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  1. Yes Phil, not quite a piece of string but along those lines 😎 Spent a 17 night crossing onboard with you earlier this year, but for whatever reason(s) didn’t quite get to speak in person. totally agree with you on the journey and as we both know it’s also quite a journey up the loyalty ladder itself, but I’ve enjoyed every single cruise moment I’ve had and will continue to do so. I also disagree with purchased loyalty, like you say top suites does not mean loyalty and with only 3 Az cruises done so far would never expect to be awarded top cruiser, either for being in a top suite or loyal more to X. Az have it absolutely right and just love it’s done the way it is.
  2. life’s too short to have limitations, and just because a particular itinerary doesn’t work out perfectly doesn’t mean I cross it off my list. totally agree Az is about the destination and longer stays, which allows you to “explore further” and all that extra time you have in a port should reduce your limitations. #GoExplore 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Great deals still to be had though - who worries about limitations, just make it happen 😋
  4. I was onboard a Azamara ship in October and they had a “double discount” offer on, so its was obviously 20% off for Platinum/Zenith. AzAmazing offer !!!
  5. i totally understand the point system. my point is being a Platinum LCV member On an Az Cruise with only 3 cruises doesn’t And shouldn’t make me longest cruiser. Someone with 4 would obviously have more loyalty with Az than I have. my loyalty has been with X.
  6. There are very few benefits on Az compared with X as the loyalty program is very different and aimed at giving more benefits when booking future cruises rather than anything onboard. The Mini bars are all charged ($) even in the suites all the way to the top suites (CW & CO). I’m a beer drinker and those included in the standard all inclusive package work fine for me. the size of the ship does make a difference to X and the entertainment etc is very different to X and can’t really be compared as it does work on the Az ships. Suite guests do get a few little extras but as with most things being included with all cabin grades nobody feels excluded or “them and us”. the 2 speciality restaurants are great but the menus don’t change and you get unlimited access with a suite, but 14 nights of 2 menus can kinda get a little boring. The main is GREAT which is open seating and the menus are fabulous. with loyalty it’s not about the points like X But the amount of cruises you’ve actually taken with Az, which I do think is better approach to it than who can afford to buy points like with X. Surely loyalty that’s proper loyalty. I’m fortunately toP membership with X but going on Az for my first cruise, the longest cruise ward quite rightly went to the longest “Azamara” cruisers although I had 3x the points they had. I love Azamara for what it is but will always return to Celebrity.
  7. I (we) got our first top cruiser last year on Reflection. Still only being mid & late 40's people were asking "WHY" we being awarded as top cruiser 😒 Probably because we were, and I'm sure X CC don't get that mixed up. That aside, we're not too fussed about free speciality meals, we just love being onboard, being recognised, acknowledged and interact with crew members of all levels and we are moooooooooore than happy cruisers. I anticipate that top level cruisers will get less and less over the years due to pricing and with the new demographic of guests the company are targeting. Those in the right age bracket and financial stable won't invest in one company but will spread it around. I don't see the Zenith numbers growing into the future. So like yourself Tom and the few others who are double and triple Zeniths, i doubt this will ever happen again, and I feel with this, this is the decision not to add another level. Just my opinion and view of course.
  8. LLP thanks for taking the time to answer all of these questions. Having very recently reached the top loyalty status after almost 20 years of cruising with this amazing company I applaud your thoughts and ideas of keeping your guests motivated to reach Zenith, as I do agree it is a big gap. However I feel this gap is set to a sufficient level to give those who reach it a great feeling of achievement. Lowering or making the status more accessible would lose it exclusivity for those who have either committed to cruising with the company for many years or made it an investment to reach Zenith and then enjoy the benefits into the future. Having cruised for so long with the company I think I met most people at all levels across the fleet and hope one day I can get to meet you in person. Thanks again for your time in replying. A 😎
  9. Also a fellow Zenith, my take is why should a Z member who decides to cruise an "inside" or "window" cabin have access to a "suite only" area just because they've got top loyalty status. I'm more than happy with what comes with the status. I know a number of Z members who have had access to the Retreat Sun Deck. How this is arranged or authorised is unknown to me. If I want the perks I'll book the #Suitelife 😉
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