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  1. Hi sheila658, We will be on the 11/4 Anthem sailing with you. Two years ago we did this excursion from the ship and we were told to be back aboard the buses about 6:30pm. Honestly it was only about 4 hours in the park. I had fast passes booked for 3 rides, and we were able to do them, stop for Dole Whip, have dinner, and a bit of brief shopping on Main Street on the way out. My step dad had never been to Disney before, so I thought it was a great opportunity for him to have the chance to to experience it. He is older and had some mobility problems as this vacation was a few months before his bilateral knee replacements. It is doable if you do a little planning (like buying tickets before you leave) and have a game plan in place.
  2. cartynpaige

    Home today from Grandeur

    Yes, Danney was on the Grandeur when we were aboard the end of August.
  3. A few years back during nursing school I had to access BlackBoard for classes while on the Freedom and also the Explorer. I had no problems at all on the discussion boards, or submitting assignments. I have also taken exams in the middle of the Caribbean with ease. I usually took my laptop to the library in the late evening and had no issues with maintaining connections. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  4. We did the Nordic Prince out of NY Aug 1991 for my H.S. graduation
  5. cartynpaige

    Lap band, would it be strange...

    Since there is quite a period of time between courses, you could always order a soup or salad for the appetizer course, order an appetizer for your main course, then enjoy dessert. The portions they serve now are on the smaller side. Enjoy!
  6. cartynpaige

    Kids club age question

    We just got off the Liberty last weekend and my daughter turned 9 two days after we got off and they had no problem moving her up to the 9-11 age group. They also moved my niece up to the next age group without a problem (6-8) because she wanted to be with her cousin, since the 6-8 and 9-11 age groups did alot of activities together. My niece does not turn 6 until February, but Carnival said that as long as they are within three months of the next age group it would not be a problem.
  7. I booked a tour with Ashton for November. He told me 13 fits comfortably in his van. Currently I have 12 people on our tour and he dropped his price to $30.00 per person.
  8. cartynpaige

    October 28th weather first day

    [quote name='moppy47']Leaving out of Bayonne on explorer of the seas on October 28th how far south will we be on Friday morning day one?[/quote] Hi Moppy47, There is a great bunch of fellow passengers sailing on the Explorer October 28th. Come and stop by our Role Call, sign up for the Meet and Mingle, and check out all of our posts. There are alot of things planned already for our cruise. Barbara [URL]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1071493[/URL]
  9. Thanks for the information! I just booked this to check out the Explorer. We are sailing on her 10/28/10 and can't wait to get a sneak peak. We are going to leave out of Princeton too. If anyone else is interested Chuck, the man at AAA said the Hamilton bus is already full and there is only 4 spots left now on the Princeton bus, so don't wait if you're interested in going. Barbara
  10. [quote name='ktbmhb']We've lived in Sewell for the past 23 yrs. Near Scotland Run golf course. How far is Bayonne from us?[/quote] Howdy Neighbor, I grew up in Washington Township and just moved to West Deptford 3 yrs ago. We are taking the Explorer on a 10 night cruise the end of October. Bayonne is not too far from Newark Airport, just a straight shot up the turnpike. The distance between both ports are roughly about 1hr 45min in either direction.
  11. ...(Carnival ship, anchored about a mile away, still having to tender to Castaway Cay. ) Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise's private island, not Carnival's ...(Since we saw Atlantis before we left the port, and didn’t want to see it three times on the same cruise, we decided to take the excursion to Magens Bay and Seven Mile Beach instead.) Magen's Bay is in St. Thomas and Seven Mile Beach is in the Grand Caymens
  12. cartynpaige

    When and Where are you cruising in 2011?

    We will be sailing on the Oasis October 29, 2011... Can't wait...but it is atill a long time away.
  13. I am glad to see that I am not the only person this happens to. My mood definately becomes somber the last day of the cruise. It must be in my family's genes, I have noticed the past few years that my daughter gets the same way on the last day of our vacation and she's only 7. This year on our cruise I am hoping my mood will be different on the last day. I have already booked our next cruise on the Oasis for the same time next year, so I have another cruise booked before I even leave the ship and have something to look forward to!
  14. cartynpaige

    Crown and Anchor Coupons?

    I tried the same for my daughter and I was told she can be added after she completes her first RCCL cruise. If your children have sailed on RCCL previously, it must be a computer glitch.
  15. cartynpaige

    WOW Sale (MERGED)

    [quote name='rudikins']Thanks, all. I appreicate all of your feedback. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do; I need decide by Wednesday, I guess! I am leaning towards pulling her out at this point and booking the October cruise. I don't want to give anyone the impression that we don't value school or education in our house; it's quite the contrary, and my daughter knows it. (However, I can see how someone might have inferred otherwise from my post.) I agree with those of you who say that we won't be able to do this in middle school or high school because of workload, but I think I may cave and do it this one last time. :) Anyway, thanks again![/quote] Hi Rudi, I would say go ahead and take your daughter out for the few days. I completely agree with the others if she is a good student and completes her assignments it is not a problem. Aslo, I think it is a great learning experience as well to see the islands and there are learning centers in Ocean Adventure as well. With that said, I am taking my 7yo daughter out of school 2 extra days for our cruise the end of October. Spending these times with our children are priceless, so we have to enjoy every minute with them. I will be missing a few college classes myself, so I will be doing my assignments onboard as well. Whatever you decide, it will be the right choice.