday and neither was the June date. Maybe HAL is assigning guarantees or maybe a TA took over all remaining staterooms.
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