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  1. Check out some of the Alaska travel sites like www.travelalaska.com and the Alaska Railroad schedule. Princess has some special land itineraries for 2021. A 2022 cruise tour would get you to both Mt McKinley (Talkeetna) and the Denali Princess Lodge. The Princess lodge at Denali is closed, I think, for 2021 but the McKinley Chalets nearby is open.
  2. I also e-mailed Steve in the post above maybe he can help. I'm glad your TA was able to cancel the insurance for you. Enjoy your next cruise!
  3. I’ve been trying to transfer my cruise insurance from 2021 to the same cruise in 2022. The customer service reps could not help me. I spoke to someone in late March after several attempts and asking for a supervisor. The supervisor (who I never spoke to) had a rep call me and that rep gave me a new policy # and told me I would get a refund of appx $300 to my cc. On March 26th I received a credit of appx $100 to my cc. (10% of the cost of my original policy.). I cannot access the new policy # online and after punching several customer service #’s options have gotten to two CS reps who have
  4. The D1L is a 12 day cruise tour that starts in Fairbanks with a bus ride to Denali. All of the transportation has narration whether it be the bus or train. Take a look at the HollandAmerica website which has e-brochures for their Alaska tours. I'm attaching a chart of their choices. I wouldn't get a dining package. You will want more flexibility.
  5. We have done several of the Holland America cruise tours. You need a minimum of two nights in Denali and HAL includes the Tundra Wilderness Tour. They also offer three nights in Denali which would give you the TWT and the time to do rafting, see the park exhibits, and do some hiking. Your first night in Denali would be the perfect time to schedule Jeff King’s Husky Homestead for an introduction to sled dogs and the Iditarod....and to cuddle puppies. The McKinley Chalets is a large property with cabins on or near the river, near the Princess property, and across the street from the shops.
  6. Thanks for the link. We watched the first season on our big screen TV Sunday evening. It was totally entertaining. We’ve done the ships tour on the Westerdam and enjoyed seeing how much the business of the ships are alike. We’ve also sailed Northern Europe including the amazing sailing through the archipelago into Stockholm on the Eurodam, a smaller ship. I didn’t realize what a challenge it could be for the Captain in less than perfect weather.
  7. There are several Yukon itineraries. Two nights at each location will give you free time. Dawson City has some wonderful Parks Canada programs for visitors so head to the visitor’s center to sign up as soon as you check in to your hotel. Whitehorse is right on the Yukon river but with one night you will just have time to enjoy the waterfront area. Some have an overnight in Skagway. Some have planned activities included like the riverboat and gold panning in Fairbanks. You’ll have a great time!
  8. I like the combo with the bus trip first. Enjoy the scenic views you get from the train as you near Skagway on the return trip. It’s worth the extra $40.
  9. Probably because JNJ is one and done. The others are two doses which adds another element...getting to the vaccination site a second time.
  10. California is ready to open up to 50 and over. Do you have a relationship with a doctor, a pharmacy or a senior citizen organization that can advocate for you? People in San Diego county are getting vaccinated at Vons, Albertsons, CVS, etc. My daughter was awake around 3 a.m. and logged in and managed to get appointments for her and DH last week....her Pfizer, him Johnson and Johnson. Call Sharp hospital, I think they are planning to visit the homebound.
  11. If I had insured through the cruise line I would have had the insurance payment refunded when they cancelled the cruise.
  12. My cruise to Hawaii March 2020 was cancelled. The insurance company after rejecting my claim for a refund of the insurance premium decided on appeal that I could have a voucher to apply to the insurance on another trip. When I applied that voucher to my August 2021 Alaska trip they insisted that I add an additional amount for the new trip. The Alaska 2021 trip has now been cancelled by the cruise line and moved to 2022. So, now that I have confirmed the HAL booking # for the replacement cruise I will call the insurance company to transfer the insurance to the identical 2022 itinerary. I
  13. Thanks for responding. I wish we had that law in California!
  14. What state do you live in that requires full insurance refund for all cancelled cruises?
  15. Ships in Europe are not safer than US sailing ships. The ships in the US have to follow the rules set up by the CDC and have to also follow rules established by Canada if they sail in Canadian waters. I would be concerned about the safety of the international flight and the safety of health regulations in the ports you will be visiting. By September the US should be fully vaccinated as long as the populace follows health guidelines. The same may not be true for other countries. Even if you are healthy and vaccinated your cruise will still be at risk due to local health regulations and con
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