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  1. Public health seemed more coordinated in the days of polio and measles vaccines. Hopefully the administration will have it’s act together in the coming year and be able to assure the safety and availability of vaccines and/or cures. This is an election year.
  2. If there is no vaccine I’ll just have to take my chances. I’m looking forward to Alaska next year in June although I won’t book until 2021. I also have the option of booking a “last minute” 2021 Mexican Riviera cruise out of San Diego with no flight involved if I just can’t wait for June!
  3. That’s why I won’t cruise until there is a vaccine. Don’t make the final payment for the September cruise and carefully consider whether to make the final payment for January when it comes due.
  4. Look at www.alaskatravel.com for ideas and information on Alaska and Denali. www.graylinealaska.com offers tours also. We did a rail and bus tour to Denali including Kantishna with Grayline that included the Park Connection bus, the Alaska Railroad dome rail cars and lodging at the McKinley Chalets as well as Kantishna Backcountry Lodge. It was extremely well organized, Grayline has a big presence in Alaska. Grayline Alaska tours is part of the HAL/Princess tour group and offers individual itineraries. Be sure if you choose Denali that you have two to three nights to make the trip worthwhile. If you cruise RCI to or from Seward you can coordinate with any preplanned tour itinerary (it doesn’t have to be a group experience). You could start with Rocky Mountaineer, cruise, then go to Denali or vice versa. It all takes time.
  5. Thanks for the history lesson. We’ve been cruising HAL Alaska since 2005 and have seen a lot of changes! So sorry to miss the adventures in 2020.
  6. For 2021 HAL has also added College Fjord to the Vancouver - Whittier itinerary, another amazing glacier experience.
  7. Have you received written confirmation from HAL of the FCC amount that will be available through your mariner account for a future cruise?
  8. RE: poolside BBQ’s. They would be a health hazard in today’s environment. Maybe just an evening party around the pool area with drinks, live entertainment, and dancing with ship officers in attendance.
  9. Bring back the following which have gradually disappeared in the last 5 years or so: Crows Nest for scenic viewing library with a variety of books but keeping the book exchange, production shows cruise director and assistant who are capable entertainers There have been some good changes recently: the servers for the salad bar, the Dive In, lunch in the dining room upon boarding, Club Orange as a paid upgrade for some as long as it is included as a perk for Neptune Suites
  10. We have used the same BB TA “co” for years and this is the first time we have booked since they changed to the cash card/shop card. As far as I know this BB TA only offers the shop cards now. When I booked my cruise I mentioned to a supervisor that I didn’t like the change to the shop cards. It’s a lot of money and I’d rather spend it as OBC to enhance my cruise experience and get a refund of the balance at the end of the cruise. I never mind spending a lot of time booking a cruise and always call instead of booking online because I hope the TA can get it right the first time. The TA’s are always very helpful. Thank you for following up on this issue.
  11. Good news. I’ll keep this in mind when I rebook my HAL cancelled cruise with my BB TA. I prefer refundable OBC but as part of my original booking I was offered the cash card so I know now that I need to ask for it when I rebook. Thanks for reporting back!
  12. Have to agree with you about the name calling but don’t think it was intentional. I’d never heard that expression before but it’s kind of “schoolyard” shaming that I would hope exists in the past.
  13. I’ve been wondering how the big box would handle this. Supposedly the BB TA got to keep the full commission from HAL from which you were to have been rewarded with a $1260 cash card. BB TA kept the full the commission and didn’t pay the $1260 cash card rebate to you for giving them the booking. If the BB TA is not honoring the original cash card then I see no reason to give them the replacement booking. Did you ask for an explanation from the BB TA and take the issue up with a supervisor? What would the policy have been if the rebate to you had been refundable OBC like it used to be? My booking was also through the BB TA and if the BB TA does not offer the original cash card rebate on the rebooking I’ll just book through HAL so that I can control the booking.
  14. Still waiting for compensation related to Mar 18 SD-Hawaii cruise. This was one of the first HAL cancellations and no credit or FCC yet. We’re almost 60 days from sailing/cancellation date.
  15. Good! Glad to see you were able to confirm that they are actually refundable!
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