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  1. We're on 4th March Quantum sailing. Nothing received saying otherwise. Rob & Sarah
  2. Yesterday’s screenshot below! Sorry for the poor quality!
  3. Royal UK website has an update from 21st Feb, as does the US site, they are different though, this is the extract from the US site.... TRAVEL ADVISORY UPDATE The U.S. State Department published a new travel advisory. We’ve been staying on top of the situation and had already cancelled or modified most sailings in Asia through mid-March, with no sailings departing from mainland China or Hong Kong, China. U.S. guests on cruises in Asia departing before March 23, 2020 who want to change their plans will be allowed to rebook without penalty at a later date. We are unawar
  4. True! Even looking at what cheap flights we can hit, should the cruise be cancelled, get to explore another part of Asia.
  5. Just catching up with the thread. Based in the UK, currently working nightshift! Thanks for the concerns and also the recommendations for hotels. We have Farrier Park booked for the pre-cruise hotel and The Stamford post cruise. So looking at Sentosa should the cruise be cancelled. Will prob book something that has free cancellation. Having never been to this part of the world does anyone have any other places we should consider, any secret spots, places you'd recommend for great food? We love speakeasies, enjoy the concept of the hidden gems with great
  6. Hi Maria, Yeah we are formulating contingency... more than likely Sentosa. We'll have a look at Bintan, somewhere I've never actually heard of. Neither of us have been anywhere in Asia, so this with the cruise was going to be superb. Still there's plenty of time in our lives to do the travelling, what's more important is the containment of this virus. Wishing Asia and all affected countries all the best of luck. Rob & Sarah.
  7. OH BOLLOX.... We have not heard anything as yet, we're on the 4th March out of Singapore! Very concerned, as we have booked flights, hotel night before and hotel 4 nights after cruise all for Singapore and more importantly... all individually (no package). Thankfully though we do have travel insurance. We will be gutted if we have to cancel everything, this is our honeymoon, get married on 29th Feb. Rob & Sarah
  8. What did you expect... Holy cow, you’re the first to notice???? Different ship design, therefor different spaces! Simples!
  9. Thanks everyone for the info! Much appreciated! We can’t believe that our bid was accepted let alone this soon! All those waiting, we wish you good luck! Rob & Sarah
  10. Thanks Grabthars, Thats great info! Never been in a suite before, so never really looked at the perks. Thanks for clarifying! Rob
  11. Hi, We’re 35 days out. Made the bids on Sunday 40 days out. made smallest offers we could on Grande suite and 1 bed grande suite. No bid made on 2 bedroom grande suite And then a few hundred dollars bid on Sky Loft Suite and same bid on Owners suite. Got the confirmation mail today at 20:45 BST. If it helps I checked available cabins on royals site and only 2 Junior Suites available I think we had a good one 7636 on the hump, so that may have helped with the upgrade? Rob
  12. Evening all, As per title, we have been successful with Royal Up, we have gone from JS1 to a Sky Loft Suite on Quantum of the seas. 4 nights out of Singapore. So that’s our little gloat done, even with the JS it would have been our 1st suite, but now we’ll experience the full monte suite perks. We already had the deluxe drinks package and the ultimate dining package booked. So should we drop either package, what can we expect from being sky class? Anything that’s a must, anything we need to do now before boarding the ship? So excite
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