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  1. rucruisn2


    I think you have the wrong cruise line?
  2. Chengkp75, Thank you for your for you reply. Our CO readings were in the 60's. I think scooter stores should have this info to pass on to clients. By the way, our new battery charges in 15 minutes. I have a feeling the original battery was defective.
  3. I can't get up from any chair. I bring a pillow, not bed but from a chair, and it raises me up enough so I can push myself up using the arm rests. Or my DH pulls me up.
  4. I have a new Pride scooter, which my husband charges in the house. Well, he charged it the other day and it didn't finish charging by the time we went to bed. I got up early and noticed the charger was still not charged, one of the lights was blinking red, it was very hot and smelled. So I unplugged it. Soon after our CO detector started screaming away. Check the garage, cars weren't running, no furnace in the house as we live in Florida. Finally put the detector outside and called the scooter store. Yes, our battery was still under warranty and no the battery could not cause the detector to go off. Then I called the Kidde company who manufactured our detector to find out why the CO levels in our house were so high. Guess what... the battery charging does give off carbon monozide and most surly caused the alarm to go off!! My husband took the battery into the scooter store and they said the inside of the batteries had exploded and were a slimy mess. Never store the battery in a hot car or hot garage they said. Charge and store it inside they said. Now I'm nervous about charging the battery in our cabin on our upcoming cruise! Could have had a tragic lesson learned.
  5. Is it possible for you to get refills for her and fedex them to the next port?
  6. Yes, we did dodge this one, thankfully. It is still churning around off our coast, now a Cat 2. Moving North very slowly. I hope it continues to weaken and never hits land again. I feel so bad for the Bahamas. The people there are lovely and I wish them the best.
  7. Went to BJ's today, got plenty of D batteries and stopped at Wawa to fill up the car. Closed a few of the hurricane shutters, but that's it. I don't want to live in a tunnel. Thankfully it looks like we dodge a bullet.
  8. The 11AM advisory showed Dorian shifting more north so I'm cautionary optimistic that So Palm Beach where we live will be ok. Hopefully it will stay off shore and go east.
  9. Such a great idea! I filled several zip lock bags with water and frozen them, much easier than empting the ice cube maker into bags everyday.. Thanks to the OP for the great tip.
  10. Don't ask my why, but since we moved down here (Palm Beach) We don't drink the tap water, make coffee with it or cook with it. Just doesn't taste good. We have water on hand, but certainly not 25 cases! Looks like we'll be eating lots of cold food. Their saying we could lose or power for weeks, if that happens, I out of here.
  11. Just looked at RCCL website. All cruises scheduled to return to Florida this weekend are extending the cruise, all cruises scheduled to leave this weekend are shortened.
  12. As of this morning it looks like it heading to us in Palm Beach County. I sure hope something changes.
  13. Your are so right! Always kills me. We have lived here for 14 years now and it amazes me when a storm is coming how the hoarding begins.
  14. I really don't think we'll get an accurate area where it hits land until Sat. People here are going nuts at the gas and grocery stores.. I saw one man loading up on 15 huge cases of bottled water! I sure hope he was doing this for some on his friends or family.
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