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  1. The scenery that you will view from the ship is amazing. There will be lots of snow on the mountains in May. Juneau and Icy Strait are good ports for whale watching. Who knows how many whales you will see but most people enjoy whale watching excursions in the rugged waters of Alaska.
  2. Could you have gotten it right so quickly if I had posted this photo....look closely to see the HAL ship.
  3. We had a large gospel group on a Mexican Riviera cruise recently. They had their activities and the only time we saw them as a group was when they were heading to an event. We were seated with a couple from their group at the Mariner’s Luncheon, nice people. The ship never felt crowded because their group was in private events much of the time. We did not go to the Lido so can’t judge that impact. We usually arrive at the showroom early to choose our seats and one evening we had to wait for them to clear out of the venue. I thought the group would be an issue, it was not.
  4. Oct 13 is a beautiful day and there is some activity in the harbor waters. Over on thesnowcloud webcam in Hoonah a new building is going up. Wonder what it will be!
  5. My favorite feature of the Cruise Atlas is the pages that show the layout of the ships. On one page for each ship I can see what is above and below a stateroom on every deck. Then as people on c CC mention their likes and dislikes about certain cabins I make notes of their comments on that page for future reference.
  6. Have you checked your preferences on your Mariner Society page? Make sure it says e-mail...yes. If it does then go into the HAL website as a stranger to HAL and sign up for e-mails again. I get e-mails every week with lots of promo articles about cruise locations and special programs.
  7. The cruise line has reduced their fleet by 4 ships in 2020. They have to adjust the 2021 itineraries, try to figure out what the standards will be for each country that they visit, deal with people who have FCC's to apply, reduce the staff, etc. I'm just thrilled that they finally got the Alaska 2021 online. As a stockholder and frequent HAL cruiser I want this company to be successful, I love the Alaska cruises and have the convenience of a few itineraries like Mexico, Hawaii, and Panama Canal out of my home port. I really don't mind going to Triple A for a Cruise Atlas (although those are not ready yet). A few years ago my PCC sent me his only copy of the Cruise Atlas because I was having trouble getting one. That made me rethink my priorities and since then I have been more patient. I think we'll all have to be patient as this industry slowly gets up and running again. I'm not sure I'll make it to 5 Star so I'll just have to pick my Cruise Atlas up. HAL has in the past had Alaska cruise shows locally each year where they make the Cruise Atlas available. I've been saving them since 2005!
  8. I’m pretty sure the print version will follow eventually. There aren’t as many pages as in the past. I’m happy to see the itineraries in an easy to read format in any form. The HAL website is fancy but not easy to navigate or compare itineraries. Eventually AAA will get the hard copies and I’ll pick one up there. We are scheduled for Alaska in August of 2021.
  9. 2021 Alaska Planner is online in e-brochures on HAL site now.
  10. Thank you! The wikipedia info was just what I needed! It’s still a bit confusing but these countries have a long intertwined history. I’ll add it to the end of the Finland slideshow. I’m going through all of those pictures we have taken on our cruises and stored on the computer for the future (?) and putting each location into a reasonably short slideshow. When I came across Finland, Day at Sea, Sweden....I couldn’t figure out where the Day at Sea should be divided between sail out of Finland and sail in to Sweden. This project has been a wonderful way to fill my time during our shut down.
  11. Anybody know which country this is? Does it go at the end of my Finland slideshow or the beginning of my Sweden slideshow?
  12. I need your help here. This photo was taken as we cruised on the Eurodam from Finland to Sweden? What is this area called? Is it in Finland or Sweden?
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